Bio-electric Frequencies – How it Affects You

Bio-electric Frequencies How it Affects You

Bio-electric Frequencies and the Schumann’s theory.

Bio-electric Frequencies are all about the Schumann’s theory which is based around the idea that our bio-electric field, or bio-electric energy, passes through a medium, such as water, and that this medium changes the human brain frequency. This theory was first put forth by a German psychiatrist, Countless were exposed to extremely high and low voltages over extended periods of time and suffered a number of symptoms, including insomnia, depression and even chronic pain and disease. Schumann concluded that these negative effects were caused by the bio-electric fields being disturbed and altered by the water passing through. Schumann’s theory then went on to state that by altering the bio-electric field, negative symptoms would be prevented or at least mitigated.

Bio-electric Waves

According to Schumann, there are five major bio electric waves. These are: Beta, Alpha, Delta, Theta and Gamma. Schumann further explained that when any of these five bio electric waves enters the human body, negative energy is caused. Specifically, when the Beta wave enters the human brain, negative energy is introduced and this prevents the person from focusing on a task. When the Alpha wave enters the human brain, the opposite occurs as the person becomes more focused and positive thought process takes place.

Schumann went on to say that by using bio electric frequencies, negative energy can be introduced by water passing through the body, which then affects the bio-electric frequencies emitted by the brain. How does this apply to the hearth frequency? Well, when the hearth frequency is at a frequency higher than human asleep brain waves, negative thoughts and energies are introduced into the human brain. With the bio-electric wave at a lower frequency, then the opposite occurs. The opposite causes the positive thought processes to occur and allow positive energy to be experienced.

Bio-electric Frequencies

How can one change the bio-electric frequencies to prevent negative energy from entering one’s mind?

Well, Schumann said that one must do exercises to change this state of consciousness. He went on to say that meditating for just thirty minutes each day and concentrating on the breath are the best exercises to undertake to alter the state of consciousness. The combination of doing these two exercises twice each day will assist in inducing a much lower state of conscious energy and a state of meditation.

By practicing breathing exercises while meditating, it is possible to induce the same bio electric state that is achieved during meditation. Therefore, it is possible to lower the hearth frequency and change one’s mentality. However, it is important to note that one cannot force these bio electric waves onto the psyche. They are not external. This is because the frequencies need to enter one’s psyche through a natural process and not by forcing them onto one’s own self.

When one starts meditating with the right bio electric wave, it will begin to enter one’s mind through the nervous system. One should try as much as possible to avoid trying to achieve this state of consciousness at the gym or swimming pool because these places are full of bio electric waves. When doing so, the energy waves will be absorbed by the body and will create a feeling of relaxation. These feelings will be transferred to the mind through the blood circulation and then to the subconscious mind where meditating can take place.

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The first step to changing one’s bio-electric state of consciousness is to realize that it is an internal process and not an external one. There is no need to force the energy into the body. It is fine to practice meditation but to try and force the energy out of the body will result in it being rejected. Instead of doing this, it is important to allow the energy to enter one’s body and enter the cells. Once this happens it is possible to change one’s the hearth frequency.

Meditation can help

In order to change one’s bio frequency, it is important to meditate. Meditation will allow the person to receive more of the frequencies produced within the body. By doing this, one will be able to change how the mind works. As a result, the person will be able to experience the relaxation that can happen with the hearth frequency.

24 thoughts on “Bio-electric Frequencies – How it Affects You

  1. Ariana Vang says:

    Only recently, that is, since the industrial use of the various frequencies has become exponential, we are trying to understand what the increase in exposure can produce and what kind of damage it can lead to health. We all talk about electromagnetic waves, but do we know what they are?

  2. Rhiannon O'Ryan says:

    An electric charge oscillating in space disturbs the electric field generated by it due to the change in the oscillatory displacement. Consequently, the variation of the electric field generates a magnetic field.

  3. Nelson Corbett says:

    Lately there is even talk of neuro-feedback machines able to stimulate some brain waves so as to reach certain states of consciousness. Well, the truth is, you have to pay attention to this data

  4. Zunaira Dodd says:

    I want to train my Alpha brainwaves to feel more relaxed and achieve an adequate state of personal serenity and peace

  5. Farzana Bloom says:

    These oscillations of the electric field, and therefore also of the magnetic field, generate electromagnetic waves.

  6. Nevaeh Stein says:

    An immobile charge that is hit by the electromagnetic field will begin to oscillate, generating in turn an electromagnetic field.

  7. Geraldine Bender says:

    There are 5 types of brain waves that work almost like musical notes. Some act at a low frequency, others at a higher frequency.

  8. Rhia Powell says:

    The electromagnetic wave can be seen as a flow of energy that it propagates in the form of electric and magnetic fields.

  9. Ella-Louise Muir says:

    Each of the two components of the electromagnetic wave carries the same amount of energy.

  10. Shanna Mill says:

    The second type of brainwave ranges from 3.5 to 8 Hz and is mainly linked to our imaginative abilities, reflection and sleep. As a curiosity, note that Theta waves usually show high activity when we experience deep emotions.

  11. Kaine Moody says:

    People live immersed in electromagnetic fields and use electromagnetic devices every day.

  12. Tara Bartlett says:

    We cannot even ignore that these brain rhythms are not stable, but that they change as we grow, mature and age

  13. Aila Winter says:

    I would add a detail that comes to mind right now. Since the intensity is proportional to the product of the amplitudes of the electric field and the magnetic field and since the latter two are proportional to each other, it can be deduced that the intensity is proportional to the square of the amplitude of the electric field.

  14. Laurie Holland says:

    Modern scientists have come to the same conclusions in different ways: for quantum physics the known universe is a gigantic living being made up of innumerable energies, which aggregate giving rise to many forms and frequencies, interconnected with each other in precise ways.

  15. Kendall Bell says:

    Discovering how these energies mix and interact with each other means finding the secret of life.

  16. Jokubas Gibbs says:

    Just to clarify, for those who should have doubts, not being engineers or physicists, by amplitude we mean the maximum value that is reached by the oscillation.

  17. Natalia Neal says:

    The truth is, no brainwaves are better or more special than others. They are all important, because they are the result of the electrical activity of our neurons and each of our mental states.

  18. Poppy Hill says:

    Delta waves have the greatest amplitude and are related to deep (but dreamless) sleep. Interestingly, they are very common in infants and younger children, so as you grow and get older, you tend to produce fewer delta waves. The truth is, over the years we lose our ability to sleep and rest.

  19. Abdullahi Rush says:

    Our body is governed by quantum mechanics, where cells communicate with each other through resonance and vibration.

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