Electrosmog and its Impact on Today’s Society

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In a world where we are already plagued by environmental issues like global warming, air, and water pollution; it is quite easy to neglect other underlying environmental dangers. One such issue that is increasing in both magnitude and impact with each passing day is Electrosmog. It is an issue that has stirred up a buzz as of late but there are still people and places who have never heard of it. What exactly is electrosmog? Well, as we know that smog is a word that is a combination of smoke and fog which is used to define air pollution resulting from thick exhaust fumes. These fumes could be emitted from industries or metropolitan areas.

Electrosmog or uncommonly referred to as electromagnetic smog is referred to as the artificially generated electromagnetic fields which disrupt both the physical and the mental health of the society. Electrosmog is basically non-ionizing radiation and bears the same ill-effects of other kinds of radiation. So, what causes smog? Well, the increase in electromagnetic activity from advancements in the digital age. The expansion of electrical networks and the stark increase in the number of cordless cellphones. Other cellular fields such as WiFi and Bluetooth also contribute to electrosmog exposure as well.

With that understood, we move on what the effects and impacts of electrosmog are in today’s society. Many medical specialists have considered the effects of mobile and wireless communication devices on the health of humans and they have noted the following symptoms commonly caused by electromagnetic radiation.

  • Sleep problems
  • The weakening of the immune system
  • Mental stress and strain
  • Lack of concentration

There were other symptoms observed too that included hair loss, long and severe headaches, temporary loss of memory, insomnia and often dizziness as well. Some individuals might even have a rare condition called electrosensitivity (ES) where they start exhibiting these symptoms as soon as they come in contact with an electromagnetic field. Reports of these incidents quickly grew and a lot of people started to notice this about themselves.

The most common complaint that was registered was physical irritation which is because of the fact that the human body also has an electromagnetic field and the interference caused to it results in strain. Another ill-effect of EMFs is that they disrupt the production of hormones essential to the human body’s immune system resulting in a gradual withdrawal of health. Studies have shown that in the presence of electrosmog in one’s bedroom, a decrease in melatonin can be observed. The electromagnetic frequencies also interfere with the frequency of the human brain leading to a lack of sleep and also slight mental irritation as well.

Electrosmog is one of the elusive types of pollution because it is something that cannot be seen and its effects manifest over a period of time. It is often too late when individuals start to observe that they experience certain mental and physical symptoms in the presence of electronic devices. In today’s society, when things are SMART homes are becoming common, almost everything is contributing to the collection and expansion of electrosmog in an area.

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