Electromagnetic Pollution and the Human Body

Electromagnetic Pollution and the Human Body


To understand the influence of electrosmog (ES) on the human body, you need to know how the electromagnetic system of the body works.

The first information to provide you is that the DNA of each body cell, bearing the genetic code, is also a powerful transceiver system.
Thanks to this transceiver system, each cell of the body connects with the other, coordinating each other’s activities since fetal development. Each cell has the same code as the other, but it only activates the part for its specific function.
The billions of cells that make up the body take on different tasks by only activating the relevant part of them. Different tissues such as nervous, liver, splenic, lymphatic, hematological, connective, renal, intestinal, etc. are made up of cells having the same code but with a different partial activation of it.
Every second in the body die ten million cells and as a result, every other cells in the body must reproduce and activate another ten million cells in the same proportions. If this extraordinary mechanism does not work 100%, inevitably we encounter sickness, old age, death. This is possible only with complex coordination and mutual information of every part of the body, only achievable by the transmission of fast electromagnetic signals such as light (300000Km / s), exchanged between all body cells, instantly informed at the moment of the needs of the ‘body set. The velocity of the transmission of blood signal from hormone signals, immune, enzymatic occurs at a maximum of about 10 Km / hr, the transmission via nervous cable can reach up to ten times as much (100 Km / h), however this are inadequate speeds to ensure practically instantaneous adjustments of body activities.
In the early years of the 20th century, Russian biologist Gurwitsch discovered that irradiating cell cultures, with a certain wavelength of the ultraviolet field, these increased cells reproduction speed.
These studies were resumed by the Italian physician Gentile, and subsequently by many European researchers, bringing new confirmations to the assertion that cells could be specifically influenced by artificially produced radiation or by radiation from other cells.
But the outbreak of World War II erased the remembrance of those first exciting excerpts and the tough conflict-related necessities prevailed in surgery, emergency medicine, antibiotic therapy and drug-based medicine synthesis, useful as life-saving.


Negative impact of electromagnetic fields

Short-term effects
Studies have shown that high-intensity electromagnetic field exposures can produce a thermal effect in humans, that is, body heating, or its exposed radiation, which follows the absorption of electromagnetic energy. The effects found are numerous and confirm the health hazard. An example is the exposures that are subject to mobile phone users who radiate very high value fields during the conversation.

Long-term effects
Biological effects are also linked to long exposures to very low intensity fields. Extended exposures, which are conventionally determined for at least 4 hours, favor a non-thermal effect.

This effect is probably due to the interaction between the electro-chemical messages of the whole body and the electromagnetic waves. Even at very low intensity the electromagnetic fields would act as small stresses which, if repeated over time, cause biological damage.


Competition among operators in the telecommunications market has led to many competing networks in many countries, as well as a proliferation of the number of antennas and the impact in terms of electrosmog.
This model is less efficient than the construction of a few plants and infrastructures shared by the various operators, in terms of consumer costs, environmental and landscape impacts, health effects, and broadband coverage. Because of this “competition” we find many networks of which not even one covers entirely the territory were we live in.
Signals from plants of equal power and frequency and close proximity are likely to create interference, darken each other and lead to the use of increasing transmission powers. Such a problem get even worse in countries with unregulated or voluntarily mis-regulated broadcasting of radio, local TV and transceiver radio stations where entire networks are more or less illegally operated by private citizens.


The Survival Kit

In the House


In the house is worth the rule of a distance of one meter:

  • keep electrical appliances (answering machines, radio alarms, etc.) at least one meter away from the bed (or use battery cells).
  • Do not sleep under a lighted-on thermal blanket.
  • Teach  children to stay at least one meter from the screen of the TV in operation (even for video games).
  • Avoid sitting behind the TV even when there is a wall in between, (the field is higher in the back and side of the TV).
  • Keep children away from electric ovens and irons in operation.
  • Use the blade instead of the electric razor.
  • Use the hair dryer as far as possible from the hair (in summer dry them naturally).
  • Keep a distance of at least one and a half feet away from portable electric radiators.
  • Try to minimize the running times of household appliances such as mixers, toasters, blenders, etc.
  • Keep the so-called babyphone at a distance of at least one meter from the head of the baby.
  • Some models of aerosol appliances emit a high field, try to maximize distance using the longest air tube.
  • Do not place the bed near a wall that borders on an electrical cabinet (where there is the main switch).
  • In the bedroom it is better if the electric wires do not pass behind the head of the bed.
  • Keep one meter away from the screen of any monitor; avoid being on the sides or behind it (the field is bigger).
  • Use electrical appliances with caution: for example, switch on the printer only to use it.
  • Always turn off the electronic devices when not in use (including the TV light).
  • Stay at least half a meter away from hi-fi systems and limit the use of headphones.
  • Do not work with the laptop on your legs.
  • Use a data cable rather than wi-fi for a large volume of traffic in your home network.
  • Use Anti-ES Clothing if you live in an environment with a heavy electromagnetic footprint, specially if you are pregnant.

Outside the House


keep children away from electric powerpoint booths, power plants or large size power lines, antennas for mobile telephony, radar, radio or TV repeaters.
If you take the kids at the park avoid those in the proximity of all the above sources of electromagnetic fields.

Your phone severely harms your health:

  • Avoid long interviews over the phone.
  • Possibly do not use it inside the car (use the handsfree).
  • Turn off the cellphone at night.
  • If your occupation requires a constant contact with electronic devices use a anti e-smog Lab Coat to alleviate the RF radiations.
  • People with cardiac stimulants or other electronic devices should maintain a safety distance of at least 30 cm from the cell.

