We eat less if we use the left hand

We eat less if we use the left hand

There is still no precise explanation as to why some individuals are left-handed and other right-handed. However, many studies agree that it could be a genetic condition, for example, if there are precedents of left-handedness in the family.

It is obvious that we are not born left-handed or right-handed, but we become so during early childhood, influenced by genetics and the conditions in which we grow up.

By laterality we mean the superiority of one of the two sides of our body with respect to the other, especially with regard to skill and strength.

Most people have only one dominant side and few ambidextrous people, that is, with a mixed ability.

This was a brief explanation of being left-handed but today’s theme is the opposite. In fact, we are here to take advantage of the fact that we are not

If you are left-handed instead of using the right as the main hand, you should consider the post title in reverse: in your case it will be useful for you to use the right hand instead of the left.

The news is the following: if when we eat with the right hand, or in any case the usual hand, we tend to consume more calories than when, instead, we bring the food to the mouth with the other hand. This is demonstrated by a study published in the scientific journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

Researchers have focused on the consumption of popcorn, which is generally eaten while watching a movie at the cinema or at home. By eating them with the left hand, those who generally use the right to eat will consume less of it and vice versa, those who usually use the left will consume less using the right.

This depends on the habits that are formed soon by settling down as absolutely natural and spontaneous. When for some reason they are altered and we are forced for some reason to use the left to eat popcorn we do not work in the same way, but with a greater hindrance in the movements.

Will it be the case to make it more uncomfortable for us to eat, to consume less calories?

7 thoughts on “We eat less if we use the left hand

  1. Eren Frederick says:

    I read somewhere that our ancestors actually ate with their left hand. I was wondering if it was a method to make them eat in a more “etiquette” way

  2. Hakeem Orr says:

    I’m right-handed, but I eat like lefties, holding the knife in my left hand and the fork in my right. I don’t know why, I always did so instinctively, and when I tried to hold a knife to the right and fork to the left I found myself hurt, I just can’t use my fork with my left hand. I am even surprised that the knife on the left and fork on the right is the method of the left-handed, should it not be the other way around? Shouldn’t it be easier to hold the knife with the weak hand and the fork with the strong one? Instead, why do we usually use the knife with a strong hand? And who like me is better off holding the fork in your hand?

  3. Madelaine Oakley says:

    Also I have always used my right hand to hold my fork and from what I seem to have understood from this article it is just the opposite that one should do in order to eat slowly. Holding the fork with your left hand is the real test.

  4. Karter Moreno says:

    Rules have been established by others and deprive us of our uniqueness. Do what comes naturally to you and be happy to be out of the monotony of standards.

  5. Faizah Cairns says:

    I am ambidextrous, yet I perform some actions with my right hand and others with my left. And if I have to reverse these actions, I find myself uncomfortable, less than, however, a right-handed or a left-handed would be found.

  6. Dulcie Correa says:

    It is imprinted in our genes, I must have read it somewhere. We do not really chose when in our childhood, we just follow what our body and mind tell us to do, then we get used to. and yes, I do believe that a drastic change is probably not going to work out as we are not going to like it.

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