Technology and Well-Being

nternet and the technologies used for integrated global communication have brought numerous benefits for all workers and citizens


Internet and the technologies used for integrated global communication have brought numerous benefits for all workers and citizens; they opened horizons and perspectives unthinkable even up to ten years ago.

But the excessive use of communication technologies has also had side effects on the psychophysical well-being of people.

Think of that anxiety we all feel when we cannot connect to the net because internet is temporary down or the signal is weak, or the feeling of discomfort that we feel when we are forced to turn off the phone because we are getting on the plane.

This are all side effects of a hyper integration of communication technologies and their consequent abuse.

Let’s analyze the effects of an abuse of communication systems on the psychophysical state of people.

In the early days the amazing revolution seemed to be the telegraph; then came the phone and finally the television. But the real revolution would come in the late seventies, when the various Microsoft, IBM and Apple revolutionized the market by introducing the Personal Computer.

More specifically, what has changed since then was the Western world: technology has become increasingly pervasive in the social life of mankind until it conquers such a significant part as to generate anxiety crisis if we do not read our e-mails every day or share our selfies multiple times in multiple Social Networks.

Today we are connected with anyone 24 hours a day, without limits of space and time: as long as there is a mobile and a connection to internet.



While we have had significant advantages in terms of improving the quality of life and health and an exponential reduction in communication times, as well as the improvement of many public services, the other side of the coin shows us individuals whose brain is perpetually in contact with the digital: email, chat, messenger, download, etc., have led to an overload of stimulation of the cerebral cortex and neurons.

How many of us today stay staring in front of a screen on an average of 40-50 hours per week? The answer is “lots”, there is so many works that involve people and computers. Perhaps we should take some time and also evaluate the possible physical and / or biological damage on our entire organism. Unfortunately, for the moment this is difficult or not yet quantifiable.

So on one side the technology has brought significant benefits to society, but on the other hand has had, as a consequence, the creation of a new category of “sick” workers: technically-minded workers.

Unfortunately no master of science fiction has managed to see in the future so well to imagine that technology would enslave us through hyper-information and the relapse of stress that has occurred on the brain.

5 thoughts on “Technology and Well-Being

  1. Nathan Rahman says:

    Technology has indeed evolved over the years and has its pros and cons. But I believe that we should take a break from technology and have face to face convos, relax in nature and etc.

  2. wandalsimmons says:

    I must personally say that I fall in this sick group, I can’t go without my phone for more than a few minute it’s like my life exist on it, especially with the business I do, I’m constantly operating my computer devices.

  3. Jaykay says:

    I must say I love technology without it lots of us wouldn’t be able to do plenty of surgery but its like a candy when you get hooked though

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