Developing Our Brain

Developing our Brain [part 1]

Chinese people called it “Heavenly Heart”, the anthroposophy “the organ of the Spirit”. For neurosciences the brain in action is the mind. Definitely, for many others, the brain is “the organ of change” just as the lungs, for example, are the organ of respiration.

The brain is the organ of change. There is a concept in neuroscience called neuroplasticity, which shows that the brain alters itself every time we learn something new. It also changes when we have any new experience.

Our gray matter, to work best in life, reorganizes itself in the meantime that we choose to change our behavior. In other words, when we really change our mind, the brain changes … and when we change the brain, the mind changes.

According to neurosciences, the mind is the brain in action. The mind is the brain at work. It is the product of the activity of the brain when it is animated by life. Now with 100 billion nerve cells wired together, it becomes clear that we can produce many different levels of mind. For example, the mind we use to make make-up is different from the mental state used to drive.

Likewise, “we put together” a different mind when we assume the role of the victim contrary to when we show joy. All this is so, because quite simply we can induce whole groups of nerve cells to be activated in very different ways.

No more than fifty years ago, there was the unanimous belief in the field of neuroscience that the brain was hardwired, meaning that we were born with a certain amount of neurological connections and the purpose of life was that we would be, growing, reorganized like our parents. It was an accepted perception that this fragile organ, called the brain, could not optimize its “hardware”.

But with the advent of the latest technologies in the field of functional imagery, (brain scans), it is clear that it is possible to make our brain work differently, (process mind). In fact, some of the University of Wisconsin research has shown that something as simple as attention, or focused concentration, is a skill, like golf or tennis. In other words, the more you practice being conscious or alert, the easier you will be later.

Now the paradox lies here. If we can really change the brain and the mind, then who is it that implements change? The brain can not change itself as it is an organ like kidneys and the liver. The brain is nothing without life. The mind can not change the brain because it is a product of the brain itself. Remember the mind is the brain in action. Who then is carrying out the change of brain and mind?

The answer is that word that has been avoided by science with all its strength. It is the consciousness that uses the brain and the body to produce many different levels of the mind. And it’s only when we are really conscious and aware that we can make visible changes about who we are and how we can drive our lives.

In addition, brain scans have clearly proven that we can change the brain simply by thinking otherwise. In the case of an activity such as playing the piano, the same circuits will be created by those who physically do the action as well as those who simply practice mentally bringing scales and chords to mind. Put it down simple, when we are really careful and focused the brain does not know the difference between what happens in the eye of our mind and what instead takes shape in the world.

Because of the measurement of the frontal lobe in the human brain, we can make the thoughts more real than anything else. This is the privilege of being human. And when it is required, as in the countless experiments and tests carried out, a training or a mental performance, the brain at the synaptic level, shows to all effects of having had the experience.

And with a consistent practice the brain and the body will be physically mutated into physical reality without ever having done the physical experience itself. We have created the neurological hardware to be used in the future experience that awaits us.

Applying this understanding to the quantum model that states that our subjective mind has an effect on the objective world (consciousness creates reality), we can begin to explore the idea that if our brain and body undergo physical changes to resemble the experience which has already happened, as a result of our mental efforts and before the physical manifestation of consciousness has come, then theoretically it will be experience to find us!

Is a brain that works consistently something “more” than the two lobes – right and left – a brain that work in a balanced way? What and how “more”?

the functioning of the right and left hemispheres has now been redefined by neuroscience. Once it was said that the left side of the brain was logical reasoning, while the right side was the creative, romantic, spatial brain. In fact, just the left brain works according to a series of linear information processors, while the right is like a parallel, holistic processor.

Recent research has shown that cognitive innovation belongs to the right, while cognitive routine depends on the left, and this is a nice way to explain why the right brain is “the great creator”.

The art consists in keeping both aspects balanced. Some people tend to be great novel researchers but then do not store them in the routine, while some are so rigid in their routines that they do not learn anything new. In a sense, this creates a disparity in the brain, but when we talk about brain coherence, the reference is electroencephalographic measurement of brainwaves.

When we are under stress, angry, aggressive, anxious, fearful, when we suffer, we emit chemicals that disintegrate the nervous system and even the brain, and those same substances cause the brain to become obsessive. We are obsessed with our problems and we can not stop thinking.

Well these types of chemicals are those that in the short term allow the lion to focus on the wounded gazelle and the gazelle to focus on the lion, and that undivided focus of the body in the environment at a certain moment is the chemistry that allows the survival to take place. Human beings, however, retain this active stress longer than necessary, because they can activate the stress response not only by reacting to the environment but also by simply thinking of something stressful, preparing for it, waiting for it.

We continue to prepare for an event that, in fact, we have already created, invented in our mind and this is called anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, neurosis, also called depression. The long-term effect of this causes a very disintegrated brain and causes us to become overly analytical, and therefore obsessed.

Instead, when we create real brain coherence, and research in the USA shows that when a person starts to slow down his brain by moving to a meditative state, if he does it correctly and goes beyond the analytic sphere, his focus becomes more open, more widespread, we allow our mind to move away from obsession, becoming in a sense “devoid of self” (selfless). Then the brain passes to what are called models in synchrony phase.

The chemistry of stress causes the brain to stay in what is called the superior state of Beta waves, a super analytical state, super precipitous, super anxious and most people live in that frequency range. In this state the brain starts working too fast and rushing over time, assessing what could happen based on the past.

It anticipates a future event but it does so on this basis and therefore continues to recycle us in this discontinuous condition. But when we allow ourselves to surrender, to relax and begin to train ourselves correctly in meditation, to be present, the brain begins to move into those synchronized alpha models that are very orderly.

All the waves move together and the coherence that ensues allows different parts of the brain to start communicating correctly as if the symphony became more and more harmonic, the rhythm of the brain more organized. Now as you practice playing the piano or playing tennis you can practice it too, and the more you do it, the more familiar it becomes.

It is the created order that is so splendid in the models in phase sync. That coherence, that integration of the brain, suddenly sends an extremely coherent signal to the whole nervous system which, through it, reintegrates all the other systems: the digestive, the immune, the circulatory … eventually you heal your all body.

This is the end of part 1. This article is very broad, we have divided it in parts so that you have the necessary time to “digest’ it properly.

If you like to know more on regards of this extremely interesting topic,  see you next Monday with the second part of the article, until then, stay focused, moreover, try to analyze this reading and see if you can relate some of your common behaviors into whats talked today here.



This article is part one of a series. See our Archive for more episodes. The analysis written in this series derives from the original work and books of Dr. Joe Dispenza


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  1. Amy585 says:

    When a single neuron fires, it is an isolated chemical blip. When many fire together, they form a thought. How the brain bridges the gap between these two tiers of neural activity remains a great mystery.

  2. Li Hsüeh says:

    In a well-described version of dualism, Descartes identifies mind with the consciousness and self-awareness of itself, with an ability to distinguish itself from the brain, but still called the brain the seat of intelligence

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