How To Avoid And Overcome Injuries From Yoga

How To Avoid And Overcome Injuries From Yoga


Yoga is considered to be a healing practice. Yoga can do a lot of good for your overall health. It reduces stress effectively, it greatly improves your flexibility and helps blood circulation, creates stronger muscles and therefore strengthens the body and encourages you to try out new things that will help improve your self-confidence.

However, as with any sport, yoga can cause serious injury. Somehow, yoga is more likely to cause injuries than other sports because of its unique nature. The yoga injuries that are usually treated in emergency rooms include but not limited to overstretched muscles and strain from repetition of exercises in areas of the neck, knees, legs, spine, and shoulders.

The main reason why yoga students end up getting hurt during training is that they put pressure on themselves. It is assumed that yoga has to do with one’s self and improving the mind of an individual. But as the popularity of yoga seems to grow, so do the number of yoga students who do yoga in the wrong way is increasing, and this results in many injuries. Below, we will check out how you can avoid and overcome Yoga injuries.

Always start small

It is common to see new beginners practicing advanced yoga poses, which is incorrect. To avoid injury, you should start with simple poses, and then, when you’re used to the basics, you can decide to try out advanced positions. For example, you can start with just raising your hands, and trying to do balancing before going to a more complex pose.

Know your limits

Know your strength and weakness while doing yoga. Some people like to work extremely, to extend the boundaries of their body. Expanding your boundaries requires constant practice and time. Injuries take a lot more time and can make you lose a lot of the strength and flexibility you’ve gained over time. You can also take your time and get consistent and measurable results and make your dreams come true. On the other hand, you can also lose all that you have worked for when you work at extreme and don’t know your limits.

Know your limits in yoga

Study your alignment

Yoga is something that’s personal. Yoga positions do not possess alignment, but people do. If you do not do your alignment properly, the same pose and position that’s perfect for you may not be accurate for another person. However, some people may have restrictions in their muscles and joints. It can also be emotional or mental restrictions. All this needs to be considered carefully.

Study your yoga alignment

Train with a professional

You must avoid yoga training without the appropriate instructor. It is important to consider working with an experienced yoga instructor who has a certificate from the appropriate authorities. A good instructor will be able to train you properly in order to avoid injuries.

Train yoga with a professional

Practice with a sticky yoga mat

During yoga class, depending on the type of class, there may be sweating. And if you’re not using a sticky mat, once sweats drop on the mat, you may fall. It is easy to lose posture (hands or feet) on slippery surfaces. So it’s important you use a sticky yoga mat always.

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2 thoughts on “How To Avoid And Overcome Injuries From Yoga

  1. Maria Pia Setta says:

    When I first approached yoga I knew absolutely nothing about this discipline, and the only real expectation I had was that it would help me recover from an annoying backache I suffered from, caused by a posture incorrect and frequent falls that I suffered in snowboarding.
    Then, with time and study, I realized that not only did yoga help me regain my physical form, but it also guided me in the important moments of my life, giving direction to my dreams, and helping to make me feel free and in harmony with what surrounds me.

  2. Alberto Mendoza says:

    From my experience, about the yoga posture…
    With a good perceptive ability it is possible to realize how the body is used. As we sit, standing, as we descend from the car, how we climb the stairs, how we walk, in what position we are when we brush our teeth, etc. Before starting to modify the possible incorrect postural attitudes it is necessary to learn to observe our body, the movements that we usually do, the postures that we commonly adopt.

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