Heavy Metal Elimination


It is imperative that everyone understand the damage that heavy metals do to our body. A simple tooth filling can leak enough mercury from amalgam which leaked over the years can cause very bad issues to the body. We need to remove / discharge from our body all the heavy metal that has been ingested indirectly and directly through our life. This program is designed to help get rid of the heavy metals such as mercury, nickel, cadmium, titanium and aluminium.

100 Day Program to flush out heavy metals in the body.
• 1x Vitamin B6
• 2x Vitamin C
• 1x Vitamin E,
• 1x Calcium citrate
• 2x Selen
• 1x Zinc
• 2x L-Cysteine
• 2x Methionine
• 3x MSM
• 1x Thioctacid