vaping e-cigarettes is common these days, but is it safe?

The new trend of E-cigarettes is also known as ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems) and the action of doing it is named commonly as, “vaping”. E-cigarettes are similar to the regular cigarettes and particularly popular among teenagers. The device, which is used for vaping usually consist of a plastic or metal rod that can light at one end and vapors are released from the other. The vapors released look similar to the smoke puffed while smoking a regular cigarette. Inhaling these vapors give a hit of nicotine to the vaper.

The difference between a regular combustible cigarette and E-cigarette is that the e-cigarette is not burning like a conventional cigarette, instead, it has a battery which operates a system that heats up a cartridge that contains nicotine. Chemicals and other ingredients, (if we can call it this way), used in this product along with nicotine are Glycol, propylene glycol, flavor and water. You do not even need a lighter to use E-cigarette because when you puff on it the heating system activates.

Conventionally, it is believed that vaping is safer than smoking regular cigarettes. It will not deliver toxic elements such a store and carbon dioxide by burning. But the main problem lies with the nicotine which is addictive and even this E-cigarette has it.

Initially e-cigarettes were a product who was thought and developed to appeal to people who wanted to quit smoking.

Rather than doing that ,ever since the introduction of this product, vaping has actually attracted a great wealth of teenagers. Teenagers are using it with the perception of it being a safe and creative product that comes with different flavors. However, this misconception and hysteria around Vaping and the effect on the health of the people is not true. In this article, we have discussed multiple medical and scientific literature in which the scientists have said so them self.

A study published in the Journal of American Medical Association In the year 2018 highlights people who vape and smoke are exposed to harmful toxins, the study was based on the biomarkers present in both products. Another doctor conducted a study on 21 different types of E-cigarettes and its studies indicate that the vapors coming from E-cigarette is 9 times less toxic than a regular cigarette but they still have a harmful effect on the “Vapers” health in the long term.

The USA Pediatrics Department examined the urine and saliva of the teenagers who were using these E-cigarette and regular cigarettes both have the highest number of Toxins and carcinogens in their samples. Whereas those who were only using E-cigarettes were also tested and the results showed that they do have high levels of harmful toxins in their bodies. These toxic compounds include. Acrylonitrile, acrylamide, crotonaldehyde and propylene oxide and these cause the fatal level of damage with prolonged use.

The effect of the toxins produced by E-cigarettes on teenager’s health

Medical research studies conducted on the topic of e-cigarettes also reveal several long term effects when using e-cigarettes.
These long term effects of vaping include the following:

  • Increase in heart rate
  • High blood pressure
  • The stiffness of the arteries
  • Heart attacks
  • Stroke
  • Lung Cancer

Therefore, it is evident from the multiple studies that despite e-cigarettes were introduced for people who wanted to quit smoke and despite there is enough evidence that are less harmful then conventional cigarettes. But because of the fact that nowadays have been adopted by all kind of people, and specifically by teenagers, who are using this product along with regular cigarettes, this altogether is just contributing in increases the probability of developing a smoking-related health issue for all this categories of adopters.

So in other words, it is still a dangerous habit that could undoubtedly lead to unexpected and unwanted complications.

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  1. diesan4evr says:

    Something that many people do not even think about is that electronic cigarettes have a coil to heat the liquid that becomes quite hot and can help produce free radicals.

  2. alexpatterson154 says:

    When these products came on the market, many people claimed that they were harmless and that it was just water vapor.

  3. papano&CO says:

    In the traditional cigarette the filter serves to maintain part of the combustion mixture (tar) so as to filter the most harmful component of the smoke. In the e-cig cartridge the filter is a small tank containing a particular liquid obtained from various substances: The basic components: propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine and flavorings can also be purchased separately and mixed in varying concentrations based on one’s own nicotine requirement; All of this is actually legal in most of the world.

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