5 Habits to help you achieve your fitness goals

5 Habits to help you achieve your fitness goals


Here, we look at five habits that can help you get fit and keep at it.

1) Fall … fall in love!
Getting started in a fitness program is a big decision, but committing to that decision and being consistent in working out is the ongoing challenge. When the initial motivation dwindles, the gym seems further away and the weights seem heavier than ever. But passion can help sustain your motivation, so you have to find workout routines that you love to do, that challenges you and gives you variety.
Check out Epi Life Coach’s Strengthening programs, where there are over 20 fitness workouts that strengthens core muscles and lifts your overall performance. You will love the instructional videos that are short yet highly detailed. Keep to your programs, and you’ll be loving the way your toned body looks and feels in no time!

2) Start Small but Aim for the Sky.
The thing about fitness goals is everyone wants to achieve them fast. With one big goal in mind, it can get overwhelming and frustrating. Try breaking down the goal into smaller, actionable steps. To achieve 100 body crunches, try starting with 20 and slowly working the number up to 50. Add more with each week, as you feel your abdominal muscles respond, and celebrate when you reach your goal!
Belly fat is a notoriously stubborn fat to lose and an unsightly bulge around your middle area can only add to your body consciousness. Take a look at Epi Life Coach’s Body Sculpting program. It is a high impact program designed to sculpt specific upper and lower body areas, including your midriff. It is packed with instructional videos on how to do proper burpees, crunches and lunges. With over 30 videos, you will have amazing workout routines to choose from.

 Every body is unique, and every physical body will respond differently to different physical exercises.

3) Eat well and eat right.
This may seem like the easiest habit to have, but with today’s hectic lifestyle, it is not easy to eat right. Eating right means consuming the right types of food for your body, food that nourishes you and provides wellness benefits to your body. Functional foods are named as such because they provide an additional functional ingredient, usually probiotics, prebiotics, plant stenol or fortified with vitamins and minerals. Know your body and eat the right kinds of food that will double up your fitness results.

4) Have Good Taste in Music.
Your fitness workout may be repetitive, but it need not be boring. Tune into to good music and improve your workout experience. Working out to music can increase your performance, divert your attention from bodily aches, gets you in the zone and level up your fitness efforts.
Choose energetic soundtracks with an upbeat tempo to maintain your workout motivation and make your workout more enjoyable. Epi Life Coach’s fitness programs are set to energetic, lively soundtracks so you maintain your efforts without you noticing it.
After your workout, power down with some relaxing soundtracks to realign your equilibrium, gently stretch your core muscles and relax the body. Check out our store of spa and lounge albums that can accompany your cool down exercises.

5) Understand your body.
It is easy to get distracted by the gradual improvements to your body, or if your fitness results have reached a plateau. Every body is unique, and every physical body will respond differently to different physical exercises. If your body is not responding well to your regular fitness, it could be that this fitness is not the optimum exercise for you now. Understand your epigenetics to know which workout will give you the optimum results so you can achieve peak performance.
With your unique lifestyle and environment, you need a tailored fitness program to help you maintain your fitness levels. Pay attention to your body, listen your epigenetic cues and use these little habits to get the most out of your workouts.

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    • Mirko Francioni says:

      Hello Daniele,
      Thank you for your kind words, well self-motivation is important for the Brain and Body, our body is made to move, if we don’t move enough our body suffers, I know that going to the gym can be hard but what you need to do is just start , sometimes you are too busy, just an excuse, there are enough hours in the day to work so you can spare 45-60 minutes, sometimes you can feel lazy but you should push yourself to do something, I understand that gym sometimes can be boring, the same routine every day so change it, lots of programs around. be active just do any physical activities. If you live in the city, no much green around no problem, maybe instead of doing weight lifting you can do a class or yoga or even your own circuit training program.

      Going to the gym have many benefits even though sometimes you have sore muscles, sore muscle if part of the process, enjoy it, don’t overdo it, keep steady and improve step by step, as many say “no pain no gain”

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