The Solution To Making Dieting Easier…

The solution to making diet easier

It’s official – obesity and obesity-related disease are at an all-time high.

And unfortunately, many people “think” that the problem lies in America’s eating habits and nutritional habits. I’m here to tell you – the problem doesn’t lie in either of those solutions.

Simply telling people what to eat is actually adding to the problem when you think about it. There are so many fad-diets on the market right now that tell people to eat this, not that; eat this part of it, but don’t eat the entire meal; or eat three portions of this while eating no portions of that with chicken broth will have your head spinning before long. And therein lies the problem – there are so many so-called solutions on the market, yet none work because none of the solutions have a solid foundation to build from. The solution isn’t more diets or more branches on the tree…the solution is to develop a competent level of knowledge about the basics of nutrition and help people understand how it applies to them as a person.

One thing I’ve found from working with clients is that the majority of people who try to get a fitness and weight loss result is that they are incredibly confused. On one hand, they’ll read in one magazine that they should drop carbs completely from their diet. And on the very next page, they’ll read about how they need carbs in their diets because it’s the primary fuel of the body. How about they try this – how about telling people what a carbohydrate is, educating them on how carbs in general interact with their bodies – and then allowing these people who are now armed with the knowledge they seek make the best decisions for them??

Once people understand how your body processes carbohydrates, the amount it can process at one time and the basic function of carbohydrates, then allow them to make the decisions based on the goal they’ve set for themselves. I remember when I was in high school and I was taking trigonometry (trig) for the first time. Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m a pretty smart guy but I’ll admit that Trigonometry kicked my butt all over the place. I mean, I thought math was all about numbers…maybe I should have paid more attention in Algebra when they started putting letters and symbols in it! Don’t get me wrong – although Math wasn’t my favorite subject (well, it was until I took that Trig class), I never would have been able to pass it if I didn’t have the basics of math well in place. I realized even then that Trigonometry was just a fancy (albeit insane) method of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers.

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That’s it. Even when you did all the work in the parenthesis, you still broke it down and did basic addition and subtraction. And that’s how it should be with nutrition and weight loss. The basics come first. Learn how the substances affect your body in their most basic form. Know that carbs will be broken down for energy and protein will be used to support cell growth and development. Once you understand that, build on it. Since carbs will be broken down for energy, now look at how type of carbs will give you instant energy or which ones will give you energy over a period of time.

Then understand how the carbs will either be utilized for energy or stored as fat. The key is to start from the very beginning and build on that foundation. Never put the cart before the horse, especially when it comes to nutrition. And once people get the basics under control, here’s what will happen: People will begin to make better, informed decisions about what they need to eat. They’ll understand how partially hydrogenated oils will stick to their insides like glue, even if they’re doing aerobic exercise. They’ll understand what to look for, and they’ll begin avoiding it. And once people begin avoiding those terrible foods, the number of obese pepole and obesity-related diseases will drop like a rock.

8 thoughts on “The Solution To Making Dieting Easier…

  1. Ayyub Pena says:

    From the illusion of being able to eat large portions if you choose light foods, to excessive consumption of fruit and vegetables with a high carbohydrate content, to too generous condiments. Why we can’t lose weight?

  2. Shani Li says:

    Here is the diet to live better: avoid negative people, fake people, envious people, people who take away your smile. In a month you will lose 5 kg of anxiety and gain 5 kg of happiness!

  3. Emile Coates says:

    WHY when we go on a diet, we can’t lose weight? Where’s the mistake? Even when feeling highly motivated, failure to compare to the balance can be heavy. What does it depend on?

  4. Marianne Frazier says:

    I will be able to lose weight before summer. It remains only to understand which year.

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