The skin transformation process

The skin transformation process

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Unbalanced or deficient diet, excessive exposure to the sun, insufficient sleep, smoking, pollution … At any age, the skin faithfully reflects the attacks suffered by the body. For most women over 40, the prevention of skin aging is a major concern. The number of sweat and sebaceous glands decreases, the epidermis atrophies and the connective tissue, consisting of collagen and elastin fibers, becomes depleted: this causes the skin to dry out, withering and thinning. Furthermore, given that over the years the body produces fewer and fewer anti-free radical enzymes, the skin becomes more vulnerable to the aggression of these oxidizing molecules. Free radicals damage collagen and elastin and act on skin lipids, causing the formation of lipofuscin, the pigment of the typical age spots.

Menopause marks another stage in the skin transformation process. Deprived of estrogen and progesterone which favorably affect its hydration and thickness, this organ ages prematurely.

Hormone replacement therapies and various nutritional measures, complemented by suitable cosmetic treatments, effectively contribute to slowing down the aging process. Although sometimes better food hygiene may be enough to improve the appearance of the skin, the intake of certain nutritional supplements is particularly beneficial.

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The latter are:

Vitamin A and its plant precursor beta-carotene, which at the same time possess antioxidant and lubricating properties.

Vitamin C, which, in addition to having a powerful anti-radical action, contributes to the processing of collagen.

Vitamin E, which on the one hand counteracts the oxidation caused by free radicals and on the other protects the lipids of the membranes. It should be noted that the need for this substance increases during menopause and in the case of a high intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Vitamin F, better known by the acronym AGPE (essential polyunsaturated fatty acids), the deficiency of which is frequent in modern nutrition, and which prevents skin drying. Very rich in this vitamin, especially alpha-linolenic acid, linseed oil, available in capsules, deserves a special mention.

Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a polyunsaturated fatty acid whose natural synthesis gradually decreases over the years. The best sources of GLA, whose deficiency also causes drying and premature skin aging, are borage, blackcurrant and evening primrose oils.



NUTRITION: (fatty acid, amino acid, etc.) ESSENTIAL: substance that, not being able to synthesize it, the body must necessarily draw from food.

24 thoughts on “The skin transformation process

  1. Alexia Graham says:

    Yes it is true but but the appearance of the signs of aging can be delayed and slowed down by counteracting the factors that contribute to making the skin dry and dehydrated.

  2. Anabella Cash says:

    However, there are external, environmental factors that can be fought by paying attention to one’s lifestyle.

  3. Kelsie Snow says:

    The sun’s rays are among the main causes of premature aging, despite this, people continue to expose themselves in an unregulated way in order to always have a beautiful complexion.

  4. Alexa Yu says:

    It depends where in the world you live. Here in Asia for example (I mean South East Asia: Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia but also China and the Philipphines) people, (especially women) do everything they can not to expose their to the sun. To the point that the best-selling cosmetic lines are whitening creams.

  5. Alina Whittington says:

    It is true, I agree, I have been to Thailand and I have noticed that women but also men cover their whole body with sweaters and even gloves and socks despite the very high temperatures.

  6. Ella-Mae Wicks says:

    Anyway, if we talk about whitening creams there is a whole discussion to do because in those countries there, and I speak because I have been there, the advertisements on TV are absolutely ridiculous about having white skin and they also tend to racism.

  7. Abel Dotson says:

    You tell me? My wife is Cambodian and dark skinned but she fills her face with creams that sometimes look more like a corpse than a human being.

  8. Kayla Monroe says:

    It’s all part of their culture. In those countries, being dark-skinned means being of a low social rank. While having white skin is seen a bit like being hi-so.

  9. Holly Decker says:

    Speaking of relatives. I have lived here in Thailand for many years and I can guarantee that the creams or who knows what else work because my wife’s sister until ten or fifteen years ago was quite dark skinned, after living in America for that time she is back in Thailand and she is completely white.

  10. Celeste Carter says:

    Watch a video of MJ from the eighties and then skip the page to the turn of the millennium and you will find that MJ has actually changed the color of his skin.

  11. Ritchie Dixon says:

    He used to drink bleach for breakfast and dinner. Not at lunch though because otherwise it would burp it smelly.

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