Are we are all connected?

Are we all connected?

According to Noah McKay’s book Wellness at Warp Speed, There is a revolution going on that will soon touch every aspect of your life. It began silently and without clamor almost a century ago in the minds of a few keen observers who scrutinized the world through the eyes of imagination and saw something more: something absolutely impossible and yet undoubtedly true.

What these men discovered concerned the change of their own scheme of thought, of life, and perhaps even more importantly, their own path of healing.

Noah McKay is a physician trained according to the most renowned medical tradition in the world, but in the fall of 1989 all his years of study, practice and theory in the medical field fell on himself when he was suddenly struck by an incurable, disabling and almost always lethal illness, called viral cardiohisopathy. he did not have much left to do but read, just as you are reading now.

Today he is well and alive so that he can tell his story.

A story of what he learned from the work of an Irish physicist named John Stewart Bell saved his life. Bell’s Theorem introduced him into the strange world of quantum physics, in which the common bases of everyday life are no longer valid. The implications of Bell’s work struck him with the full power of revelation. At that moment he suddenly saw many of the thorniest medical questions in a new light. This guaranteed him the transition to the realm of miracles. He found hope. He found his way to instant well-being.

Everything in the universe, including your body, is composed of atoms. The atoms and the subatomic particles that make up the ten trillion cells of your body are in constant motion, and travel almost at the speed of light: 186,000 miles (300,000 kilometers) per second! If our body acts at the speed of light within itself, that is, at our fundamental level of existence, why do not we feel it outside, where we spend our days living in the painful and slow rhythm of ordinary mortals? Why there is a gap between these two worlds? We do not feel the speed of cellular operations within our bodies for the same reason that we do not feel the velocity of the Earth moving in space. At this very moment, the planet beneath your feet is spinning around the sun at the incredible speed of 66,780 miles per hour, and yet you do not notice it. Even higher is the speed of our solar system, which runs through the galaxy at the astonishing speed of 487.353 miles per hour! And you do not even notice this.

Your brain and the neural network it controls form the world’s most sophisticated data management system, a system that works consistently faster than all of the fastest super-computers in the US Pentagon combined. Yet even this elaborate processing system would struggle to handle the massive flow of data reaching you every second. Your body has been brilliantly designed to protect you from the risk of sensory overload by positioning five sense organs between you and the outside world. Our five primary senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch) are often called the doors of perception. It’s a good definition.

We receive information through the senses, but like all well-constructed doors, they are narrow and do not allow anything to come in at once. The task of the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin is to organize and translate the massive amount of information we receive from the outside world into manageable pieces of data. Without an effective method of bombarding incoming data, you would be constantly overwhelmed and exhausted. Your brain is already too busy processing its more than fifty thousand thoughts a day to be able to deal with a continuous flow of information on the rotation speed of the earth, its trajectory and the movement of subatomic particles within your body.

Although most of us limit our awareness to events that occur at the relatively slow pace of everyday life, it is important to remember that what we perceive through our primary senses represents less than 1% of what actually happens around us, or within us. And it is the rest, which is just beyond the reach of ordinary perception, that really makes the difference in our lives. The Greek philosopher Plato was right when, in 440 a. C., observed that «the invisible is greater than the visible». What the most profound spiritual leaders have always understood is that our survival and evolution as individuals and as a species depends on the speed with which we broaden our band of awareness and understanding, because it is in the realm of the invisible that we humans can more influence on our destiny and well-being.

But how can we, ordinary human beings, go beyond the limits of our sensory scheme? A thousand years ago the answer to this question would have been available only to a very small group of initiates devoted to the full-time quest for spiritual life. It’s not like that anymore. If you are reading these words, congratulate yourself. You are living in the era of the greatest revolution in the history of mankind: the quantum revolution.
In the ranking of the major advances of the twentieth century events such as space travel, the development of antibiotics and the invention of computers are often at the top of the list. History will present our time in a very different way. In two hundred years our pro-nephews will honor the twentieth and twenty-first centuries for the important, unifying discoveries that have nourished the field of quantum physics.

In the early twentieth century physicists developed two different systems to describe the universe. The astrophysicists who explored the vast expanses of the cosmos established a set of rules to explain the events of the world on a grand scale (planets, stars and galaxies), but a completely different model was missing to describe the strange world of minuscule (subatomic atoms and particles) .
The quantum physicists accepted the challenge and began to map the tiny world of the atom, where impossible events are the norm and the rules of common sense are no longer valid. The pioneering physicists who explored the field of quantum science were stunned by the implications of their findings.

Even Albert Einstein, known for his genius and his “out of the box” thinking, found it difficult to go beyond the boundaries of human logic and his Newtonian science background to accept the absurd, strange new field of quantum science. Einstein was particularly disturbed by the notion that the pairs of quantum particles could be linked in such a way that the measurements made on one particle would simultaneously influence the other regardless of the distance that separated them: a concept known as non-locality. If communication somehow passed between separate particles, then this communication occurred at a speed higher than that of light. Einstein believed this was impossible. In 1935, discrediting the notion of such a close link calling it “distant phantom action”, he and colleagues Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen undertook a series of well-publicized debates with Danish physicist Niels Bohr on what became known as the EPR Paradox.

Most of the physicists who took part in the debate sided with Bohr, but it was nearly thirty years before John Stewart Bell came forward with a mathematical test, proposing to solve the question once and for all by experimental means. Finally, in 1982 a team of French physicists led by Alain Aspect performed the experiment proposed by Bell. The results were conclusive and irrefutable: Einstein was wrong. The speed of light is not the end: it is only the beginning. Non-locality governs the quantum universe, and this demonstrates the affirmation of the physicist David Bohm that we live in a unique and indivisible universe, united and whole no matter how much we try to divide it or fragment it. It is the same fundamental truth inherent in the basic teachings of Krishna, Zarathustra, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad and the Dalai Lama. Non-locality provides us with a concrete mathematical proof that confirms the spiritual teachings that humanity has long sought to put into practice. What you do today is important. Your actions and decisions influence everything and everyone around you, regardless of where they are. We are all connected. There is only one nation, one family, one God to serve and to contemplate. The rest is nothing but semantics.

From Noah McKay’s book “Wellness at Warp Speed”.

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