Snoring: An effective and painless solution

Snoring: An effective and painless solution
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Most of us have already faced this problem, either as a victim or as perpetrator of this particularly annoying chamber concert. But where do the noises emitted by those who snore come from? Today we know that they are produced by the vibration of the Palatine veil and the soft parts of the throat, by the action of the air that passes during inspiration.

The passage of air is difficult especially in cases where the uvula and the veil of the palate are relaxed and voluminous. This hypertrophy is often due to pinguedine, which infiltrates soft tissue with fat. Another cause is age, which causes the release of elastic fibers. If those who snore also have a nasal obstruction problem, the air will pass even more difficultly through the respiratory tract, further intensifying the problem.

From a relational point of view, those who are close to the person who snores, facing difficult nights, often force their partner to sleep in another room. Nonetheless, it is above all the consequences of snoring that should worry the person concerned, whose sleep becomes less and less refreshing, interrupted as it is by respiratory arrest, the so-called “sleep apnea”.

On the occasion of these episodes, the walls of the back of the throat come together, completely obstructing the passage of air. This phenomenon causes a decrease in blood oxygenation, with all the consequences that derive from it, in the more or less long term: arterial hypertension, heart attack, hemiplegia, alterations of the heart rhythm.

Today it is possible to largely mitigate the nuisances associated with snoring thanks to a specific preparation, based on encapsulated natural oils that allow the lubrication of the offending tissues, facilitating the passage of air.

This product is sprayed daily on the bottom of the throat, the evening before going to bed, and its action lasts several hours, thanks to its absolutely original formula. In many cases, its effects are rapid and long lasting. However, it should be emphasized that it is not indicated in cases of actual sleep apnea. (For any request, we recommend that you contact your pharmacist or a health specialist.)

Another recommended solution that without a doubt can help not only to reduce the phenomenon of snoring but also to allow the person to take advantage of a good night’s sleep are the natural preparations of probiotic-type herbs of the type:

Ingredients and Benefits:
Sedative, relaxant helps with sleep, anxiety, mood, depression.

Sedative, heart and nerve tonic helps with nervousness, insomnia.

Abdominal cramps and pain, gas and insomnia caused by indigestion.

Chest and respiratory conditions, coughs, colds and flu, antifungal, antiviral and antiseptic.

Provides minute amounts of fuel for fermenting bacteria to break down the herbs to release their nutrients.

The fermentation process magnifies the potent healing properties of the herbs. The fermenting bacteria break down the herbal nutrients, making them more readily absorbed and utilized by the body.

We recall, in conclusion, the basic hygiene and dietary rules: in the evening, avoid too copious and too “watered” meals, decrease the number of cigarettes and above all fight against obesity, the main factor that favors snoring. Sleeping pills should also be banned, as they further aggravate symptoms.

11 thoughts on “Snoring: An effective and painless solution

  1. Jordana Bryan says:

    I used them for while but had to stop as there is no way I could be alerted if anything happens to my daughter.

  2. Courtnie Cantrell says:

    To reduce the risk of infections, always wash your hands before handling them and clean reusable caps regularly; also avoid pushing them too deep

  3. Cherish Dougherty says:

    For all those who use earplugs I advise you to make sure that your alarms (fire etc) are able to wake you up from deep sleep, otherwise it could be a very insecure system that could lead to dramatic consequences.

  4. Caiden Mcmanus says:

    I agree with what has been said above. It happened to me that one night my daughter accidentally locked herself in the bathroom (malfunctioning lock) and tried asking for help by screaming but I didn’t hear her. When she finally managed to make enough noise and arouse my attention she was in a state of shock. Since that night I have never used earplugs again.

  5. Kendrick Pineda says:

    After many attempts I can say that for me the best way was to find a source of white noise. This is a type of noise such as that produced by a TV that is on but not tuned in or by a fan. it made me fall asleep easily.

  6. Haris Neville says:

    I have noticed that if she snores is because she fall asleep facing the ceiling so I gently help her turning on one side and she suddenly stops.

  7. Natalie Byers says:

    Lucky you….my husband is way to difficult to handle…can’t turn no matter what.

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