How to Keep Going When You Feel Like You Have Failed

how to keep going when you feel like you have failed 28122020

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What is determination? Determination usually stems from within; it is not just a characteristic of the person or of some external cause. Determination, perseverance, and persistence are all positive qualities that need to be present in order for an individual to succeed in any endeavor, irrespective of what that endeavor might be.

Determination is a very important characteristic of persons who want to succeed at anything. If you are determined to quit smoking, chances are very high that you will quit. Just think about those people who have been smokers all their lives and have succeeded. You will find a few of them who did so without the support of any external help and others who succeeded because of the support of friends and family. Determination can help you achieve your goal whether it is to quit or to succeed in something.

Perseverance is another very important quality of determination. Perseverance in the face of obstacles is another way of saying that you will persevere. Obstacles in life usually make us want to quit but if we are determined to persevere, we will face the obstacles and make our way to success. The greatest lesson that we can learn is perseverance. Those who have persevered are the ones who have achieved their goals.

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Self-confidence is another important quality of determination. Self-confidence is the faith in your ability and the courage to face any obstacles. If you lack self-confidence, you will easily give up. The reason why some people fail and some succeed is because they lack self-confidence. The only solution to this problem is to build self-confidence and persevere.

Emotionally, determination is also built with the help of appraisal theory. Appraisal theory states that your determination is built based on your past experiences. According to appraisal theory, the most effective way to determine your future determination is based on your past experiences. Based on a research upon experienced coach of athletes, it is reported that those athletes who have won big prizes in their past years of a professional career have a high tendency of being determined and bold in the future. This is because they are building a positive emotion from their past experiences.

To summarize, you should always keep in mind that your success does not rely on anything else, but on your own decision. If you don’t have self-confidence, you should consider giving it a try. If you have a low self-esteem, you should consider giving yourself an appraisal on how you failed and give yourself tips so that you will not be afraid of failing again in the future. If you feel that your past experiences caused you a failure, the only thing you have to do is learn from it and move on.

Determine your path for success and persevere.

10 thoughts on “How to Keep Going When You Feel Like You Have Failed

  1. Aida Kirkpatrick says:

    It must be said that passion is also very important. Passion is that force that can drag you out of any fixed pattern of thought or limiting actions.

  2. Anya Anthony says:

    Passion and determination are the triggering cause, the driving force, which pushes you to achieve one or more goals.

  3. Lucille Petersen says:

    Passion, however, must be accompanied by “hunger”, that is, the true desire to accept the challenge of conquering your peaks. The hunger that induces the need for concrete, strong and incisive action.

  4. Chace Dodd says:

    I would add courage. That force that can break the chains that prevent you from starting a challenge. It is accepting the risks that each new action towards a concrete goal entails.

  5. Asia Willis says:

    The chains are our fears, our doubts, the uncertainty of embarking on a journey that will lead us to confront ourselves, with external forces, with the need to adapt to new contexts and find solutions.

  6. Ozan Cameron says:

    The initiative also fits us well in context. The initiative is the trigger of determination, the driving force that, having accepted the challenge and its risks (courage), pushes us to real action.

  7. Merlin Wallace says:

    And this is the critical phase, starting, gathering all our energies, rejecting that temptation to bask in the routine, in the security of our standardized models of daily life that satisfy us only in appearance.

  8. Keavy Guy says:

    Why not resilience? it is the ability to react in the face of external and internal adversities that may affect the achievement of a goal. It is not a force, similar to courage, but rather a chameleon-like behavior, an adaptive attitude, to circumstances and events that stand between us and our peaks: criticism, doubts, accidents along the way, a feeling of loss, discouragement.

  9. Henley Chase says:

    Since we mentioned all of them, I would add tenacity. Tenacity is linked to perseverance, to the constancy we were talking about earlier. It is the ability to stay focused on a goal. Feeling imbued with the value and importance of one’s mission (understood as a goal or challenge).

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