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Hair deterioration

Hair is constantly exposed to countless aggressions: pollution, exposure to the sun, frequent styling, dyes, unsuitable shampoos.

The “mistreatment” to which we subject them can cause their fall (mild or moderate) and the opacification, in addition to the breakage of the hair fiber and difficulty in styling.

To restore hair to its natural splendor, there are precise answers to the most specific needs.

The shampoo

The first beauty treatment … Thanks to the surfactants it contains, it cleanses the hair and provides them with the active agents they need. Today, various shampoos are available for different hair types. All must be rinsed thoroughly, to remove any residue and traces of dirt from the hair.

Frequent washing shampoos have a washing base that allows their daily use, while specific shampoos (for oily, dry and dandruff hair) are used mostly twice a week, as part of a treatment lasting 1-2 months. Dry hair needs shampoos rich in moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients, which restore the natural hydrolipidic film. The treating agents wrap the hair like a sheath, making it less “electric”.

Specific shampoos

The specific shampoos for oily hair regulate seborrhea and heal the scalp with delicate surfactants. The conditioner: a fundamental product … Masks, conditioners, fluid creams, foams: these products, acting specifically where the hair is more damaged, allow to better satisfy the needs of the hair, which become more docile to the comb. It is no longer necessary to pull on the brush or comb, at the risk of breaking them.

The capillary sheath is protected from climatic aggressions and the hair, well nourished, recover their splendor and softness. These products are necessary for those who often use a hairdryer and for those who use dyes, which tend to alter the hydrolipidic film and the hair cuticle.

Other products

In addition to the classic treating products, there are product lines more suitable for different styles of hairstyle (volume, color, curls, smooth and silky hair). Cleaning agents and active ingredients simplify the choice of products, because in addition to the shampoo, various complementary products are available, depending on the appearance of the desired hairstyle. To keep your hair beautiful and healthy, you need to take care of it.
Technology has made great strides in the field of hair products. Those currently available offer the right solution for every type of problem.

A note about white hair

Having gray or completely white hair in premature age is a fairly widespread capillary problem, which is often experienced rather badly by men, but especially by women who suffer from it. This premature graying phenomenon is strongly influenced by genetic and hereditary factors. You have certainly already been struck by the contrast between a fresh and smooth face and gray, if not white, hair. It often happens to see entire families of grizzled heads of all ages.

The role of nutrition

Having said that, some substances present in the diet and in dietary supplements help to maintain the natural color of the hair unaltered. These are pantothenic acid or vitamin B5, folic acid or vitamin B9, PABA or para-aminobenzoic acid (a substance similar to the B vitamins) and finally, although to a lesser extent, copper, a trace element. Brewer’s yeast, wheat germ, liver, whole grains and oil seeds are good sources of the first three substances. In addition, animal-based protein foods are among the richest in pantothenic acid, while fresh, raw or undercooked vegetables contain a lot of folic acid. Various factors deplete the body’s reserves of vitamin B5, B9 and PABA: stress, which can explain sudden graying due to the effect of an emotional shock, the abuse of alcohol and caffeine, the intake of certain drugs (including oral contraceptives), etc.

Make the right choice!

All hair health preparations for internal use, available in pharmacies and drugstores, contain vitamin B5 and some even PABA. It should also be noted that the regular intake of one of these latter products, to carry out treatment cycles, contributes not only to maintaining the color of the hair unaltered, but also to improving its condition and curbing its fall.

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  1. Vikki Armstrong says:

    Air pollution – especially fine dust, smoke and smog – is a great enemy of hair.

  2. Alma Maguire says:

    If you live in a city with a high pollution rate, one of the first precautions you need to have is to protect your hair with a barrier.

  3. Olly Espinosa says:

    In case of excessive exposure to smog, for those who live in highly polluted places, especially in the winter months, correct hair cleansing becomes of fundamental importance.

  4. Declan Kirk says:

    Not only that, alongside cleansing, nourishment of the scalp and hair, stressed and dehydrated by the fine particles of the atmosphere, also plays a fundamental role.

  5. Maisy Shaw says:

    Washing hair rarely can cause sebum build-up, sweat and scalp irritation resulting in itching. Washing hair often, even every day, does not hurt and does not affect hair loss. However, it is necessary to use suitable shampoos, based on your skin and hair, avoiding aggressive products.

  6. Sahib Caldwell says:

    Use too hot hair dryer and overdo the plate, that is how so many people ruin their hair.

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