Finding time to do sports

Are you too busy to find the time and do some sports?

It is one of the most used excuses for those who have no desire to play sports: not having time for physical activity in many cases is also true, but sometimes it is just an alibi that allows us to silence our conscience and send it back to another day. But we know well that it is the constancy to reward those who apply with the best results, managing to find even a few tens of minutes a day.

If during the day we do not really have a moment of time as we are engaged in other activities, work in the first place, then we act on other fronts: we take better care of our food and camouflage physical activity among our daily activities.

Go up the stairs on foot, use the bicycle instead of the car, do not take the elevator and park a little farther away or get off at the stop before the bus stop. It is little, but it makes the difference because at the end of the week you will have accumulated quite a bit of movement.

When you are at home or have a long enough break, do some exercise. You can do exercises at the desk, during house cleaning, even in the queue in your car. And if your lunch break is long enough, find a nearby gym that offers fun courses.

Think about it: getting up and sitting down from your chair ten times equals three squats, that is, exercises to tone your buttocks and legs. So let’s make sure we don’t always sit at our desk, but move around every now and then. For example, avoid sending an e-mail or calling if we need to communicate with a colleague in the same building.

And just because we have mentioned the long ours spent at your desk, remember that working at the desk is the biggest enemy of your blood circulation

The circulation is slowed down, the postures are often wrong. How to remove the risk? Changing position frequently, getting up as soon as you can, avoiding too tight clothing on the groin, especially if you are used to overlapping the legs and drinking water often, to keep the body hydrated.

Another idea to exercise is to take the stairs to go up to the top floors of our office and not use the elevator. Same apply for when we have lunch and coffee breaks: we go up and down on foot!

On the weekend, on the other hand, you will certainly have some more time. It is enough to choose the discipline that you enjoy the most, that you do not live as a punishment but as something that strengthens you. For some it is the bicycle, for others it can be a sailboat, mountain hikes, skating but also some outings with friends during which, in addition to eating, you play a little outdoors, perhaps with your dog. Ho yes, your dog can help you, and here is how.

Taking care of it, taking it out, playing with it together represents a natural increase in daily physical activity which, if it was completely absent previously, highlights its effects in a short time.
Not only that, having a dog alone naturally leads us to organize outdoor activities more frequently. Which are good for him but also for us.

11 thoughts on “Finding time to do sports

  1. Ashlee Joyner says:

    I’m not saying that everyone should choose to train as a professional to achieve ambitious goals like I did, I’m just saying it’s time to understand and accept that the best investment we can make in ourselves is exercise. And that the excuse of lack of time is, in fact, a stupid excuse.

  2. Brandon Dudley says:

    It is one of the great classics of the summer: during the holidays we promise to start playing sports. So, once at home, we buy clothing, equipment and maybe even make an annual gym pass. After a few weeks of enthusiasm and first results bam !, the desire to play sports disappears.

  3. Zane Franklin says:

    According to my personal trainer, the classic approach to fitness is to jump headfirst doing everything and more at the same time: change diet, exercise and stop drinking and smoking simultaneously. And it is precisely the most dangerous approach: within a couple of weeks, goodbye motivation, tiredness to the stars and the desire to return to the old habits that are felt.

  4. Youssef Schaefer says:

    Those who do not practice sport often justify themselves with a life too full of commitments. Many times the desire is great, but your desire to start an activity falters because it all seems like a race.

  5. Divine Mathis says:

    I run to go get the kids to school, run because I am constantly late for work, run to be able to do the shopping before the supermarket closes. With all these rides, I have the feeling of already doing enough sport!

  6. Rio Dickens says:

    The solution: involve your friends, so when you feel unmotivated they will be the ones to top you up! Playing sports together is also a way to share something healthy with a friend. Whether it’s a gym, jogging or tennis, the will to go ahead is stronger when you’re in a group.

  7. Willard Browne says:

    Usually, on Saturday afternoons children play in their room while your husband takes a nap? Change family habits and organize a football match or go buy roller skates for everyone! You will do sport together and the whole family will have fun!

  8. Vincent Munro says:

    Top notch suggestion from Willard Browne, the kids will love the fun and activities and you will get to spend quality time with them which is paramount.

  9. Glenda Gardiner says:

    I envy all of you! I can’t even do three stairs! I barely get to the parking lot to get on the car and, out of breath, turn the key to put it in motion, and you tell me to walk at least half an hour a day ?!

  10. Dewey Franks says:

    Glenda, you do it only if you feel like it. If you don’t…then perhaps you like it like it is now better.

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