Support for your optimum wellness through technology

Support for your optimum wellness through technology


As much as people would want to keep their health status a confidential matter, healthcare has been a social matter for the longest time.

By enquiring about doctors about their body’s conditions, asking friends and families about ways to improve diets, the best exercise methods or how to lose weight face, people seems to be communicating with one another, seeking advice and support on a daily basis. As the saying goes, ‘no man is an island’.

With the latest technology introduced into the fitness and health arena from between five to ten years – from wearable fitness monitoring devices to smartphone apps which helps provide the best diet for one’s health. Data from these apps and fitness devices could be translated and read as information to tell one’s health.

The advancement in the fitness and health sector comes along with the rise of information technology and the Internet. But, how much information on the internet can be true? Can there be clarity on what is actually going on with one’s health. If a man has a cough – is it a mere cough, sore throat, or something more sinister like cancer?

With the Internet being updated with facts (and even fake news) almost all the time, there is a difficulty to distinguish what is right and what is wrong. Misinterpretation and contradiction could happened – driving one to have more doubt in their health status.

With this, people would then come back to the need to communicate with one another for better clarification and certainty on certain issues. At Epi Life Coach, we are gathering members who share similar interest in improving their health and well-being.

The growing community of people who are keen on keeping fit, as well as provide motivation and support for those struggling to achieve their fitness. The community actively compares workout programmes, discuss their epigenetics, exchange recipe tips and more. And with the technology of the Internet, time and location is irrelevant; as one can provide or obtain information from the community whenever one wants it, and wherever one is.

By being an active participant in Epi Life Coach’s community discussions and knowing other members better, you would stand to gain better results from your fitness and wellness activities.

What are you waiting for? Begin your journey as part of Epi Life Coach’s community today!

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4 thoughts on “Support for your optimum wellness through technology

  1. Sophia Sanderson says:

    Telemedicine makes health care services more accessible to patients so that they can minimize going to the hospital or physician’s office. I wonder how log it will take before this system is applied to other non medical services such as fitness, training, yoga etc. These are still very important services for the care and well being of the body and we all could benefit from it.

  2. Molly Rhodes says:

    Yes, consumers are open to technology-aided care, but providers will likely need to earn their trust on both quality of care and protection of users information.

    • Luan Van den besselaar says:

      Most of the apps or online platforms that shares personal data have terms and conditions that states clearly what they will do or will not do with your personal record and data. It is up to all of us to read carefully and see if we can agree. Obviously the only way to use the product is if we agree. Most of the free services are also very clear on stating in their terms that they will analyze data for purposes of studying better ways to conduct their business. This is the price that a users pays for a product given for “free”.

      • Petr Smrček says:

        Patients will use your online portal if you choose a simple design and you make it a “painless” experience that is worth the trade with your personal data. Imagine not to have to drive all the way to your doctor, find a free parking, queue in a room with plenty ill people that sneeze up your shoulders. That is what really wins, “convenience”.

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