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A quick introduction to Proteins

  Proteins do all the work in our body cells. We need them for regulation, structure, and function of body tissue and organ. Proteins consist of smaller units called amino acids. They attach to one another in long chains. Amount of Proteins Needed The amount of protein you need to take depends upon many factors. […]

Advances In Uses Of Brain-Computer Interfaces For Therapy

In the continuing effort to simplify control mechanisms, scientists have come up with a new method. This does not use any wires or signals, only thought. They transmit thought from one person to another, and this is called a brain-computer interface (BCI). You can connect directly to the internet using an electroencephalograph (EEG) machine, and […]

Stress is a diet worst enemy

Scientifically, the level of stress or better your degree of response to a state of stress, determines the appetite and distribution of body fat. This happens because this psychological state manages an important hormone, cortisol, which determines all these negative effects on our perfect human system. It is the main responsible for the accumulation of […]

Explaining Bioenergetics

Bioenergetics is a psycho-corporeal technique in which respiratory techniques, particular physical exercises, positions and bodily contacts are used in an attempt to dissolve the “energy blocks” and the defensive mechanisms that crystallize over time on a physical level and on a psycho-emotional level. Its purpose is the integration between body and mind: a fundamental thesis […]

Benefits of Exercise and Training

Life is constantly moving. The less we move, the less chance for us to be alive. In order to achieve the highest level of health, we must strive for the balance between rest and exercises sessions. Exercise offers many benefits, we will discuss the most common advantages below. It helps reduce the risk of heart […]

Boost metabolism with this great tips

As you get older, your metabolism tends to decrease. This is one of the reasons we have a difficult time trying to lose weight while we are aging. Below, we will explain the simple steps you need to take to naturally increase your metabolism. It is important you follow every step here if you really […]

Thermal baths as therapeutic remedy

  The use of a thermal bath as therapeutic remedy dates back to ancient times, but only in the last century the medical hydrology has assumed a character and a dignity of science, which even with varying fortunes, seems to have still much to say today, in particular in the rehabilitation field. The “richness” of […]

Staying Active with an Office Job

If you spend most of your time at a work desk, you might have a high-risk job. This may seem strange to you but sitting in one position, stuck to an office desk, can really affect your health. It seems that many of us get glued to our office for about 8-10 hours a day. […]

5 Tips for Teaching Kids about Health

Being in good health has always been a problem for everyone. Adults, seniors, and even children strive to be healthy and free from disease. If we are in our best health condition, we feel good, and our bodies work best because we are not limited to the effects of any disease. For kids, it’s always […]

The Planck diet, is it right?

The Planck diet is one of those diets often advertised in women’s magazines or on the Internet as a last-minute remedy for excess weight before the “bikini test”. It has nothing to do, even if it is sometimes connected, with the prestigious Max Planck Society, an organization dedicated to research with more than 80 locations […]

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