Many people who got their interest over the mind & matter, would try to understand the somehow claimed ability to move physical things through the influence of someone’s mind.

Many people who got their interest over the mind & matter, would try to understand the somehow claimed ability to move physical things through the influence of someone’s mind.

There are some so called psychokinesis people who have “apparently” been known for their strengthened mind game, but still, when it comes to demonstrations, well there is not much to be seen. Hence the result is that most of the mainstream scientist and doctors are pretty skeptical in this field.

So what is telekinesis in simple words

Some people consider telekinesis the mind ability to overcome the matter’s force to move objects. Some suggest it’s the power of changing radiation effects, or controlling vibrations so that to be able of things like moving water, or to repel a laser.

Lastly, there is even people who have often related phenomenon like telekinesis to the possession of some sort of “ghosts” over the human mind allowing the subjects to move objects without the need to touch them.
In this article, we will talk about the reality of telekinesis and try to get an idea of how much reality there is in it.

It is said, since ancient time. that he human minds are the most powerful creation, and, if used with concentration and focus, this have the ability to move the mountains. Telekinesis wants to be exactly like this aphorism, but so far there is not proven record of its success.

The above aphorism describe exactly the same thing telekinesis depends upon. With true concentration, literally, everything is possible in the context of mind empowering. (Apart from the ability to move items as so far there is no much proof of it) people who are said to have abilities like telekinesis develop a sense of inner strength, self-confidence, peace of mind, focus, improved memory, and an improved decision-making.
People with telekinesis often tend to overcome their negative emotions, be it the compulsive and annoying thoughts, or the obsessive behaviors. Telekinesis also, is said to depicts visualization and meditation.

But on the other end, many people find it challenging to keep their minds focused on something as their intriguing thoughts don’t leave them alone. The human mind tends to think a multitude of things at one time, which signifies a weak focus. This is often termed as a “monkey mind” as it dims the power of the mind and disables the person to think about the subject of “moving the objects.”
It is believed that telekinesis is the miraculous behavior of focusing on a single thought through the mind construction. This is viewed as a strong phenomena for people with profound and almost “miraculous” thoughts.

So where is the proof of anything?

To be honest so far there isn’t any. But there is a large amount of witnessing and the belief is quite strong.
Many cases have been discussed but no much of a result can be studied. Take for instance the tale of the Indian Fakirs. It is said that some Fakirs in India have mastered the highest focus and concentration levels that apparently, can turn a seed into a fruit in no time.  People who have witnessed that phenomenon have seen the seed being planted into the soil, sprouting, and growing into a fruit with the edible features. These Fakirs are said to to implement a single-pointed focus and imagination to manifest everything they want to.

What we can say for sure is that gaining control over the thoughts is an essential part of gaining an optimized result. Have you ever tried piercing a hole in a paper with a pencil? If you are fast and your pencil is sharp, it will leave a neat hole or else; it will tear the page, which again, isn’t the result you were expecting.

Telekinesis implies a similar set of rules as it’s the process of pointing the energy and concentration on one thing. If the concentration is focused at one point, it should then direct all the energy towards the intended object to produce an effective result inline with your intention.

Obviously, the skepticism on this field is at high levels.

In conclusion

Certainly, there are so many theories about it. There are also many others for everything! This in no way demonstrates that genuine use of telekinesis is impossible. What do you think? Have you had any such experiences or you know someone who has had it? You are welcome to join the conversation.

15 thoughts on “Telekinesis

  1. Izabelle Ritter says:

    For those who do not believe in the powers of telekinesis lookup in Google for Jean Pierre the French man that is a lifetime that bends iron bars … it has done so many times on TV and nobody has found any wrongdoing so far.

  2. Jaskaran Greene says:

    Although there are no scientific studies to confirm its existence, many believe that telekinesis is a real and possible thing. I don’t.

  3. Arnold Perez says:

    I read somewhere about a man by the name Uri Geller who was related to psychokinesis and reached a certain popularity in the 1970s, an Israeli magician with remarkable showman talents. He procured himself wide following with his shows, first in Israel and then all over the world. Unlike his other colleagues, who however criticized him harshly throughout his career, he claimed that his phenomena were truly paranormal, and not the result of tricks.

  4. Terrence Salas says:

    I read about him on my research about this phenomena, For his performances, Uri Geller used to invite someone from the audience to give him a key or another small metal object. Sometimes he held it in his hand, perhaps stroking it lightly, after which he could see the key fold. At other times he left it to his owner, who held it in the palm of his hand, while he rubbed it lightly. Also in this way the key was seen to bend, usually upwards, so that the whole audience could better appreciate the fact.

  5. Adrienne Baxter says:

    In itself this circumstance does not mean that Geller was a swindler, but he certainly raised considerable doubts and suspicions.

  6. Chaya Hill says:

    Geller produced a much broader variety of phenomena, in front of scientists, skeptics and professional conjurers. The most famous laboratory tests caused a sensation not so much for the results achieved, but for the series of controversies that they triggered.

  7. Enrico Daly says:

    Telekinesis is the thought of a truly exceptional “talent”, belonging only to a small circle of people.

  8. Sanna Weaver says:

    Telekinesis is the movement of an object, in a scientifically inexplicable manner, as an exercise in occult power.

  9. Jerome Parra says:

    The reason is always the same. A person stupidly believes that a week is a” long period of experimentation “. Nothing more wrong.

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