About the Stepper

About the Stepper

The Stepper is among the most known and popular cardio machines in the world.

The stepper is nothing more than a simulator born from the intuition of its inventor: in training with the machine in practice he “pretends” to climb the stairs at home. Many find it difficult to stay in the middle way, there are those who love him viscerally and those who avoid him cordially.

But where is the truth?

Meanwhile, let’s start from a statement that is not afraid of denials: climbing stairs is good!

Apart from the occasions when various loads are transported (shopping, bulky objects, etc.), those who choose to always use the elevator do so out of laziness. On the other hand, we find those who literally love this tool.

The reasons that since its introduction in gyms have led sportsmen to appreciate the use of the stepper are many, we give you a rundown. A high calorie disposal of 10 Kcalories per kg is obtained. of body weight per hour. A person of 50 kg will therefore burn 500 kcal. (10 x 50 = 500).

It is useful for:

  1. toning legs and buttocks with raising the buttocks
  2. improves cardiac output with benefits on the entire cardio-pulmonary system
  3. increases general resistance to stress
  4. raises the basal metabolism.

Used in combination with other cardio-fitness machines such as stationary bikes, treadmill, etc., it allows a further improvement of the physical-aesthetic aspect resulting from muscular work expressed with completeness in the different angles.


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It is therefore advisable to perform cardio-fitness sessions using at least two of these machines in rotation in each sports session, perhaps one for the initial warm-up and another for the actual cardio session and for the cool-down. For those who do not like Stepper much, one of the risks to avoid is getting bored.

Then it will be good to prepare the right approach by putting in place some simple precautions.

Very useful is to let yourself be entertained by the music (from the room or from your headphones does not make a difference), even better if you can get carried away by TV images or chat in good company. These are tricks that will quickly pass the time and that will help keep the mood high during the effort.

This will generate in the psyche a positive memory, of well-being and relaxation, which over time will induce even the most backward to fall in love with this tool, all for the benefit of our health and our appearance!

7 thoughts on “About the Stepper

  1. Claire Serrano says:

    Similarly to what happens with the use of an exercise bike and elliptical trainer, that of the stepper also shows the advantage of having little impact on the joints of the lower limbs.

  2. Sufyaan Drew says:

    However, it must be said that the stepper shows the disadvantage of being very tiring and not everyone, especially in the circle of beginners, is able to use it adequately already from the first training sessions.

  3. Sapphire Salas says:

    Probably true, what mentioned above here, I have two aunts in their sixties and both have bought the stepper but have never used it almost since the first week of receiving it from amazon.

  4. Amelia-Lily Norris says:

    Sometimes people buy things without a minimum of knowledge. For such a purchase it is advisable to first use it in the gym. Then when you are convinced of the functioning and the benefits that you can get, then, but only then you can proceed with the purchase.

  5. Zakir Bush says:

    I made the stubborn crap choice of the two aunts. Not with the stepper but with the exercise bike. The cat uses it to sleep on it more than I do to train.

  6. Johnnie Knowles says:

    Yes, everything is true, but remember that there are many models of steppers, designed for home fitness or for professional training in gyms; these can be very simple or quite complex.

  7. Anil Mathews says:

    Purchase advice as I am already at the third model I buy. Do not make too much economy if you buy it in Amazon otherwise you will regret it. The frame must be made of steel pipes, a robust, stable and solid material, the two pedals must be made of soft and comfortable material.

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