Natural Herbs & Oils

Discover these natural preparations, and why they are so useful for our well-being.


Discover these natural preparations, and why they are so useful for our well-being.

Have you ever heard of “vibrational medicine”? It is an area between the holistic disciplines that sees all matter as a manifestation of energy.

All living beings are formed by a series of magnetic fields connected to each other to create a network, closely linked to the vital energy of the body.

At the level of health this translates into one thing: to treat the disorders of the body it is absolutely necessary to consider those of the soul, which are unfortunately somatized and cause problems and diseases.

The floral remedies developed by Mountain Medow Herbs base their effectiveness on the indissoluble link between spirit and body.

Mountain Medow Herbs, has decided to combine the properties of the many local plants analyzed with those of different herbs and flowers that come from around the world.

Although overbuilding and pollution are an increasingly growing concern, there are still some pristine areas where this herbs can grow and thrive.

In addition, the flowers and herbs of our territory are part of our DNA in a certain sense: their energy is similar to ours and are particularly suitable for restoring our well-being.

The Herbs Remedies are of different types, designed for specific functions.

Mountain Meadow Herbs creates over 50 herbal tinctures for a wide range of uses, for anti-inflammatory, arthritis, high blood pressure, even impotence and placenta release.

Founder Kathy Garber knows firsthand how well herbal remedies can work. Her son had kidney disease at a young age, so she set out to find a solution that would not require drugs.


She began making herbal capsules for his treatment then made liquid herbal extracts. Her son’s kidneys eventually returned to normal function.

Seeing how successful herbal remedies were, she created a business around them and started Mountain Meadow Herbs in 2003.

People who use natural healing remedies tend to fall into two categories. The first are people who simply don’t trust modern pharmaceuticals. The others are people who have tried drugs, and are hoping for something effective and natural.

Natural Alternative Medicine uses these extracts from plants directly or in infusions and prepared to take advantage of the benefits they can have on humans. The advantage is that of minor side effects for the human body compared to synthetic drugs.

Thanks to these herbs and plants that represent a natural remedy always available for any kind of illness, it is possible to cure many infections of bacterial origin.

A note to our readers

Essential oils, or etherics, are mixtures of chemical substances extracted from plants rich in essences, or herbs and medicinal or aromatic plants. Once extracted, these substances appear as oily and fragrant liquids such as the plant from which they come, while the quantity of oils varies according to the plant, the climate and the soil of origin.

Being plant extracts, it is advisable to consult a doctor before using them, because their therapeutic index must be considered (relationship between toxic and therapeutic dose).


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  1. williamlhampton says:

    Does the cure or remedies reach into dementia and alzheimer as well, if yes I would like something to try for my aunt

  2. raymondmhamilton says:

    Over pollution decreases the availability in the fauna kingdom and the others are guarded, pharmaceutical poisons don’t help. I use natural remedies and they work, takes longer but works great

  3. haroldsheaton says:

    Pollution causes alot of imbalance which affects the human body and its organs, the organs don’t evolve fast enough to be able to keep up with modern poison, so I agree this is one way to rest the natural spiritual balance

  4. darinshackett says:

    I want to know the connection between the soul and problems and diseases, is this similar to reincarnation with similar disease that can’t be cure in this world?

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