Lomi Lomi Nui – Hawaiian Massage

Lomi Lomi Nui - Hawaiian Massage

Hawaiian massage acts on the body bringing benefits to the lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory, digestive and muscle systems

The rhythmic and gentle flow of ocean waves; the natural harmony of pristine paradises; the hypnotic sensuality of traditional dance, Hula; the strong and firm grace of local martial arts, Lua: everything in Hawaii, speaks of harmony between body and spirit, energy and matter. It is certainly no surprise to discover that this fascinating people, so perfectly in symbiosis with nature and every living being, have since ancient times developed a massage technique aimed at bringing relaxation, harmony and love.

For some years now, even in the West the ancient wisdom of the Kahuna has arrived, the masters of this art, who have spread the practice of Lomi Lomi, in Hawaiian, simply “massage”, also called massage of the soul or ” loving hands massage “. And it’s easy to understand why. The Lomi Lomi can be performed by one or two people, and mainly uses the hands and forearms.

Through a series of long and rhythmic movements, it relaxes the muscles and loosens the joints, resulting both relaxing but also toning, and excellent for circulation. But above all it aims to restore a balance between body and spirit, giving serenity and love to the person treated with massage. Love is the key word, both of the Aloha Spirit and of the massage, which is inspired by the Huna philosophy.


Lomi Lomi Nui in the past was considered almost a sacred ritual, and it was both a healing technique and a ritual that accompanied phases of transition in life.
Although based mainly on the movements to be performed, with rhythm and sweetness, with hands and forearms, it could differ depending on who practiced it. In fact, the techniques were handed down from family to family, studied and modified by the Kahuna, the masters, and therefore each nucleus could perform a slightly different variant from that of another “school”.

The massage expressed respect and love for all living beings, and tune with the creation and spirit of Aloha. Following the belief that no one could live happily in a tense body, the masseurs released muscular tensions also aiming to bring serenity to the soul, and accompanying each session with Hawaiian songs and music.

It is only very recently that the Kahuna decided to teach their secrets to a wide circle of acolytes, in fact allowing the spread of massage in the United States and then in the rest of the world.

The technique

The massage is performed by one or two people, who perform particular slow, thorough rhythmic movements with hands and forearms. The movements are often accompanied by the use of particular oils and essences, and the background of local music and rhythms.

The four fundamental elements on which this technique is based are the breath, the dance, the touch and the music. The colors and the “presence-absence” of the ocean are also important: all movements are inspired by the cyclicity and the grace of the waves.

The treatment starts from behind the head, continues along the back, continues in the arms, hands, legs and feet, and then resumes on the front of the body.
Hot stones are often applied before the massage on the body of the person who is about to receive the treatment, to promote relaxation.


Hawaiian massage acts on the body bringing benefits to the lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory, digestive and muscle systems. Particular attention is paid to the treatment of joints.

On the mental and spiritual level, the Lomi Lomi guarantees relaxation, acting on the nervous system, and aims to act as a bridge between body and spirit.

It would also be indicated to combat depression, stress and possible trauma.

The Huna philosophy

The massage is based on the two axioms Huna, the philosophy of Hawaiian life: everything is in search of harmony, everything is looking for love. This is one of the reasons why massage is also called Loving Hands: the therapist must try a sincere transport towards the person who is treating and moving on his body gently, transmitting love.

Every cell in the body must be affected by this massage, because the theory is that the memory of an individual does not reside only in the head, in the brain, but in every single cell. Each negative event can block the flow of energy that flows into the body, between cells, and cause muscle tension and disturbances of various kinds.

For Hawaiians the concept of energy flow is essential, and massage must re-establish the interrupted or slowed flow, since body and spirit are perfectly bound and everything that affects one part of the person also affects the other.

The importance of energy also explains why, during the massage, the therapist dances the Hula and accompanies with the rhythms typical of the places of origin of this practice: proper breathing and Hula movements help to restore a high flow of energy .

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