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11 thoughts on “Electromagnetic Pollution and the Human Body

  1. Mattew Cox says:

    “keep electrical appliances (answering machines, radio alarms, etc.) at least one meter away from the bed (or use battery cells).”

    And more importantly mobile phones, turn them off and possibly leave them away from the bedroom at night.

    • Sarah O'Connor says:

      Correct. It is better not have them on, (despite many of us using the mobile phone as a morning alarm clock), the best would be to have them set into “airplane mode” so that all the cellular functions and radio frequencies are off. This including the Wi-Fi and bluetooth hardware.

  2. Michael J. Gines says:

    I would also suggest people to not use blow dryer in eccess. Research has found that can cause heat damage not only to hair but to the cells too.

    • Sarah O'Connor says:

      There is a great debate online about the use of hair dryers an their negative effects into our body cells. Personally speaking I haven’t found much of a real proof that these are as bad as they are pictured in many blogs today. I am sure there is definitely a case of heat damaging to hair when used for too long and too close. However, if used properly, (dry hair with a towel first and then with hairdryer set to the lowest heat point, keeping the dryer at least 7 inches from your hair), then there is neither risk to damage your hair nor your cortex or cells.

  3. Andrew Chang says:

    Human exposure to radiofrequency radiation has increased dramatically during recent years from widespread use of mobile phones. If radiofrequency radiation has a carcinogenic effect, the exposure poses an important public health problem.

    • Sarah O'Connor says:

      The possible effects on human health of exposure to radio frequency and microwave
      radiations are of public concern near the locations of radio and television transmitters, mobile base stations, wireless networks and the like. It has been the utmost concern to investigate the non-ionizing radiation levels that result from these sources and their effects on humans.
      Several studies have been initiated all over the world to determine the safe levels of exposure to RFR (Radio Frequency Radiation) for occupational workers and general public. Several guidelines and standards have been issued by ANSI/IEEE, ICNIRP, NCRP, and other

  4. TBrewer says:

    Teach children to stay at least one meter from the screen of the TV in operation (even for video games)

    This seems very improbable, kids and teens aren’t going to give-up their screens so easily, actually, we as adults, are the one who create new trends that are the opposite of what we preach out loud to them.

    How about VR..? Yeah right, that thing.

    In essence is a screen that we stick to our faces almost in direct contact to our eyes. Not to mention that the latest models have also Bluetooth and a wireless receiver. Right on our head.

    • Sarah O'Connor says:

      Hi Theo, your comment comes in a very appropriate time. I have just recently read an article published from the American Academy Of Ophthalmology in which the writer ask the same question.
      “Are Virtual Reality Headsets Safe for Eyes?”
      The answer is; probably not. This might as well be the reason why most of the VR units sold worldwide have age restriction warnings. However, the age restriction could also have been applied from the manufacturers for other reasons not directly related to protect young players from eye fatigue, dizziness, strain or anything like that. It could have been done to actually prevent them from accessing content that is already restricted in online game stream platforms or other media download type websites.
      We are still on early ages of development for this new technology, despite the general “unofficial” acknowledgment that it may cause fatigue and other related issues to our body, there is not much research done on the “side-effects” it might cause, therefore, we can’t say for sure it will.

  5. Vittorio Alsace says:

    I live near a massive cellular broadcasting tower and have developed sleeping disturbances, when talking with a neighbor I have found out he is having the same issues. We are investigating the possibilities but is a difficult task as our houses were developed after the tower was built and the local town office has found no irregularities with the way the tower and its services are managed. In town we are now seen as the “conspiracy theorists”, personally I do not care much of that, I still believe that something isn’t right as our neighbor has also noticed a different behavior on his dogs.

    • Sarah O'Connor says:

      Humanity has always been immersed in a natural electromagnetic field produced by the electromagnetic waves of the sun, of the stars, by meteorological phenomena and also by the subsoil. The earth itself generates an electromagnetic field that interacts with the sky (ionosphere) equal to 130 V / m constant for millions of years, the engine of all the cellular and molecular processes of man.

      However, in recent years the sources of artificial electromagnetism have been added, produced by instruments and installations that operate on electric or battery power.

      These devices, in fact, produce electric and magnetic fields that propagate in space in the form of electromagnetic waves. What is questionable is how can human evolution, after 50,000 years of slow development growth, adapt to a new electromagnetic field that, especially in cities, has increased more than 100,000 times in just fifty years?

      And the problem is also that we are subjected to frequencies of electromagnetic waves that our body has never suffered in the past such as mobile phones that now have reached 2200 MHz, closer to the fateful 2450 MHz (used in common ovens microwaves …), corresponding to the heating of water molecules, which randomly make up 80% of our body.

  6. Phoebe Sorenson says:

    The studies and investigations carried out by the Australian Health Research Institute indicate that, due to billions of times greater in terms of the volume of electromagnetic radiation emitted by billions of mobile phones, internet, intranet and wireless communication, data transmission will make almost a third of the world population (about two billion) at risk of ear, eye and brain cancer, as well as other important disorders of the body, such as heart problems, impotence, migraine, epilepsy.

    According to studies, children’s body tissues are delicate and may be more susceptible to damage due to the use of gadgets and wireless devices and should not be encouraged to use the mobile phone.

    The fatal and volumetric effects of electromagnetic radiation are mainly emitted by mobile telephony, telephony antennas, towers, trees, transmission towers, microwave ovens, wireless devices, systems and equipment.

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