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More cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruit

[PART 1] These foods are important because they provide carbohydrates (especially starch and fiber), but also vitamins, minerals and other substances of great interest to health. Furthermore, cereals, and especially legumes, are also good sources of protein. Numerous studies have shown that a diet rich in cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruit protects against the appearance […]


Many people who got their interest over the mind & matter, would try to understand the somehow claimed ability to move physical things through the influence of someone’s mind. There are some so called psychokinesis people who have “apparently” been known for their strengthened mind game, but still, when it comes to demonstrations, well there […]

Is telepathy real?

With the start of the twentieth century, the concept of telepathy took a booming start, but it has no historical or cultural norms adhered to it. Ever since its development, telepathy has become a controversial point, and science doesn’t admit its existence. However, the incidents related to telepathy are increasing with each passing day. But […]

The workaholism syndrome

Work addiction, an obsessive compulsive disorder that leads to neglecting social life, family affections and all other activities unrelated to one’s profession. Bryan E. Robinson, American psychotherapist, author of Chained to the desk: a guidebook for workaholics, their partners and children, and the clinicians who treat them. Robinson traces the different profiles of the workaholic, […]

Would you eat artificial meat?

Would you eat meat that is made in a laboratory? This is the question posed recently by the Canadian newspaper National Post and which, with a little delay, also rebounds in many other countries. In essence, some researchers have taken up the studies of Vladimir Mironov, who ten years ago had proposed to an American […]

Sugar: Better White or Brown?

Is it better white or brown sugar? It’s an old story, on which it seems difficult to agree definitively. If in the case of many foods the nutritional values radically change in their integral or refined variant (cereals for example lose part of their virtues if they are not consumed whole), so it does not […]

The Adult Narcissism Issue

Have you ever been defined or even accused of being narcissists? No problems if you are youngsters, but ask yourself how useful it could be if you are a grownup adult and still behave with that sort of narcissist attitude that is common on teenagers. Because narcissistic attitudes, focused on oneself and are obviously a […]