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Are online doctors a real thing?

Imagine yourself not being able to find a doctor anywhere, and someone suddenly puts forward the idea of online doctors, should you go for it? Are online doctors real? Well, let’s read on to find out! Medical care cannot be generalized, and given the increasing scams, it is challenging to trust online health. Online doctors […]

Food groups

The most widely shared classification of foods brings together the same foods in the five groups listed below, with an indication of the main nutritional characteristics. – The cereals, their derivatives and tubers group includes bread, pasta, rice, other minor cereals (such as corn, oats, barley, spelled, etc.) as well as potatoes. Cereals and derivatives, […]

Why Food Variety is Great

Our diet must ensure our body, in addition to proteins, fats, carbohydrates and the energy they bring, also other essential nutrients, such as water, vitamins and minerals. The diet must also provide us with particular amino acids (present in proteins) and some polyunsaturated fatty acids (present in fats). In fact, these substances, as well as […]

How Much Salt Do We Need

Salt? Better if it is just a little! Both the flavor and the biological properties of common salt (sodium chloride) are mainly linked to sodium; each gram of salt contains about 0.4 g of sodium. Under normal conditions, our bodies eliminate 0.1 to 0.6 g of sodium daily. This quantity must be reintegrated with the […]

Yes to sugar but with limitation

Consume sugars, sweets and sugary drinks within the right limits Sweet taste is linked to a series of both natural and artificial substances. The natural ones mostly belong to the category of simple carbohydrates or sugars (complex carbohydrates, such as starch, have no sweet taste). Artificial ones are represented by molecules of different chemical nature. […]

Binaural Beats Therapy

Binaural beats therapy is a new form of sound therapy that is being implemented these days. This therapy makes use of the principle that the right and left ear each receives a slightly different frequency but the brain perceives it as a single one. Binaural beats are considered as auditory illusions. The advocates of this […]

More cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruit – PART 2

Continuing from part 1 of these same blog article of last week, today we are going to list a few more details for why cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruit are so important. If you haven’t read the first part we suggest you go ahead and read that first at this link here so that you […]

More cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruit

[PART 1] These foods are important because they provide carbohydrates (especially starch and fiber), but also vitamins, minerals and other substances of great interest to health. Furthermore, cereals, and especially legumes, are also good sources of protein. Numerous studies have shown that a diet rich in cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruit protects against the appearance […]


Many people who got their interest over the mind & matter, would try to understand the somehow claimed ability to move physical things through the influence of someone’s mind. There are some so called psychokinesis people who have “apparently” been known for their strengthened mind game, but still, when it comes to demonstrations, well there […]

Is telepathy real?

With the start of the twentieth century, the concept of telepathy took a booming start, but it has no historical or cultural norms adhered to it. Ever since its development, telepathy has become a controversial point, and science doesn’t admit its existence. However, the incidents related to telepathy are increasing with each passing day. But […]