Preventing Pandemic with Technology

Preventing Pandemic with Technology

In these times it is not easy to stay on the sidelines and not think about what is happening around us in every corner of the world. In this article, however, we do not want to talk about data and figures on the damage caused by this new Covid19 virus but rather about how much today’s technology and those at the top of the global companies that manage it (and supply it to the masses for the most) are changing and are orienting their efforts in such directions as to create new security systems to safeguard the physical integrity of mankind.

Today’s topic are infrared cameras that are used to detect the body temperature of individuals

These are similar to normal cameras but have an additional function that is used for detecting the body temperature of individuals in areas where there is a continuous passage or where there are high concentrations of individuals from different geographical locations. These individuals could be carriers of viruses or infections that, if not isolated immediately, would create situations of general discomfort such as those we have seen recently in countries where the Covid19 pandemic has spread like wildfire.

The importance of measuring body temperature without contact with the patient

Measuring body temperature is the easiest way to identify people who could be infected with a virus of this kind, but traditional thermometers have a big handicap:

  • The measurement time of at least 3 minutes per patient which makes the control procedure inefficient.
  • Contact with the patient who needs a disposable thermometer: Who would have their temperature measured with a thermometer that has previously been used on another person?

To remedy this problem and be faster, especially airports, they have started using infrared thermometers which allow faster and contactless measurement.

Infrared cameras, also called thermal scanners, are used to identify people with suspected fever. With it you can scan one person at the time, but also a large crowd. Therefore, it becomes a useful tool for investigation in densely populated places.

Thermal scanners are mainly applicable to:

Passenger entrances and exits at national and international airports, passenger arrivals and departures on cruise ships, international terminals, body temperature at road junctions, entrances to ports, areas of passenger passageways, hospitalization rooms, rapid screening of the temperature of employees in large factories, disease prevention in schools, public buildings and so on.

For now, in all the countries affected by pandemics, among the control activities adopted, the measurement of body temperature was the most immediate to understand who the passengers are in a potential feverish state, and to act promptly in isolating these clusters of viruses to minimize the catastrophic effects that a virus of this kind can do when left to act wildly.

Why is it necessary to perform a temperature control test?

As human mobility increases, the virus does not remain at the source of the infection. Whether it’s Ebola, SARS, swine flu or Corona virus, nobody can imagine the consequences of the rapid spread of infectious diseases. That is why border control is needed. But control must not operate only at the borders. Nowadays we live in conglomerates of huge cities and unified urban centers where millions of people are continuously active and doing the most diverse jobs, they need to travel by train or subway or use a bus to go to work, in short, well-being and development has meant that huge superpopulated cities are constantly active with thousands of people who meet or cross paths even if for just one minute. That minute at the train stop, or that one spent in the elevator with another dozen people like us, could have dramatic effects in spreading a virus if there were no measures to prevent it.

8 thoughts on “Preventing Pandemic with Technology

  1. Anne Alston says:

    This technology is not new, thermography has become one of the most valid diagnostic methods for carrying out preventive maintenance. Given its peculiarity of discovering anomalies not visible to the human eye.

  2. Ana Lang says:

    Thermal imaging cameras have now become compact systems very similar to a normal video or photo camera.

  3. Cloe Mcclure says:

    Many companies all over the world have discovered the advantages of thermal imaging cameras and have included them in their preventive maintenance.

  4. Rodney Mcnamara says:

    Stop to digital thermometers, from this pandemic onwards every country should take the body temperature measurement of all employees and visitors through a thermoscanner. It’s the easies and most obvious way forward.

  5. Portia Johnson says:

    Note that in hospitals (or at least in many of them) thermography is actively used not only for primary diagnosis, but also to monitor the course of diseases.

  6. Keeva Burns says:

    Often with the help of this special cameras it is possible to quickly verify the effectiveness of the treatment of inflammatory processes of different localization. Thermography is also used to evaluate the effectiveness of vascular bypass surgery.

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