Different Types of Workout Gear

Different Types of Workout Gear


If you want to start going to the gym for reasons best known to you, it’s important you know the right type of workout gear to wear.

There are several types of workout gear available that you can choose from but your selection should strictly be based on your personal choice, comfort and budget. Below, you will find out different types of workout gear that you can use for workouts at an affordable price.

  • Yoga pants

Yoga pants are an excellent workout gear that covers every part of your leg. Yoga pant styles available for women include full-length leg coverage that does not show much skin. Some other types of yoga pants include Capri yoga shorts that fall just above the knees and they provide the least protection and are usually worn during summer season. This is really a matter of personal preference and comfort given the amount of skin you want to show. Overall, they are all good workout gears.


  • Tights, shirts and hats

During the cooler months, tights are important as they are used as insulation for the legs. These are usually a mixture of polyester and Lycra to provide heat and warmth. In very cold weather, both tights and pants can also be worn. A warm hat is advisable as it help in covering the ears if you consider jogging. You should also wear a long sleeve shirt and jacket. These clothes will help protect you from cold wind and act as a waterproof protection against climate condition during jogging or running.

  • Sports Bra for Women

Sport bras are good workout gear and they are also important for women. It’s important that you get bras that are snug but not too tight. Use bras that offer a true level of support, without straps that could hurt the skin and make you feel uncomfortable. In addition, choose bras made of fabrics, such as cotton and Lycra.


  • Think about shoes and socks

Shoes are important workout gear just as the clothes you wear during workout are important. When you are running or jogging, it is uneasy to get hurt because you have shoes that protect your legs. Choose good shoes that match your leg. While it is important you wear shoes whether you’re running, jogging or in a gym room, it is also important you wear good sports socks when wearing shoes. A good quality sock will keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Important considerations

You should consider which gym clothes you can afford because some are very expensive and if you only use the gym once or twice, then you do not have to spend a fortune. You should also keep in mind when trying to use the gym because it will determine the style of workout gear you need. If you are going to the gym during the winter, it is best to wear tights or yoga pants. Every workout gear should be loose but not too loose because it will stop your movements often. Your workout gears must also be fit properly.

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4 thoughts on “Different Types of Workout Gear

  1. Mary W. Hathaway says:

    I suggest pants with pockets if you want to avoid ditching any of your valuables, (phone, keys etc), while running or training.

    • Li Wei Lu says:

      There is another option to have pockets on your pants and is available on Amazon, a waist run-bag with optimal dimensions: compact shape that does not interfere with the movement and does not allow the contained objects to move inside.

  2. Jade Armenta Robledo says:

    Good article Mirko.
    In reference to your point #3, It is worth to mention that there are signs that show us how to choose the ideal sports bra, while others choose the wrong one. Whatever our size, a sports bra that does not fit properly can ruin our training and be harmful to the breasts.

    • Sarah O'Connor says:

      Like all bras, even sports ones, with time, are deformed. For this they must be replaced after four or six months, depending on use and status. To extend the life of your sports bra, treat it as if it were extra-luxury lingerie, wash it by hand and hang it to dry. If you wash it in the washing machine, use a laundry bag to protect it. And never put it in the dryer, because it can shrink or shake, the fabric can disintegrate and the underwire could get damaged.

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