Why not unconventional medicines?

Unconventional Medicine

Health is a business, a market with colossal figures. This is the truth.

A patient, or a supposed sick person, is an almost inexhaustible source of income. The more one of us are sick the more there is to gain. The economic system in which we operate is based on GDP, the gross domestic product, the sum of all income from all economic activities.

When an accident occurs, the GDP increases. When a disaster happens, the GDP increases a lot. In particular, a patient almost certainly increases the GDP, a healthy person instead, can decrease the GDP.

An examination (so-called preventive medicine) increases GDP, a gym membership increases GDP, a walk in a park near home does not increase GDP, grow organic salad in the garden near home without chemical fertilizers decreases GDP.

What increases the wealth of companies increases GDP, what makes people’s health and well-being often reduces GDP.
Less GDP, less taxes, less taxes less money in the hands of governments, less money in the hands of those who administer the state’s money.

The unconventional medicines have a great defect: they often work, but above all they almost always do not do serious damage.

In the USA (also valid for the rest of the world, Western and not only) has been established that health interventions (drugs, surgical operations, etc.) are the main cause of death. More than cancer.

If they are the leading cause of death, it is to be expected that they are also the main cause of illness. It is the main cause of gains for the industrial health system.

For those who gain on the disease, the practices that help people to stay healthy or heal are the worst competition imaginable.

The industry of the disease, like any industry, needs more and more customers who spend more and more. And so it must convince us that we are sick, with no possibility of recovery and that we continually need health interventions to get better.

The industry of the disease fights with all the means, lawful and illicit, as any economic activity, those who try to heal and those who propose lifestyles that help to live healthy.
Cancer is one ofthe biggest if not “the biggest” source of income. So who suggests the possibility of curing it is persecuted with great energy.

Children are naturally healthy and full of energy. But since the very beginning of their life, we expose them with waves of various kinds (ultrasounds) in pregnancy. We let them be born in noisy environments and with blinding lights to attack their nervous system from the first moment. We introduce all sorts of chemical poison into our growing and sensitive organism through vaccines, antibiotics and other chemical drugs.

If someone obtains results in the treatment of some “incurable” illness, he must be immediately accused of being an impostor, who sells illusions to the “incurable” patients. And how could it be different?

The sick man is a hen with golden eggs and who wants to heal it must be eliminated in a hurry.

Interesting facts

  • The decision to use an unconventional therapy for the moment is only a personal decision.
  • The insurance companies hardly repay the drugs and the unconventional therapies.
  • In hospitals it is very rare to access them.
  • The freedom of competition in this field, like many others, does not work.


This is why unconventional medicines must first of all be incorporated and distorted, that is, they must become costly and ineffective: only when they have lost the ability to prevent and cure diseases can they be accepted within this health system.

Obviously there are exceptions, as can happen that there are honest people who work anywhere.

3 thoughts on “Why not unconventional medicines?

  1. Eric says:

    My wife decided to give birth in the comfort of our home and she never did an ultra sound with our third child and he is the healthiest of all our 3 children

  2. susanrrichmond says:

    That is why I say changing the diet and the food you consume can cause alot of the health bill and doctor visit and worked on “medications” to go away. Eat clean

  3. jimmyltrevizo says:

    That’s one of the reason I grow most or all of the produce I use in the summer, and complete my yoga from home I will not increase the nation’s GDP

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