Cardio-fitness exercises

Cardio-fitness exercises

Cardio-fitness exercises give us great benefit to the cardio-respiratory system, improve cardiopulmonary function, stimulate good blood circulation and make us fell good!

It can be said, therefore, that the practice of cardio fitness activities constantly improves the state of health, brings great benefits to the athletic condition, to the aesthetic aspect, and to the mood.

To derive the expected efficacy from cardio fitness and obtain optimal results, the workout must last at least 30 minutes which can be gradually increased up to one hour for three weekly workouts.

From an athletic point of view, cardio fitness sessions improve aerobic capacity and power with beneficial effects on cardiopulmonary function.

The most striking feature of this type of workout is that it tends to derive energy mainly from storage fats. By taking advantage of the aerobic energy mechanism, the body decreases the use of glycogen in favor of the consumption of adipocyte fat.

The most common outdoor cardio fitness workouts are cycling and running; indoors you use the exercise bikes, the treadmill, the elliptical, the stepper, etc .

Carrying out this kind of activity, in addition to improving the heart function as mentioned above, improves fatigue resistance, effectively fights the stress of everyday life, increases mood and thus triggers a virtuous cycle that has great positive effects on the self-esteem, because, practiced with the right constancy, it also improves the appearance.

For those looking for weight loss while having fun, there are other fitness-aerobic activities that are no less effective and probably more fun because they are carried out in groups and in time with music such as Spinning, Fitboxe, Step and Body Workout in all their variations.

10 thoughts on “Cardio-fitness exercises

  1. Kelis Mustafa says:

    Improve the cardiorespiratory system, thus bringing numerous benefits to the heart and lungs.

  2. Robin Cantrell says:

    @Elara Farmer Yours seems to me a bit of a rhetorical question. This article is concise and explains just that. Maybe you should read thoroughly?

  3. Alysha Kramer says:

    The results of cardio training, if done consistently, are truly amazing: in an hour you can even burn more than 600 calories.

  4. Rosemary Mayer says:

    I do it three times a week with the treadmill, it allows me to vary my training with different speeds and slopes, doing a quick walk or a real run.

  5. Callie Ingram says:

    Even the exercise bike can have different variants. You can set it on different levels of difficulty or endurance, depending on your goals.

  6. Zoe Harris says:

    The backrest can help make the use of the exercise bike much more comfortable and practical even for those suffering from back pain or other health problems.

  7. Payton Griffin says:

    Although exercise bikes are often home fitness equipment and are also used by those who approach regular training for the first time, they must still be of good quality. It is therefore important to choose exercise bikes made of excellent quality materials, in this way the exercise bike will surely last longer and have a better performance over time.

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