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Blood groups and diet – part 5

On part four of this mini series we have started to review the blood type A, from the ancient times till now we have seen the change from a carnivore man into a more vegetarian type. On part 5 we will go straight into talking of the particular foods that suit better the group A […]

Blood groups and diet – part 4

The blood group of type A appeared 20,000 years ago, as a result of the adaptation of the hunter to the need to find new sources of livelihood due to the lack of game. Some men first learned to feed on wild fruits and then to cultivate the land, turning from carnivores to vegetarians; furthermore, […]

Blood groups and diet – part 2

Human race’s history is marked by the struggle for survival, or rather by the ability of man to adapt to the environment in which he found himself living and to the diet that he was forced to follow. Ultimately, the real driving force of evolution was the food and migration that followed to find it. […]

Blood groups and diet – part 1

The four blood groups as we know them today are the result of 40,000 years of evolution of the human species. The man, who was originally exclusively a hunter (group O), evolved, first (about 20,000 years ago) learning to cultivate the land and feed on its fruits (group A) and subsequently (about 15,000 – 10,000 […]

The Risks Of Overdoing With Workout At The Gym

In today’s emerging world, when people are not able to take out time for a good daily walk or simply exercise, most of them resort to gyms and a fixed time is allotted to fitness so that one can keep themselves fit and healthy. However, only a few people know, too much exercise is damaging […]


The new trend of E-cigarettes is also known as ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems) and the action of doing it is named commonly as, “vaping”. E-cigarettes are similar to the regular cigarettes and particularly popular among teenagers. The device, which is used for vaping usually consist of a plastic or metal rod that can light […]

Using supplements to achieve muscle building

If you are someone who has recently started hitting the gym your main goal will be to lose a few pounds and gain extra muscles. With the right exercises, the first part is fairly easy to achieve. The trouble, however, is when you want to see some real muscle mass on your body but nothing […]

Essential herbs and oils

Essential herbs and oils to be used as supplements or to replace conventional medicine Before we go into the details of how essential oils and herbs can help or replace conventional medicine it is very important to understand what essential oils actually are. Simply explained, essential oils are basically a highly concentrated substance that comes […]