When it itches all over

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Those who have already experienced a strong and persistent itch certainly have not kept a good memory of it. What about generalized itching, that is, what affects the whole body?

First of all, it must not be taken lightly, because it can be due to numerous causes, namely:

  • a skin disease (psoriasis, eczema, lichen, parasites, etc.), sometimes not yet overt
  • taking certain drugs (antibiotics, aspirin, etc.)
  • a gallstone
  • a chronic renal failure
  • a blood disease
  • a hormonal disease (diabetes, hyperthyroidism)

Body Soothe

Nervous and senile itching
When none of the aforementioned causes have been diagnosed and the skin does not show any visible alteration (rashes, patches), it is called “sine materia” itching. The cause can be a psychological problem (nervous itching), or, in the case of old age, skin drying (senile itching).

Itch therapy is primarily that of the triggering cause. The itch itself can be treated orally (taking antihistamines, which have anti-itch properties) and locally (soothing baths, nourishing creams).

Once you have ruled out or addressed all possible organic causes, if the itch persists, consider the possibility of a nerve source. In this case, try herbal medicine (lemon balm, valerian, passion flower, etc.) or homeopathy (Ignatia is the remedy of choice for psychosomatic disorders). Sometimes a vicious circle can develop: nervousness generates itching, which in turn fuels nervousness.

If you suffer from senile itching, nourish the skin internally by taking oils in capsules, eg. ex. of borage or evening primrose, with at least 100mg of vitamin E (also in capsules), a necessary supplement in case of significant intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Expect about three months for a quantifiable result.

14 thoughts on “When it itches all over

  1. Edilma Colón Vela says:

    Si alguien pudiera explicarme en qué sentido el picor puede ser de naturaleza neuropática porque me resulta difícil combinar los dos

  2. Mea Hanson says:

    Moderator: we can only reply to post that are written in English but you can use Google free tools to translate the information from this blog. Thanks for understanding.

  3. Tarun Douglas says:

    Translating the request of help from user: @Edilma Colón Vela: If anyone could explain to me in what sense the itch can be of a neuropathic nature because it is difficult for me to combine the two.

  4. Sion Nelson says:

    An example of psychogenic itch is the so-called pruritus sine materia, that is, with no apparent cause: an itch that may need psychological therapy.

  5. Eden Beattie says:

    A possible cause must first be sought and removed. In case of dry skin, moisturizers used continuously are useful.

  6. Maxwell Harris says:

    The therapies depend on the causes that determine the itch. Treatment of the condition that is supporting the itching typically resolves the symptom.

  7. Simran Jimenez says:

    Among the systemic drugs, for symptomatic purposes, antihistamines can be used, when histamine is involved, endogenous opioid antagonists, tricyclic antidepressants, anticonvulsants. Phototherapy with ultraviolet light B can be useful.

  8. Lily-Ann Ahmed says:

    My husband has finished 6 courses of chemotherapy for prostate cancer with metastases, after the 5th cycle he got severe itching with redness all over his body. He took the deltacortene for about 20 days, the antihistamine for 10 days and 2 injections of a drug based on Chlorphenamine Maleate, 2 days he got a little relieved but it doesn’t go away, I put a cream on him based on cortisone and lidocaine but takes effect for a few hours. While waiting for a dermatological visit, what can I give him to soothe the itch? Sometimes it scratches so much that it turns red. Thank you for your reply.

  9. Mae James says:

    If the thing depends on the therapy it should slowly decrease, in the meantime it is difficult to do more than what has already been done: there are soothing creams to apply that the pharmacist will be able to recommend, in addition I recommend lukewarm baths with rice starch, in limited locations you can also apply aluminum chloride gel, if nothing is needed all that remains is to start again with the drug based on Clofenamina Maleato.

  10. Rumaysa Wilder says:

    Whether it is localized and short-lived like that caused by a mosquito bite or more persistent, widespread and of less clear origin, itching is one of the most difficult annoyances to bear.

  11. Cayson Key says:

    A nuisance, however, which is often dramatically exasperated by the only means at hand to counter it: repeated rubbing.

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