Here at Well Cell we use the “epigenetic approach”, and with it, we help you achieve your best lifestyle through 5 areas:

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Eating healthy is crucial to living well. But which ‘healthy’ is just right for you? Your body needs a specific set of diverse diet, catered to your specific gene needs, lifestyle and environment. So don’t go for a one-size-fits-all diet, because you are one of a kind. Get a customised nutrition plan with Epi Life Coach, which (provide personalize food nutrition plan that will guide you into achieving the health that you deserve).will give you a personalised food nutrition plan to achieve the health you deserve. Supercharge your health and get the results that you want.



At times, your body needs specific boosts of vitamins, minerals and herbs to kick up the nutritional content of your diet and help your body function more effectively. Nutritional supplements such as meal supplements, sports nutrition products and natural food supplements can boost overall wellness and energy, support the immune system, improve athletic and mental activities, and support better healing. We have a wide range of supplements designed to bring out the best in you. Get your personalised supplement program for your lifestyle and see the astonishing difference it can make!


Body, Mind & Soul

An all encompassing state of wellness has to include all three physical, emotional and mental states. You need to be in optimum spiritual shape in order to achieve peak mental and physical health. To attain profound change in life, you need to attain this multi dimensional wellness. You need to address the emotions, spirit and soul in order to enliven your body, lift your emotions and clear your mind.

This need to be improved. The statement above doesn’t give people the interest to use our program. Everybody know that we need to be in the best shape for all areas but why? I think if we state that “With the right physical, mind and spirit you can achieve goals that seems to be unachievable” something like that. When you attain this synergy of mind, body and soul, you restore balance to your life.

With a balanced life, you can achieve your best performance and enhance any aspect of your life. Take action now with Epi Life Coach to focus your mind, heal your body and recover your soul through yoga and meditation.

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Mental physical health and psycho-physical well-being are largely built by us: it depends on us, by our physical and nutritional behavior (excluding the damage caused to the environment we live in which do not depend on our work).



Eating does not simply mean satisfying the physical sensation of hunger. You do not only eat to appease the stomach, but also to satisfy your appetite and emotions, solve small disorders, and better deal with illnesses.

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