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Today’s article is dedicated to Dr. Andrija Puharich and His studies, particularly in the studies frequencies.

Andrija Puharich, who died in 1995, was a pioneer doctor in research on electrobiology and extrasensory abilities of the brain. During his brilliant scientific career Dr. Puharich held fifty-six American and foreign patents for his inventions in the field of electronic medicine, neurophysiology and biocybernetics. He was the author of over fifty scientific publications and several popular books.

During his lifetime he was a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Association of Aerospace Medicine and the American Association for Humanistic Psychology. His lively and unconventional mind led him to resume some research by Tesla with the ELF waves (extremely low frequencies) detecting the harmful potential for humans and the environment. One of his pioneering work was to create a technology, still used today, in making the deaf feel through cranial electrostimulation with electronic signals that go directly to the brain. Among the many inventions it should be noted his patent US Patent 4394230, where he described a method and an instrumentation for the fractionation of water molecules.

This patent explains the use of frequencies to resonate water molecules and thus release the bonds between hydrogen and oxygen, creating an ecological water fuel. In addition to being the prototype of the scientist who is interested in free energy, Puharich showed an uncomfortable curiosity and a scientific integrity willing to place his career at stake rather than genuflecting on blind academic politics. Already in the 60s, dr. Puharich and Dr. John Taylor discovered that the eight cycles per second were also the frequency band with which the brain activated extrasensory abilities such as distance vision, telepathy, telekinesis, etc., latent capacities present in each of us. Initially the American scientist carried out numerous experiments with Amanita Muscaria mushrooms collected in the garden of his laboratory in Glen Cove in Maine, discovering that the Amanita Muscaria, the fungus used in various pagan rites and by early Christians, increases the perceptive faculties only in the subjects who are already psychically sensitive, but were able to successfully resolve tests even to people of average intelligence where the chances of a random solution, according to Puharich, were practically non-existent.

These mushrooms considered sacred also have the peculiarity of considerably increasing the limits of the physical abilities of those who ingest them. At that time, he was certainly not the only researcher to discover the enormous potential of these and other, even more powerful, and certainly not dangerous, fungi like the AmanitaMuscaria, to obtain mental states of a higher order. The researcher, thanks to his scientific background, succeeded in noting that certain frequencies had very specific effects on the human mind. As early as 1956 he was able to study an Indian mystic and observe how he could change the frequency of his own brain waves as he moved from one state of consciousness to another. He also studied a healer who could set his brain at 8 Hz and induce the same frequency in the person he treated. The eight cycles per second are able to increase the predisposition to learn, inducing us to theta mode (brain state that leads us to be creative and to have profound insights of a scientific, mystical or behavioral nature).

One of the peculiarities of our brain is that it is very sensitive to any instrument that emits frequency waves, including ELFs, since it tends to naturally tune into the external signal. In the course of his research, the American researcher discovered that if a subject was exposed to 7.83 hertz, the Schumann frequency to which the Earth vibrates, an alteration in perception would be obtained making it feel good. At a frequency of 10.80 hertz instead it would have provoked a violent behavior while 6.60 Hz would have invariably caused the depression of the subject. In further research it was found that the frequency of 3.5 hertz causes carcinogenic formations, the 6-7 Hz resound in the ears, give the sensation of narrowing of the chest, increase the blood pulse and fatigue, while between 8.60-9.80 hertz cause sensations of tingling and sleep induction.

Instead frequencies mixed between 17 Hz and 70 Hz cause harmful biological effects. Puharich in his text defined the 8 hertz as “the difference of the phase velocity between the speed of the proton orbits against those of the electron”, the fact is that the 8 Hz possess the “strangeness” of being able to pass both an electromagnetic block of vacuum (Faraday cage) and animpenetrable Meisner field of a superconductor. Put simply, during a multitude of experiments, it was discovered that the 8 hertz are able to penetrate any physical or energy barrier, revealing their nature as a “multidimensional vector” not subject to the matter of our space-time.

Another peculiarity of this frequency is that it generates superconductivity which is none other than a scientific synonym for immortality and superconductivity is the product of a constructive wave graft based on the golden proportion.

Nature has given us many of these examples of natural fractal or self-similar shapes, from ferns to human bones, from pine cones to our pineal gland, so called precisely because it has a symmetry similar to pine cones. The 8 hertz have a fractal symmetry of wave nature that stimulates the pineal gland to release hormones that not only allow abilities that go beyond the perception of a continuum to 3D but are also able to release the hormone of life, the somatropin, which instigates cholesterol to convert to pregnenolone and the latter to DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), all considered elixirs of long life. The epiphysis, or pineal gland, controls the circadian synchronization of our neurohormonal system towards light and temperature. In laboratory studies it was discovered that the transplantation of the pineal gland of an old subject into a young subject accelerates aging. Any disease of old age is caused by a loss of synchrony of the hormonal system.

