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Are you eating too much sugar?

Sugar is the biggest challenge most of us face in choosing a healthy nutrition diet. Even after experiencing the negative effects of sugar consumption on health, the idea of reducing or eliminating sugar consumption may seem impossible. Removing sugar from our diet is easy with the nutritional support of whole foods and a wide range […]

Fighting the Office Syndrome

Spending 8 hours or more in the office can be tiring not only for the mind but also for the body. Sitting for a long time in front of a computer, perhaps in incorrect positions, can in fact bring a series of cramps or pain to legs, arms, neck and back. As we improve technology […]

The Benefits Of Yoga

benefits of yoga

Yoga is a mental and physical health system practiced for thousands of years. Practiced first in India, where it originated from, more and more people are practicing it around the world. One of the factors that promote its popularity is the fact that even doctors advise patients on the benefits of yoga and scientists are […]

Back pain: good habits and exercises

The back is one of the most sensitive areas of our body and exercising is a great way to prevent the appearance of back pain which is common among humans. Just think of how widespread pain and problems in this part of the body are in people of all sexes and of all ages. All […]

Natural remedies for insomnia

In reality, insomnia should be considered a real disease from which to heal, as those who sleep little and badly have problems With the arrival of the sunny season, the days get longer and changes to the rhythms of our body start happening. The sun peeks out until late in the evening, and so you […]

linseed oil to regenerate your damaged hair

Whether we over use a blow dryer, we use aggressive shampoo or spend to much time exposed to the sun, the results is always that our hair is a bit “abused”, and we don’t like it. But it takes very little to restore body and nourishment to dry hair … infact, to build (or rebuild) the […]

What are Nootropics?

The realm of nootropic substances, (also called smart drugs), in the period around their conception was reserved for the few highly specialized scholars and those with a good knowledge of the whereabouts. In recent years, the nootropics have acquired a much more widespread visibility, and are now accessible to everyone as never before, thanks to […]

Taking An Active Role in Your Child’s Nutrition

What does a child in current times typically eat? Gone are the days when eating dessert or sweet snacks were occasional treats. We now find it normal that today’s children eat sugar-laden packaged cereals for breakfast and snack on chocolate bars, ice cream or candy. When observing a typical child’s diet, the rising incidence of […]

Support for your optimum wellness through technology

As much as people would want to keep their health status a confidential matter, healthcare has been a social matter for the longest time. By enquiring about doctors about their body’s conditions, asking friends and families about ways to improve diets, the best exercise methods or how to lose weight face, people seems to be […]

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