introduction to EpiNutrics™

EpiNutrics™ AB (Sweden) was estabilshed on a philosophy shared by our Norwegian, Swedish and Danish founders. Our products made in Norway stands for pure and natural ingredients, which is imortant whenever putting supplements into the human body. We have seen that modern science can improve the effect of natural supplements. Our company has used modern technology to make some really amazing, outstanding products. Our founders wish to share our recently developed natural products with people who care about the quality of the ingredients we put into our bodies.


Tomorrows technology is here today – why wait?

Focus on the patient

There are a lot of products out there promising cure for all kinds of diagnoses. Sadly, many products have no or very little effect because the remedies are to weak, or will not be absorbed by the patient due to poor recepy and profit maximising policies by the manufacturers. EpiNutrics has turned this around and has layed all effort into making products that puts the patient in focus. Our new line of EPI-supplements are made for the doctors and therapists who can see and measure each patients wellbeing. Consequently, our products must be made to perform efficiently if they are to be recommended by the doctors and therapists. You can rely on our technology!.

Epi-nutrition helps repair your body. Why EPI-nutrition ?

Modern science shows that the human body is more influenced by the environment than genetic inheritance. This also affects how our bodies absorb nutrition. We have developed a series of natural EPI-supplements which are made for extraordinary easy absorbtion and have a patented formula for maximum effect.

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Discover why leading therapists switch to epi-nutrition.

Epi-supplements: A new and efficient way to treat patients.
It could make the whole difference for the patient. If your focus is on the wellbeing of the patient – switch now!

Epi-nutrition-Pure supplements are based on epigenetic science.

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