Developing Our Brain [PART 2]

Are thoughts real. like things?

Some say that a thought is only a thought, does not mean that it is reality. From another point of view, thoughts are real, like things.

Which of the two statements is more true?

Perhaps science is trying to redefine, specify this thinking and the word it uses is co-science, right? It is that thing which, though immaterial, leaves effects in the mind, in the brain, in the bodily mind. Thoughts in the brain are real things, because whatever their origin is, and whatever the theories about the origin of them are, it is necessary to take note that thought has measurable effects on the body; in other words, when you have a thought producing chemicals, your brain releases or circulates a series of molecules, and in a few moments you feel exactly the way you are thinking. If you are thinking of insecurity you will feel insecure, now the moment you start to feel insecure, since the brain is in constant communication with the body, start thinking about how you feel and feel the way you think . Here is the effect that thought produces on the body.

Something can also be said about the same effect at a distance. 2500 studies have been done all over the world about the power of prayer, or how thought can help a person get better in another place; but a thought is not enough. If you take a group of people and ask them to send an intention to a strand of DNA in a tube to uncoil, these people may have a clear and concise intention but this does not affect the DNA. There is no power in intention alone. The same if you take another group of people telling them to move into a high state of mind, to feel love, joy and then to radiate this field outside … Again in the DNA nothing happens. When, however, you combine the intention with the feeling of a high mood or with the perception induced by the vision of the unraveling of this DNA, 25% at that point unrolls.

Therefore we are now speaking of a high intentional thought. And what about unintentional thoughts?

Speaking of conscious intentional thought, which is the electrical charge of the quantum field, while the feeling, the sensation is the magnetic charge. The way we think and feel creates the electromagnetic field that surrounds our body. What about instead of our unintentional thoughts? They are also called unconscious thoughts and are so rigidly wired in the brain that we continue in an unconscious and repetitive way to activate and connect them. Those thoughts have equally drastic effects in the quantum field because, whether we believe it or not, they are easier to process in the brain and in the mind, and their redundancy is driven by the same sensations connected to them.

What is the meaning of this?

A person can have all the good intentions of the world, longing for a great life, but since he has memorized suffering for 20, 40 years, this unconscious suffering is what keeps creating the same obstacles repetitively in life. So the art of change requires some sort of training in that system of automatic memories, reorganizing it so as to dissolve those subconscious programs that continue to guide it to the same destiny. And such programs are based on his unconscious thoughts and feelings.

Is a reverse engineering necessary to make us jump out of brain plans we have unconsciously trained for years and years?

The first stage of change is always to unlearn or to deprogram and then reinvent. You can not sow a garden if you do not first tear the plants of the previous year, hoeing, breaking the clods and then fertilizing. It is necessary first to “make room”. The first step to take is about unlearning, because this is the difficult part. Once you have unlearned then you have a new view of the landscape, you see a new horizon.

Deprogramming requires moving into a state of trance because there is a lot behind that analytical thought, that analytical mind, and there is all the “garbage” so the only way to go beyond this sort of barrier is to transform the brain waves in that synchronic phase of the Alpha phase, or a state very close to sleep, or rather you can fall asleep without even thinking about it, the body slips into sleep.

So a person wants to change. In fact, however, it is the body that is directing everything, because it has memorized suffering, right? To stay in this example, then it is about entering the operating system and making the change. And what does this mean? You can not do it with the conscious mind, firstly because the conscious mind represents 10% of the mind and, secondly, when the program is working you can not stop it with the conscious mind, it would be as if your computer went crazy and you started screaming at him. It would have no effect, you must enter the operating system.

When we move from the Beta state to the Alpha state we simply pass from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind, then we pass the wall of the analytical mind, this is a great state of being because that’s where integration takes place. Now if we allow ourselves to continue to relax and let the body begin to torment itself but keeping the conscious mind awake. Now we are really on a very fertile ground, for this reason: if the body has become the mind, and if therefore the servant has become the master, he is guiding, directing the mind. If we let the body fall asleep and keep the conscious mind awake, would not you agree that there would be no body-mind that opposes resistance to change?

This is the end of part 2. This article is very broad, we have divided it in parts so that you have the necessary time to “digest’ it properly.

If you like to know more on regards of this extremely interesting topic, see you next Monday with the third part of the article, until then, stay focused, moreover, try to analyze this reading and see if you can relate some of your common behaviors into whats talked today here.


This article is part two of a series. See our Archive for more episodes. The analysis written in this series derives from the original work and books of Dr. Joe Dispenza


4 thoughts on “Developing Our Brain [PART 2]

  1. M. Dominquez says:

    So If I am understanding this right the alpha state of mind is when you reach a very relaxed state while awake?

    • Resse1992 says:

      Yes, you are right. In essence Your brain begins to emit alpha waves instead of beta, which is what you emit when you’re fully awake.

    • chitoobeB5 says:

      To enter the alpha state of mind, start by getting relaxed, and then move on to different techniques that can get you in the alpha state of mind, including deep breathing, countdowns, and visualizations.

  2. M. Dominquez says:

    @Resse1992 @chitoobeB5 Many thanks for your clarifications….I have done some research and readings in between and both your descriptions fill well.

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