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Essential herbs and oils

Essential herbs and oils to be used as supplements or to replace conventional medicine Before we go into the details of how essential oils and herbs can help or replace conventional medicine it is very important to understand what essential oils actually are. Simply explained, essential oils are basically a highly concentrated substance that comes […]

How to Cope with a Sedentary Job

You might be familiar with the phrase “sitting around at your desk all day” but for a lot of people, that’s their work life. You will be surprised to know that a large portion of jobs in the market happens to be sedentary jobs included both managerial and auxiliary job positions. For some, it could […]

Electrosmog and its Impact on Today’s Society

In a world where we are already plagued by environmental issues like global warming, air, and water pollution; it is quite easy to neglect other underlying environmental dangers. One such issue that is increasing in both magnitude and impact with each passing day is Electrosmog. It is an issue that has stirred up a buzz […]

High Tech In Sports

Augmented Reality is shaping the sports industry for the better When we divert our attention towards the world of sports, we will find the inclusion of high technology making it a thoroughly enjoyable experience, not just for players but just as much for viewers as well. With technology striving to come up with newer ideas […]

Breaking the Habits

From the moment we wake up in the morning to the actions we take throughout the day – our “Morning routine”, or “Regular breakfast”, our “Typical commute”, the “Daily grind” at work – the habits we develop literally control about 95% our actions. Because our habits dictate all the small details that make up our […]

Developing Our Brain [PART 3]

  This article is part one of a series. See our Archive for past episodes. In last week’s episode we talked briefly of passing between alpha and beta states, or simply pass from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind. In today’s episode we will talk about this process and how ones can train to […]

Developing Our Brain [PART 2]

Some say that a thought is only a thought, does not mean that it is reality. From another point of view, thoughts are real, like things. Which of the two statements is more true? Perhaps science is trying to redefine, specify this thinking and the word it uses is co-science, right? It is that thing […]

Developing Our Brain

Chinese people called it “Heavenly Heart”, the anthroposophy “the organ of the Spirit”. For neurosciences the brain in action is the mind. Definitely, for many others, the brain is “the organ of change” just as the lungs, for example, are the organ of respiration. The brain is the organ of change. There is a concept […]

Essential Minerals for our Body

Minerals are micronutrient substances that do not directly supply energy (unlike carbohydrates, lipids and proteins), but their presence is necessary for reactions with energy release. The organism is not able to synthesize any mineral; it is therefore necessary to introduce them with food and drink. We can divide minerals into macroelements and microelements. Macroelements Sodium […]

Our Body needs Water

60% of our body weight is represented by water. This percentage is higher in childhood and decreases with age and with the increase in fat deposits. Water is the fundamental solvent for all products of digestion, regulates cell volume, body temperature, is essential to eliminate all metabolic waste from the body and allows the transport of nutrients.