Gain energy with food

Gain energy with food


What are the foods that more than others can give us energy to deal with daily and even sports fatigue?

It helps to our daily sports and training sessions to discover which foods help us to gain energy to spend then in our usual activities.

To begin with you will perhaps be surprised to discover that in the first place there are in particular certain seafood such as mussels, clams, oysters, cockles and so on.

They are low in fat and high in protein but above all they are rich in iron and zinc, very useful in the metabolic process.

Spirulina follows closely, an alga whose exceptional properties are already known in many respects. It is a seaweed with a particular blue color very rich in vitamin B12 that prevents anemia and improves the health of the nervous system.

The same vitamin is found in the liver, other marine algae, meat, fish and dairy products. It is invaluable for our well-being.

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Furthermore, the properties of boiled potatoes are not unknown to those who practice sports, as they provide slow assimilation carbohydrates together with vegetable proteins, vitamins B and C, fiber, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and potassium, which helps to regulate hydration levels.

All foods rich in folic acid such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, lentils, spinach and many other dark green leafy vegetables are also very important for the body.

Finally, the positive qualities of bitter chocolate, capable of influencing the levels of serotonin that regulates mood and sleep, and of licorice, which stimulates energy but which should not be abused, are also to be considered.

11 thoughts on “Gain energy with food

  1. Nate Jaramillo says:

    Bananas for breakfast in a smoothie with almonds or hazelnuts, 1 tablespoon of cocoa, water or vegetable milk for a boost of energy

  2. Shannon Sanford says:

    To get rid of tiredness and start the day right, it’s recommended having a breakfast with foods that give your body energy. Among them, for example, there are eggs, very rich in vitamin B. The latter transform food into energy that the human body can use during the day.

  3. Mindy Cortez says:

    Natural peanut butter, with no added sugar, is rich in healthy fats that can stimulate your digestive system and give you strength. Even almonds, walnuts and dried fruit in general are energetic foods, because they are rich in protein, able to keep you active even when you are exhausted.

  4. Coby Vincent says:

    Sometimes you can find the natural peanut butter at your local pharmacy in the department dedicated to food supplements, but the price is definitely not convenient.

  5. Shana Dupont says:

    To answer Rayhaan Timms it means organic quality from ecological and sustainable agriculture. Without artificial additives, dyes or aromas.

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