Localized weight loss

Localized weight loss

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Are there solutions for disposing of localized fat deposits, refractory to slimming regimes?

Fat or adipocyte cells store the body’s energy in the form of fats or triglycerides. These constitute the fuel we burn during a low-calorie diet or the practice of intense physical exercise. But when, under the influence of dietary, circulatory, hormonal or other factors, an excess of accumulation or a deficiency in the elimination of triglycerides in the adipocytes occurs, the latter hyperatrophy, swell and tend to invade the tissue surrounding connective. This phenomenon, which is associated with localized water retention (caused, in turn, by an increase in the permeability of the capillary walls), is at the origin of that particular and rebellious fat called cellulite.

To solve this unsightly problem, the situation must be addressed globally through several factors:

A diet rich in vitamins C, P and B6, as well as potassium, silicon and proteins, which act both by giving tone to the connective tissue and by stimulating renal function and by decreasing the permeability of capillaries. In practice, it is a question of favoring fresh vegetables and fruit, lean protein foods and whole grains by limiting the intake of salt, sugar, fat, alcoholic beverages and coffee. It is also useful to take supplements of the aforementioned vitamins, in particular in the case of smoking and treatments with oral contraceptives, which increase the need.

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Adequate exercises, which activate local combustion by stimulating the muscles near the cellulite deposits.

The bi-daily application, at least for two months, of a specific product (gel, fluid, cream, etc.) on the areas to be treated. These slimming products of local use contain lipolytic substances (caffeine, algae, etc.), restructuring (silicon, collagen, etc.) and / or vasoprotective and draining substances (ivy, horse chestnut, rutin, etc.).

The most recent research has led to the discovery of active ingredients capable of blocking the two receptors for the accumulation of fat in adipocytes. This has made it possible to develop a unique product of its kind, whose effectiveness has been confirmed by rigorously scientific studies. Already today this invention is available in a new galenic form: an invisible “patch”, applied by spray, whose concentration is 10 times stronger than the fluid.

11 thoughts on “Localized weight loss

  1. Kenya Cain says:

    Cellulite must be eliminated because it is an aesthetic problem but it is also a factor that can cause both physical and psychological health problems.

  2. Enid Castro says:

    Even the use of the anti-conception pill can undoubtedly be one of the triggers for the presence of cellulite and the formation of adipose fat in that area of the body.

  3. Keiran Perez says:

    Cellulite is best eliminated by moving your body thus activating circulation and dissolving the adipose tissue. So fitness and gym are the best way to fight it.

  4. Darcie-Mae Jacobson says:

    It seems that even relaxation techniques, such as yoga, give excellent results in combating cellulite.

  5. Charmaine Delaney says:

    Why not? By relaxing the body, the muscles are more relaxed, and tissue oxygenation occurs on a regular basis.

  6. Zeynep Strickland says:

    In any case, before starting with any type of treatment, the advice is to do a skin scrub every day, in order to eliminate dead cells and ensure better tissue breathing. Perfect at this juncture, and the scrub is to be done with coffee grounds.

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