Modern Electro-Radiation Mapping

Modern Electro-Radiation Mapping


The Modern Electro-Radiation Mapping Service

The risk may not be visible to the naked eye, but electromagnetic (EMF) waves can cause serious harm to our wellbeing. Electromagnetic waves are actually a form of energy. Radios, televisions, microwaves and other technology we use in our daily lives, all produce different kinds and degrees of radiation. For instance, the broadcasting radio and television signals operate using non-ionizing radiation, which has little or no unpleasant reaction in the human body. However, ionizing radiation from x-rays, microwaves and other appliances can cause mutations in our DNA, and stimulate cancer cells in our bodies.
These electrical radiation waves can impact epigenetic changes in our bodies. Epigenetics is the study of how and why genes can be switched on or off, leading to different gene expression patterns. The environment you live in, what you eat, where you live, who you hang out with, how you work out – all these can cause your genes to turn on and off over time.
In today’s super connected society, we depend on technology for the simplest of things. From getting our refrigerator to automatically order more milk, to managing daily office tasks from the mobile phone, we live, work and play with technology. So it is impossible to live in an environment of zero EMF radiation.
It makes sense for us to minimize environmental influences that can in adversely affect our epigenetic process. Electromagnetic waves are one such negative influence.

Our Unique Service Can Identify the Existence of Radiation in the Surrounding

The Modern Electro-Radiation Mapping Service helps to identify the existence of radiation in the surrounding living environment. Radiation that is invisible to the naked eye contains extracts of ultraviolet light. By taking three snap shots of your living and work environment and sending them to our dedicated pixilating labs we can transform the images into real time graphics which are returned to you showing the highlighted areas of concern.
Modern Electro-Radiation Mapping is an online service that highlights invisible radiation, making it visible on your pixilated photos, to the naked eye. It is as easy as taking three separate photos and the Modern Electro-Radiation Mapping software will generate a graphic representation of the degree of electromagnetic waves present in the three pictures.

Consultation on the results of the Electro Radiation mapping can lead to Optimum Wellness

Knowledge is king, and taking action on that knowledge is power. By identifying harmful electromagnetic waves in the key environments in our lives, we will be equipped to take proactive steps to improve our wellbeing.
Epi Life Coach’s report will provide guidance on how to minimize the EMF risks on the wellbeing of our family and loved ones. Together with Nutritional Advisory services, fitness programs and meal plans* (coming soon), we can achieve and maintain an optimum wellness lifestyle.

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Mirko is for people who knows him well a true motivator and inspirer. He has been the driving force in projects such as a wellness center in Thailand, a corporate on-line travel agency and membership club with over 120,000 members worldwide. Mirko has created a strong professional reputation as one of the leaders in the hospitality and fitness & recreation industries.

4 thoughts on “Modern Electro-Radiation Mapping

  1. Daniele Pais says:

    It makes me “deeply” think.

    I have recently upgraded my home network by using a new technology called “mesh?”, (or something on those line).
    Anyway, long story short, I have just added 4 wireless boosters in my house so that they can spread the WiFi signal evenly. While they work great for what they do, (spread the signal), I am now concerned on how much radiations I have added to my “daily dose”. I am pretty sure that if I do a scan I will be seeing big patches of yellow and red on most of my house.

    Here is my dilemma. How much is worth a life constantly online?

    I like to listen my music on Spotify, streaming my movies on Netflix, ask Alexa to order my next meal from the local sushi bar. I am not a person against technology, I understand that wireless Internet has become an integral part of our lives, still I wonder if we are also damaging our bodies just for the convenience of a better and more comfortable life?

    History repeats itself over and over again, look for instance at the habit of smoking, 50 years ago it was considered “cool” and it was permitted everywhere. Fast forward to today’s date and it is a completely different thing, we have learned from our mistakes in this occasion but when something new comes out, we as a collective mass, always deep dive without any thought of what we are actually doing to our self.

    • Mirko Francioni says:

      Hi Daniele,

      You should be deeply concern about radiations around you and family, at home or office, unfortunately radiations cannot be seen by the naked eye but is there and is very harmful .

      Many of us don’t realise how damaging the EMF/ELF waves or radiations can be and what can do to your body .

      Everyday we spend hours and hours on the phone, in front of the computer and we are exposed to radiations, as you mentioned is really worth it? not really!!!

      I believe technology will soon show it self, as matter of fact you can see it already, people get more and more weak, their immune system weaken or in some cases collapse due to the environment they live in, full of radiation or electrical appliances that produce EMF/ELF.

      I believe that education and awareness about our environment and low frequencies will help many, but the words need to be spread to other so many if not all will be mindful on when and how often they use their mobile phones

      thank you for your comment

  2. Franco Nero says:

    I have a feeling that the all world is going towards a complete madness when I think where we are with today technology.

    But, in the other end, this is part of our evolution and I don’t see it stooping anytime soon. Stopping evolution? How can we do that.

    Perhaps we can educate better our children and hope they will prefer a game of ball at the park and with friends instead of spending 4 hours in front of a “radioactive ” playstation shooting other online warriors from the other side of the globe and getting completely absorbed by this so called “virtual reality”.

    But then again, what do we do better, we as parents and adults.
    Aren’t we over the phone constantly? Aren’t we facing a screen for large part of the day? I speak for myself, I am.
    Maybe the only hope we have is to be informed and use all the precautions we can in terms of Electro Magnetic Radiations and have that feeling of pride when we just make the worse look better.

  3. Tito Rabat says:

    Agreed on following:

    – Get enough information
    – Try to limit the dangers / damages
    – Use some good EMF / ELF remedies and gadgets like the ones shown on this page:

    As for the advent of even more radiations and technology. I personally do not think that there is a way this event to grow bigger and bigger.
    Everything we are developing today is going to be “wireless”, or at least most of it. So we have to live with this and do our best to get less exposure as possible.

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