One of the most powerful hormonal synchronizers antagonistic to aging is N-acetyl-5-methoxytripamine, also known as melatonin, and some carbolines present in psychotropic substances used during shamanic practices. In experiments on mice, the presence of melatonin has been shown to protect brain tissue from lipid peroxidase and also has a sleep-inducing effect, increasing the REM (deep) phase by reducing the side effects of serotonin-like drugs. Melatonin reduces brain damage, due to free radicals, on degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s dementia.

The pineal gland is activated directly by the emission of a signal at eight cycles per second, while melatonin, one of the hormones produced by the epiphysis, induces, with an identical signal, the mitotic replication of the DNA, strengthening the repair of the damage of the DNA due to old age and even regeneration. The pineal gland also promotes serotonin release, with antidepressant action, enhancing the immune system. Dr. Robert Becker, in his book Cross Currents, showed that calcium, an indispensable element even in healing processes, is released at a frequency of sixteen cycles per second, ie the first multiple of 8 Hz.

Researchers have seen that proper practice of meditation with closed eyes stimulates the brain to work with alpha-type brain waves and that the synchronization of the two cerebral hemispheres begins to work starting from eight cycles per second. This bi-seismic synchronization performs a moderate antineoplastic action and increases the production of endorphins, endogenous substances with an anti-pain action. In this regard, Ananda Bosman states that Einstein’s imaginative technique, so called because it was also used by Einstein to find insights and solutions to the scientific impasses of his time, brings the two hemispheres into coherence thanks to the fact that the brain sets itself on the frequencies of the 8 Hz of the deep alpha.

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  1. FormulaLane says:

    Our brain emits different frequencies depending on the type of process it has in progress.

  2. Lbrown says:

    Everything that exists, our body included, is in a state of vibration, each body “vibrates” and emits its own frequency and this is measured in Hertz. A frequency of 1 hertz (Hz) indicates that the vibration repeats once every second. The Earth itself emits a sound frequency, a sound that in favorable environmental conditions (silence, distance from electromagnetic sources) can be heard with the naked ear. W.O. Schumann had mathematically calculated it already in 1953, only later we were able to measure it and as he had foreseen, the Earth emits a frequency of 7.83 Hz.

  3. Theraig says:

    Precisely, our brain passes from delta-type waves (up to 4 Hz), typical of sleep or deep meditation, to beta ones (13 <> 30 Hz) typical of waking and normal activity, and beyond.

  4. Moser3267 says:

    The use of sound frequencies becomes useful if we consider a physical mechanism called resonance: if two pendulums are placed side by side and on the same wall, these tend to synchronize. Even our body obeys this law, so a sick organ can be “helped” with a sound, for example, to re-tune to the right frequency.

  5. Harry Place says:

    @Moser3267 And this is your theory or there is some white paper written by a respectful entity to prove it?

  6. Goldmechanic says:

    Each organ of our body emits its own characteristic frequency, and when an organ is sick, this frequency deviates from the norm.

  7. Laura T says:

    @Harry Place Christiaan Huygens’s theory, (the pendulum), is similar to what mentioned here from, however there is no reference to that applied to the human body and its organs.

  8. Willeggess says:

    I find difficult to relate what’s true from what’s pure speculation. Unfortunately in most of this articles the latter prevails.

  9. Breedlove says:

    That must be why those mushrooms are illegal. Otherwise we see and feel things that we are not supposed to?

  10. mautomotriz says:

    It might be true what you have just said, but hey, that gives us ground for debate. And that is what really counts.

  11. Dee4eegh says:

    I have tried some sort of mushrooms but a part for being generally stoned I do not remember any other effects, and no, I did not enter in contact with aliens via brain waves.

  12. yesayer43v3r says:

    well I see that we have moved on to talk about something else. in fact it could still be an interesting alternative LOL

  13. Lbrown says:

    The fact that hallucinogenic mushrooms are able to “open the mind” is nothing new: in fact, we often hear of the effects that can put the mind in a state similar to that of the dream. Another thing, however, is to show that this really happens

  14. Dominik Schneider says:

    findings that are however “completely new, and their validity must be further tested”

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