Simple effective stomach ache remedies

Simple effective stomach ache remedies

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If you are one of the millions of people around the world who suffer from heartburn, you probably wonder how to fight it and find stomach ache remedies.

Heartburn or gastro-esophageal reflux disease is characterized by the regurgitation of gastric acid into your esophagus, throat, or mouth. This condition occurs quite often and can become quite painful. It also frequently interferes with normal lifestyle activities such as sleeping and swallowing. People affected by this painful problem often experience a feeling of nausea and excessive burping.

Although there is no cure, many people have learned how to fight stomach pain and eliminate its symptoms by using home remedies and over the counter medications. One of the most popular ways to treat GERD is to ingest ginger. Ginger is often recommended by physicians and home remedy advocates because it contains natural compounds that have been found to ease indigestion and other gastrointestinal symptoms.

One way to ingest ginger to help battle stomach pain is to mix one teaspoon of the herb with a glass of ginger ale. Ginger provides relief to the acid from the stomach and thus relieves indigestion, heartburn and other gastrointestinal problems. Studies have shown that ginger does not cause indigestion on its own but can aid in the quick healing of indigestion that may have already developed.

Another way to fight stomach pain and indigestion is to consume more fiber in your diet. Fiber helps to move food through the body more quickly. Many people who suffer from chronic diarrhea or the common stomach ache also complain of excessive burping. When food moves at a faster rate, it also means that it is being broken down more quickly, which helps to prevent abdominal pain and other gastrointestinal problems.

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One of the most popular and effective remedies to help fight stomach pain is water. Increasing the amount of liquids consumed helps to flush the body of toxins that can be a cause of aches and pains. Adding fresh lemon to tea is also another easy remedy. Lemon works as a natural antiseptic to kill bacteria and viruses that can lead to other health problems. Drinking plenty of water is also an easy way to help detoxify and cleanse the body.

One of the most overlooked remedies for stomach ache and indigestion is to take a warm water bottle and drink a couple glasses each day. Drinking warm water helps to relax the muscles of the stomach and help the intestines become less irritated.

Drinking a lot of fluids is a great way to help your body stay hydrated and avoid bloating, which can make digestion more difficult. By drinking more fluids and reducing stress, your body will stay healthier for longer and help fight stomach pain and indigestion for good.

13 thoughts on “Simple effective stomach ache remedies

  1. Sonya Wilde says:

    To find an adequate remedy for stomach ache, first of all you need to understand what is the cause that generated it.

  2. Nayla Chamberlain says:

    In the past I have experienced pain in the abdomen accompanied by abdominal swelling. I have then started a new diet which has helped in solving this issue.

  3. Fatema Shelton says:

    Contrary to what is commonly said, in these cases of abdominal pain it is advisable not to lie down, because it would slow down the digestion process, but it is preferable to take a walk.

  4. Archie Mccormick says:

    If we have frequent stomach ache while eating a food, then it is possible that we are intolerant.

  5. Janine Stanton says:

    Heartburn is a nagging sensation of retrosternal burning that arises in the stomach and radiates upward towards the neck. It represents one of the most frequently encountered symptoms in the general population struggling with slow and difficult digestion.

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