Improve your physical and mental performance

Nowadays, our efficiency is always subject to new challenges. This effort of concentration and attention, however, risks "pushing our brain function to the limit".

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Nowadays, our efficiency is always subject to new challenges. This effort of concentration and attention, however, risks “pushing our brain function to the limit”.

Often, even young people are exposed to this constant pressure, as difficult tasks must be continuously completed in the shortest possible time. The consequences? Psychological fatigue, stress and tiredness, which can even lead to exhaustion.

A healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle allows you to significantly improve your cognitive skills. We must refrain from smoking as much as possible, decrease the cholesterol level when it is too high and try to normalize too high a pressure. Moderate sporting activity and a different diet often allow for good results.

In particularly “stressful” and “difficult” periods, physical and mental performance can be improved by using plant-based supplements. Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) and ginseng (Panax ginseng) are particularly indicated.

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Modern herbal medicine

It is scientifically proven that ginseng has a remarkable stimulating and toning action on the tired or weakened organism, on brain function and intellectual performance. Ginseng is an adaptogen (see Dictionary), the intake of which improves the body’s ability to react to internal and external stimuli.

Ginkgo is useful in circulatory disorders. Clinical studies show that many active ingredients present in ginkgo leaves improve blood fluidity and therefore also circulation. Red blood cells are able to transport the energy substances necessary for life more easily into the tissues, while ensuring the disposal of waste. Ginkgo has a calming effect on concentration disorders and memory difficulties.

Ginkgo and ginseng, the winning combination for every stage of life!

The combination of ginkgo and ginseng allows you to significantly improve physical and mental performance. Clinical studies show that there is an increase in mental functions, in particular the storage capacity. Ginseng and ginkgo together improve the ability to store information and mental endurance. Goodbye tiredness and forgetfulness!

12 thoughts on “Improve your physical and mental performance

  1. Denis Duran says:

    A simple and economic gesture that, if supported by habit, brings you numerous advantages, both in physical and psychological terms. The cold shower.

  2. Clarissa Herman says:

    no way…is it really? I mean … I thought that cold shower wasn’t good for back pain…so now I have to try this.

  3. Kate Simmonds says:

    The key to improving physical performance is to learn how to properly manage the workload to which we expose our body.

  4. Suranne Callaghan says:

    In response to those who ask themselves the question of how to overcome a “mental” crisis whether it is due to insufficient sexual performance or for other reasons such as disappointments and uncertainties. Train the brain to be mentally strong. Mental strength is a disposition that favors a certain need to persist even in the wake of failure, and to push beyond a person’s limits, even after disappointment.

  5. Jennie Cole says:

    Yes, but how? Easy to say, but in reality there are few who truly succeed. It would be interesting to hear from them how they did it.

  6. Rikesh Wiley says:

    The key is to be aware of the persistence of uncontrollable situations when issues such as the terrain, injury, pain, weather conditions, and a host of other unpleasant circumstances arise. This arrangement of the brain is certainly an asset that all great runners have, and this type of mentality must be incorporated into every workout.

  7. Kavan Sharpe says:

    Good runners train the brain to be resilient. Resilience is the ability to remain calm when stress and anxiety are present and to get back into balance physically and emotionally. This requires the runner to maintain self-confidence and to have the same faith in himself that he does not waver. Training in many different stress situations and learning to cope with them produces a sturdy runner.

  8. Henna Daniel says:

    The big problem is that sexual performance anxiety easily binds to all other sexual dysfunctions. So a single “misfiring” in bed or an unsatisfactory sexual performance is enough to unleash a real hell of negative thoughts that actually hinder any new relationship.

  9. Faith Atkinson says:

    Very often it is difficult to get up from these situations. I know it well because I myself have lived a very hard life and I know how difficult it is to “be a man” despite the various adversities of life.

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