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The Adult Narcissism Issue

Have you ever been defined or even accused of being narcissists? No problems if you are youngsters, but ask yourself how useful it could be if you are a grownup adult and still behave with that sort of narcissist attitude that is common on teenagers. Because narcissistic attitudes, focused on oneself and are obviously a […]

Avoid gaining weight by working from home

Those who work from home know it, the benefits are enormous, but the pitfalls are just as big. If a strict routine is imposed, however, the disadvantages can be almost completely eliminated, except for the absence of direct interpersonal relationships with colleagues and the risk of gaining weight. For the first case, we can’t do […]

The ideal sport companion

A 2017 joint research from among the top independent fitness organizations in the USA has shown that training with a sports partner can improve performance and help you lose weight. A more recent study, from May 2018, confirmed that the motivation they are able to provide virtual partners is also remarkable. For once we can […]

The human VS robot debate

Does artificial intelligence approach to a state in which it poses a threat to humans? Is the android, which replicates the human brain, the robot model that integrates among us? Do we really need to feed the technological fear of overtaking robots? I believe that the answer is, rightly, no. In reality the technology of […]

We eat less if we use the left hand

There is still no precise explanation as to why some individuals are left-handed and other right-handed. However, many studies agree that it could be a genetic condition, for example, if there are precedents of left-handedness in the family. It is obvious that we are not born left-handed or right-handed, but we become so during early […]

Your mind controls your satiety

It has happened to everyone to feel the pangs of hunger because they had missed a meal, they ate little or have come or been late for a dinner date, but sometimes the sense of hunger has little to do with real hunger and is instead linked to what is called nervous hunger. Satiety, however, […]

Strengthen your immune system with food

As time goes by, our climate changes, even though we are on summer, temperatures drop frequently and with that, flu and other related diseases easily return as a consequence. A varied and balanced diet helps us to protect the body, so a correct diet is a fundamental factor to stay healthy and prevent possible diseases. […]

Perseverance is key

Perseverance is willpower, understood as the ability to constantly implement free choices for improvement. Strength of will and desire, if well combined, constitute an irresistible couple. Perseverance has always been the difference between success and failure. This is the quality that more than any other limits the majority of people in major achievements, they would […]

Dreams help overcome inner turmoil

An ex-military man who wakes up with a nightmare in the middle of the night overwhelmed in his sleep by the hard memories of the war. It’s a typical movie scene, but what does it mean? Practically during our sleep the memories of our life emerge, but during the REM phase the brain is able […]