Brain detox and why you need it

Brain detox and why you need it

Brain Detox is not always understood right.

Here is a good explanation for when you need it. But first, let’s have a quick introduction for those of you that are yet not familiar with this topic.


The society we live in today is full a pollutant. However, we only think of detoxifying our bodies from them and we live alone the brain. Shouldn’t we need to clear that to? Aren’t we eager to become more focused and motivated than ever before? So how do we do this, if our brain is as fat and greasy as our overweight body?

Personal growth is a never ending experience, if you want to progress in life and business, you need to work on both the physical aspect of your body, and in the spiritual too. There’s no gain in dieting if your mind is still focused in how to get that food back.

So how do you do that? How do you detox your brain? Some do it with meditation, other with yoga, some are even “more advanced” and do the brain detox via brainwave entrainment. We have already covered those topics so today let’s focus on how to recognize if you need a brain detox.

Our healthy brain equates to a healthier body

You need a brain detox to get your body healthy. You probably think that you are not overweight or unhealthy but you may be surprised to find out how much of an impact your mind has on your weight. You need a brain detox to get rid of the food cravings and to eliminate the emotional eating that is eating up your energy. You engage in emotional eating when you feel stressed out and bored or when you have low levels of focus and motivation.

You feel stressed out because you feel like you are not getting enough sleep or not enough exercise. You also may feel that you are not getting enough nutrients because your brain requires nutrients to function properly and keep up with the intense emotions that stress causes.

You feel bored because your brain is trying to process too much information at once and this makes it difficult to concentrate and be productive. You lack focus and motivation because you feel like there are too many things to do and not enough time.

Change the way you see and think about food

You need a brain detox to change the way you think about food. You perceive food differently than the rest of us. You use your brain to figure out what is in a food and how it will affect your body. You believe that calorie balance determines health. You engage in emotional eating, because you believe that the emotions you feel while eating are a part of how your brain feels while taking in that food.

You need a brain detox to stop the cycle of bad food cravings and emotional eating. You cannot ignore the effects of stress and emotions on your health. You cannot ignore the fact that your brain needs nutrition to function properly and that overeating will cause more problems for your brain than it will for your body.

You need to detox your brain so that it will produce more neurotransmitters like dopamine and nor epinephrine. You need a diet that provides all the nutrients your brain and body crave. You need a brain that works properly.

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Avoiding is easier

You also need to consider the types of foods that fill your stomachs. You have been told to avoid acidic foods, fried foods, processed foods, junk food, fast food, high fat foods that are prepared by refined sugar or white flour. You should also avoid caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, herbicides and pesticides as these are all poisons that enter into your system through your food. You need to eat raw fruits and vegetables.

You need a brain detox to change the way you think and feel. You need to learn to eliminate thought patterns that have been learned over the years that don’t serve you well. You need to learn to rely on logic and reason when making decisions.

Develop new skills

You need to develop new skills like goal setting and problem solving. You need a mind that works well without the constant bombardment of advertisements, messages and sounds that bombards into your brain every second of the day.

You need a brain that is not tired. You get tired from thinking about the same things all of the time. You may also feel run down and weary. You need to recharge your batteries so you can start fresh day after day. You can do this by taking short breaks from work.

You need a brain detox to be more focused and more alert. You have been told that you slow down and that you have less energy. You need to take short breaks from your work so you can get the brain nutrition it needs to function properly and with more energy.

This is why, you are probably among the many, who need a brain detox.

18 thoughts on “Brain detox and why you need it

  1. Brittany Wolfe says:

    One of the best ways to detoxify the brain is to sleep long and deep because only in this way can the brain “clean up”.

  2. Israr Brennan says:

    I see brain detox a bit like the old day when we use to perform the ‘fragmentation’ in windows PS so that the data was consolidated and more space on the hard Drive was left free to be allocated for new files or file editing.

  3. Sukhmani O'Reilly says:

    That’s exactly what a brain detox is or it should be. Not only you get clarity and faster brain response but also memory allocation.

  4. Tazmin Stokes says:

    It is an interesting article but it actually doesn’t tell us how you detox a brain

  5. Addie Begum says:

    Absolutely true, if you are at certain stress level you obviously either get a brain detox or you go straight for a nervous breakdown

  6. Sianna Lawrence says:

    There is definitely a hint it this article on how to detox a brain via meditation, yoga or brainwave entrainment. As rightly reported by the users the article is not what a detox is or how is it performed but how to spot when you need it.

  7. Nella Nieves says:

    I was considering it before this pandemic even started, now I am at my second look-down and I am really starting to feel I badly need it.

  8. Terrence Read says:

    Just need to start somehow. Besides, I am a stronger supporter of brainwave entrainment as I have had very good results with it.

  9. Amelia-Mae Church says:

    First time I hear that stuff (brainware) doing some research as we speak 😉 🙂

  10. Kali Casey says:

    I have tried some videos from YouTube but despite all the good comments from the other users I just can’t avoid falling asleep after 5 min.

  11. Subhan Shea says:

    A bit difficult at the beginning, as I have felt a bit dizzy, I have to try again though. I wonder if anyone else has had that feeling too.

  12. Bronte Mcgrath says:

    I have had dizziness too but just the first time or two then I go well with it. And yes, it help me to focus very well in the office. It definitely works for me.

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