Don’t let the trip become a nightmare!

Generalized malaise, nausea, sweating, dizziness: people suffering from motion sickness know that this disorder risks ruining even the most eagerly awaited trips.

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Generalized malaise, nausea, sweating, dizziness: people suffering from motion sickness know that this disorder risks ruining even the most eagerly awaited trips.

One of the most frequent ailments when traveling by car is classic car sickness, a malaise known by the technical term of motion sickness. It is a generalized feeling of discomfort, caused by a series of neurological causes, which affects many people and especially children aged 3 to 12. Most individuals subject to motion sickness are sensitive above all to the car, however this disorder also occurs on other means of transport such as ships and planes (air sickness).

Being a neurological disorder, motion sickness is due to the loss of balance and the typical sensation of movement, for this reason it is unleashed during travel by car, bus, boat and plane. Although the exact causes have not yet been identified with absolute certainty by the scientific community, most doctors believe it is a consequence of a flaw in nervous coordination.

Under normal conditions, the brain uses the senses, such as sight, hearing and touch, to obtain all the information it needs, controlling movements and providing balance to our body. People subject to motion sickness could suffer from an alteration of this natural system, receiving conflicting signals between sight and the surrounding environment in motion. This internal brain conflict would therefore create a situation of impasse, manifesting itself in the form of motion sickness.

The health benefits of peppermint oil include its ability to treat indigestion, respiratory problems, headache, nausea, fever, stomach and bowel spasms, as well as pain.

Some precautions can prevent less severe forms of motion sickness.

Here they are:

  • Never leave with an overloaded or completely empty stomach.
  • Give up alcohol, coffee and smoking, both before and during the trip.
  • In the car and bus, prefer the front seats.
  • Always sit facing forward on the train and boat.

Should these precautions prove to be insufficient, it is recommended to take preventive medications. The most used products, antihistamines, do not require a prescription and are available in the form of tablets, dragees, suppositories or chewing gum. They are very effective, although they have the disadvantage of causing drowsiness and fatigue.

In homeopathy the three main remedies for motion sickness are Tabacum, Cocculus and Petroleum, characterized by different modalities. The first is recommended in cases where the feeling of discomfort subsides in the fresh air, while the second is suitable for those who feel better indoors (for example in the ship’s cabin). If the improvement is due to heat, food or rest, the remedy to be prescribed is Petroleum.

There is a combined preparation with scientifically proven efficacy that contains the three substances mentioned above in addition to Nux vomica, the main remedy in cases of nausea. This product, available in the form of suckable tablets, is suitable for everyone and all age groups. It does not cause side effects, as well as having no contraindications.

6 thoughts on “Don’t let the trip become a nightmare!

  1. Coral Goff says:

    I saw in pharmacies bracelets known as Seaband which are are cuffs with a rigid button that must be positioned about three fingers under the wrist to “stimulate” a particular point that according to Chinese medicine is involved in the mechanisms that generate nausea.

  2. Bea Rhodes says:

    However, for children, since these are medicines, it is preferable to always ask the pediatrician’s opinion first

  3. Leigha Harvey says:

    However, there are some medicines that you can take before the trip. like chewing gum, are apparently effective.

  4. Saif Garcia says:

    In pharmacies you can find them in capsules, chewing gums under the trade names Travelgum, Valontan and Xamamina.

  5. Cairon Sierra says:

    Regarding the above, I saw that too but after reading on the internet I found out that its effectiveness is not proven and it can cause discomfort in the wrist due to the strong pressure exerted.

  6. Danny West says:

    The first choice drugs for the treatment of motion sickness (travel sickness) are the first generation antihistamines (active principle dimenhydrinate), used in many products specially designed for travel.

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