Discover the properties of essential oils!

Discover the properties of essential oils!

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What are essential oils and how are they used?

Essential oils are very useful natural substances in the field of aromatherapy. Their use, in addition to creating pleasant sensations related to their scent, allows you to cure many diseases in the field of self-medication. As with all therapies, however, it is necessary to know the merits and methods of use (massage, bath, inhalation, diffusion into the ambient air, etc.).

Essential oils are endowed with numerous properties, e.g. anti-infective, anti-inflammatory, healing, antirheumatic, circulatory, relaxing, toning and insect repellent.

In aromatherapy, essential oils can be used both externally (on the skin or mucous membranes) and internally. It should be known that a drop of essential oil represents a drop of active medicinal substance, unlike other natural remedies (tinctures, herbal teas), a drop of which contains only traces of the active ingredient.

It is therefore important to correctly dose essential oils and use diluted and homogeneous solutions to avoid unpleasant effects due to too much administration of the active substance.

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Except in particular cases, it is good to avoid the use of pure essential oils: they should preferably be diluted and homogenized in an excipient, that is a neutral natural substance (honey, vegetable massage oil, cleansing base) before being administered or applied externally.

The use of a good excipient is often the key to therapeutic success: its main role is to dilute and disperse essential oils and to facilitate their dosage.

An interesting alternative: ready-to-use formulas

In addition to the use of pure essential oils, it is possible to resort to ready-made compound formulas, which are more easily identifiable as regards the indications, and whose effectiveness has been widely proven.

These preparations are ready for use and can be easily used to treat various pathologies in a natural, effective way and without side effects: we mention in particular infections (flu, bronchitis, sinusitis), emotional states (anxiety, insomnia) and skin diseases.

We also remind you that, as in all medicinal therapies, the quality of the products is of primary importance. It is preferable to use essential oils from organic farming, certified by a recognized organization.

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  1. Tim Whitaker says:

    It is also good to know what the power of essential oils is. The concept of power is due to both the effectiveness and the intrinsic properties of an essential oil.

    • Nikkita Frame says:

      They have the ability to reach the nervous system directly through the stimulation of olfactory neurons.

        • Livia Hamer says:

          More specifically, aromatherapy is a widely used technique in order to relax the body, calming or even enhancing the character.

          • Alistair Floyd says:

            When you decide to indulge in a massage, is it possible to choose which essential oil to combine focusing both on the scent and on the specific functions that each one has?

          • Vanesa Broadhurst says:

            Sometimes you just need to know the properties of one oil or another. If you choose, for example, to have a relaxing massage, the essential oil to prefer is the one that has relaxing abilities.

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