Fighting the cold season viral attacks

Fighting the cold season viral attacks

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Soreness, fever, headache, chills, often associated with nasopharyngeal inflammation: these are the symptoms that usually accompany “flu states”. Extremely frequent at this time of the year, they are mostly due to the transmission of viruses with the tiny droplets thrown into the air when coughing or sneezing. The actual flu presents a similar clinical picture, but with more pronounced signs, which can even cause complications in the most fragile subjects.

To counteract these viral attacks, it is possible to resort to drugs that decrease the intensity of symptoms. Nonetheless, these products often have side effects, contraindications or incompatibilities with any ongoing treatments. Influenza vaccination is an effective preventive measure, but it acts exclusively on the flu virus and not on the many other viruses responsible for these infections.

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Homeopathic remedies are particularly suitable for prophylaxis and for the treatment of this type of disease. Homeopathy is a therapy that aims to stimulate the body’s defense mechanisms by administering very diluted substances of animal, vegetable or mineral origin. Since it has the advantage of being free from toxicity and side effects, it can be used in infants, the elderly and pregnant women. There are many homeopathic strains that are suitable for use in winter pathologies. In fact, there is a specific remedy for each symptom, also depending on the character and morphology of the person who needs it.

To facilitate treatment, homeopathic associations of constituents have been developed, each of which has its own therapeutic action. These formulas represent the ideal solution, because their components act synergistically and have complementary indications. Their antiviral, anti-infective, immunostimulating and anti-inflammatory efficacy allows you to quickly restore the clinical picture, ensuring better resistance to winter aggressions. Clinical studies have shown that about 80% of patients suffering from flu syndrome recover after 4 days of treatment with a combination of 3 strains in homeopathic dilution: copper, echinacea and duck liver extract. The originality and usefulness of this medicine reside in its presentation in the dose of blood cells, which is easy to use, but above all in its preventive and curative indication in all feverish states of viral origin.


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    It would be interesting to understand what are the reasons why flu viruses develop and spread more easily in winter

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