Detoxifying is what you need

Detoxifying is what you need most and you did not know it

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Detoxifying is what you need most and you did not know it

For most of us, the beginning of the year coincides with the desire to get back into shape and this naturally begins with a detoxifying cure. The wonderful organ that acts as a filter, our liver purifies the blood and continuously eliminates waste and toxins. Even if overburdened by food excesses (mainly concerning alcohol and fats) as well as by stress, smoking, pollution and the ingestion of drugs, the liver has great regenerative powers.

To facilitate this process, the first measures to be taken are to establish a significant water intake (2 liters of liquids per day in the form of mineral waters and herbal teas) and to adopt a healthy and light diet rich in B vitamins (which contribute to the proper functioning of the digestive system) and sulfur, a trace element with detoxifying and hepatoprotective properties. In practice, it is a matter of favoring vegetables and fresh fruit, lean protein foods such as poultry, fish, skimmed dairy products and tofu, cereals and farinaceous (bread, pasta and rice) whole. For the bravest, a spoonful of olive oil in the morning on an empty stomach stimulates intestinal function and biliary secretion. In the event of a real liver overload, which can occur with nausea, gastric heaviness, flatulence, fatigue, etc., at the beginning of the treatment a few days of lactovegetarian feeding are recommended (based solely on dairy products, vegetables and fruit) as well as the temporary suppression of coffee and alcoholic beverages.

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Among the most beneficial nutritional supplements for the liver we find brewer’s yeast, pollen and soy lecithin which are respectively the best natural sources of B vitamins, methionine (a sulfur-containing amino acid) and choline (a “related” substance). vitamins of group B, which protects and regenerates liver cells).

As a complement to the aforementioned measures, several alternative medecines offer valid solutions in case of liver function disorders. Ayurveda offers a drug that simultaneously exerts a protective and curative action, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by over fifty clinical studies. In the approach of the disease, this therapeutic method, increasingly accepted by the scientific world, aims not only to eliminate the pathological phenomenon but also the imbalance that is its cause. In fact, it advocates a global therapy based on the use of natural medicines (based on mixtures of medicinal plants and sometimes mineral substances), as well as on measures relating to food and life hygiene, body care and the restoration of psychic balance.

14 thoughts on “Detoxifying is what you need

  1. Dawson Mclellan says:

    The most favorable time to purify is the spring and summer because the organism is more stimulated by the change of season and temperature.

  2. Reeva Allison says:

    To me personally, in some periods of the year it happens to see my skin dull, to concentrate with difficulty, to feel swollen and always tired.

  3. Bob O'Moore says:

    Toxins are invisible chemical compounds. Some are in the air we breathe, in the water, in the food (dyes and preservatives). Still others are produced by the body and are the waste substances of metabolic processes.

  4. Daanyal Knox says:

    Toxins accumulate due to stress, poor nutrition, smoking, alcohol, and heavy drug treatments

  5. Ellie-Mae Marin says:

    Organs like the liver (but also the lungs and kidneys) have the task of filtering, neutralizing and controlling everything that can damage our body.

  6. Kimberly Hurst says:

    Unfortunately, our body finds it increasingly difficult to react, not only to pesticides and heavy metals, but also to preservatives, artificial sweeteners, dyes or flavor enhancers.

  7. Shay Mclean says:

    In fact, even if these add-ons are assimilated like other foods, they leave residues in our body which accumulate intoxicating us.

  8. Ciaran Whitfield says:

    Drink plenty of water: at least 2 liters per day eliminate most of the toxins accumulated by the body and help keep the liver and kidneys in perfect health.

  9. Digby Bateman says:

    The idea of detox that explodes in America among the many Hollywood stars who love the perfect line, today finds a large following even among those who do not play in vegetarian and vegan environments.

  10. Agatha Robson says:

    Detoxification is a process through which metabolism byproducts, free radicals, alcohol, drug catabolites, preservatives and additives contained in food are neutralized and eliminated.

  11. Rahim Cook says:

    Detoxification is important not only to take a break from disordered nutrition, bad food, but also from a series of disturbing elements such as smog and stress. All accumulated toxins contribute to an acceleration of skin aging and an increase in cellulite in women.

  12. Hughie Villa says:

    I would like to clarify, for those interested in one of those programs available now almost anywhere that a detox program cannot be classified as a real diet, cannot become a constant diet and cannot be prolonged for too long a period of time because it lacks many necessary nutrients.

  13. Hettie Farrow says:

    When vitality is lacking, there is a tendency to constant tiredness, headache, the skin is devoid of brightness, when there are digestive difficulties, swelling, constipation, old ailments and joint pains flare up means that the body reports a excess of toxins.

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