How healthy are your average energy drinks?

energy drinks

Energy drinks are all over the counters and we consume them on a regular basis, but, do we actually know what’s in there?

Have you ever wondered if energy drinks are healthy or not? If you are a sports fan, then I’m sure you’ve been wondering what the latest news is about these energy drinks that are supposedly good for you.

An energy drink is basically a commercially produced version of a natural beverage, most often containing stimulant substances, commonly caffeine, that is sold as offering mental and physical stimulation while boosting your vitality. They can be carbonated and can also contain other sweeteners, taurine, amino acids, and various herbal extracts. When drinking energy drinks regularly, most people don’t realize the ingredients and additives that go into producing them.

The top leading energy drinks vary according on which country we focus on. Out of these products, it is hard to determine which one is healthier than the others. Let’s take a look at some of these products and see what we think of them when consuming them regularly.

If you are a sports fan, you’ll want to read this article because there is valuable information that you can use when debating whether or not you should consume any of these products. Additionally, if you are just looking for information on the health benefits, there is enough information for you here as well.

Now, on to the question, are energy drinks healthy? Let’s take in consideration some of the most commonly consumed energy drinks brands globally.

C4 and Red Bull

We can see from their labels that contain caffeine, which is the leading stimulant in these products. Because of this, when consuming them regularly, you are subjecting your body to a high level of caffeine consumption. Whether or not this is good for you, is something you’ll have to decide for yourself or even consult a doctor. While caffeine is considered a good nutrition element by some, is not by others, and the daily amount suggested vary again according by countries and popular culture.

energy drinks

Next, we’ll look at the V-8 energy drinks brand

Many of these contain large amounts of natural sugar. While naturally occurring sugars are good for you, when these are placed into an energy drink, they become problematic. The reason why you want to avoid high amounts of natural sugars in these products is because they are not effective in burning fat or gaining muscle.

We’ll look at the Rockstar energy drinks

These products contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants. Again, natural vitamins and minerals are great for you, but when these are put into a beverage, they are not effective in enhancing your mental performance. In fact, the caffeine content in many of these drinks is listed as a negative factor when trying to get your mind geared towards work or school. However, they are not considered unhealthy by most professionals.

Now let’s take a look at some other energy drinks that are available

One drink that has recently gained in popularity is the MuscleTech Vanilla Bean Energy Drink. This product contains only vanilla beans, so you won’t be experiencing that wonderful ‘energy burst’ that many of the other products contain. Yet, it does contain a significant amount of caffeine – more so than your typical energy drinks. As a result, many experts feel that this drink is better suited for those who are looking for a more subtle boost rather than one that will wake you up in the morning and leave you exhausted.

The answer is in the labels

If you want to consume a product that is good for you, then you should make sure to read the ingredients list. Some of the beverages that you consume contain ingredients like Aspartame, which is known to have negative effects on the body. If you want to avoid consuming any products with Aspartame, then you need to look for an alternative type of sweetener.

That being said, if you are consuming these drinks regularly, then you should be able to avoid consuming Aspartame altogether.

4 thoughts on “How healthy are your average energy drinks?

  1. Andre Madden says:

    Cans and bottles with attractive colorful graphics, catchy slogans and participation as a sponsor of major events, these drinks are more fashion than anything else.

  2. Billie Mccullough says:

    Some says there is a danger linked to the potential negative effects of caffeine on the body, I wonder how is it different from the caffeine in those large starbucks that people drinks daily without worrying so much about “the dangers”

  3. Edie Rocha says:

    Of course, if you listen to the slogans, they promise a wave of energy and well-being, no wonder they are one of the reasons why they are especially loved by younger consumers

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