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Clinical Hypnosis

History of hypnosis Hypnosis has been known since ancient times. The priests of ancient Greece and Egypt used it for religious purposes, strengthening their authority with “miracles” and healings. The ancient Hindus, Fakirs and the shamans of Central Africa were able to self-hypnotize by contemplating the tip of their nose or navel. In this state […]

Lomi Lomi Nui – Hawaiian Massage

Hawaiian massage acts on the body bringing benefits to the lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory, digestive and muscle systems The rhythmic and gentle flow of ocean waves; the natural harmony of pristine paradises; the hypnotic sensuality of traditional dance, Hula; the strong and firm grace of local martial arts, Lua: everything in Hawaii, speaks of harmony between […]

Amino Acids & Proteins

Protein synthesis can occur only if all the amino acids are present, while if even only one is missing the process will stop. For this reason, the more the amino acid composition of a protein approaches that of the human body, the more it can be used (it is said that it has a high […]

Stress, its causes, symptoms and remedies

Stress represents, for most people, one of the most usual components of contemporary life, to the point of being accepted as one of the inevitable realities of our existence. In a sense this is essentially true. Research carried out since the 1930s has conferred to this phenomenon those characteristics of universality that are peculiar to […]

Why not unconventional medicines?

Health is a business, a market with colossal figures. This is the truth. A patient, or a supposed sick person, is an almost inexhaustible source of income. The more one of us are sick the more there is to gain. The economic system in which we operate is based on GDP, the gross domestic product, […]

Top Nutrients for Your Wellness

Among the essential nutrients, so defined because their relative or absolute absence from the diet causes symptoms and often diseases, we must remember the vitamins. They are organic compounds, are found in many foods and are necessary for regular metabolic functions. They are divided into fat-soluble ones, which can be stored in the liver, in […]

Are we are all connected?

According to Noah McKay’s book Wellness at Warp Speed, There is a revolution going on that will soon touch every aspect of your life. It began silently and without clamor almost a century ago in the minds of a few keen observers who scrutinized the world through the eyes of imagination and saw something more: […]

Are you eating at your desk?

Long hours at the computer, incorrect positions, poor motion, quick meals: life in the office can in some cases threaten our health. A quick snack at the desk so as not to waste time or, on the contrary, a lavish lunch at the restaurant to try to ‘unplug’ or a sandwich at the bar, but […]

The Hulda Clarck Zapper

Dr. Clarck discovered that a series of highly chronic diseases, dealing with various parasitic overloads and regularly using the zapper, could help in many symptoms, especially if they persisted with other methodologies. At the beginning of the 20th century, some scientists and doctors had the idea that diseases without medication could be cured. The assumption […]

Natural Herbs & Oils

Discover these natural preparations, and why they are so useful for our well-being. Have you ever heard of “vibrational medicine”? It is an area between the holistic disciplines that sees all matter as a manifestation of energy. All living beings are formed by a series of magnetic fields connected to each other to create a […]

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