About the spinning bike

About the spinning bike

A complete aerobic sport, originally from America, which takes place mainly on a specially built “Spin bike”.

It is a discipline that is now an integral part of cardio fitness and that is not limited to simple pedaling.
It takes place with the help of music designed to provide the necessary energy also with the aim of giving the correct cadence to the pedal stroke.

Let’s get on the Spin bike and go! Up, in a group, to make a beautiful virtual ride on horseback of our very stable gym equipment which, following the instructions of a good instructor, will give us unexpected emotions, combined with an extraordinary sense of athletic satisfaction!

To make this activity as complete as possible, the spinning session also includes movements that affect muscle groups that would not otherwise be involved. Exercises are therefore performed that include not very demanding loads, combined with a moderate muscle stretching activity.

What is achieved by practicing Spinning?

During a Spinning Bike session, the anaerobic threshold can be touched several times for short moments. Being a very high calorie workout we will obtain multiple physical adaptations of great value. First of all will be cardio-pulmonary enhancement where the heart muscle can benefit greatly. This will also produce a substantial increase in the basal metabolic rate and allow a high calorie expenditure even at rest.

The cholesterol circulating in the bloodstream will be kept under control because it is used for energy purposes: this will prevent the creation of dangerous accumulations for our precious arteries. Another not inconsiderable advantage is the targeted modeling of the legs and buttocks which will be able to derive an enviable aesthetic to say the least.

Those who practice Spinning regularly also know that, by combining proper nutrition, it is possible to obtain rapid weight loss and excellent fitness recovery.

Those who intend to practice this sport must also be sure of being in good general physical condition, therefore it will be a good idea to obtain a preventive opinion from their doctor to prevent the appearance of unpleasant “surprises”.

Fans find it very useful and fun, and as you will have understood from this description, doing Spinning does not mean simply pedaling wildly!

14 thoughts on “About the spinning bike

  1. Saeed Bowman says:

    All true what is said on this blog but like many physical exercises, you need perseverance and determination to get the desired results.

  2. Halimah Rennie says:

    I always have back problems because of two squeezed vertebrae and my doctor told me that the bicycle could make me feel even worse.

  3. Sinead Huerta says:

    It is true I have heard it around too, some think that the use of the exercise bike can cause back pain, in reality it is not so.

  4. Khia Gilmour says:

    A wrong posture causes pain and this is why, before starting to pedal, you must carefully adjust the seat.

  5. Lyndon Senior says:

    While seated, you must raise or lower the seat as necessary so that the leg stretches out almost completely while pedaling.

  6. Lesley Mackay says:

    For experience I can say that the distance between the handlebar, the pedals and the seat also it is very important.

  7. Tolga Villarreal says:

    The farther the seat or the pedals are away from the handlebars, the more you strain your back.

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