Staying Active with an Office Job

Staying Active with an Office Job

If you spend most of your time at a work desk, you might have a high-risk job. This may seem strange to you but sitting in one position, stuck to an office desk, can really affect your health.

It seems that many of us get glued to our office for about 8-10 hours a day. This can be very harmful to our bodies and our minds also. What we do in office most time is exercise our hands while we are busy on the keyboard each day. Sitting all day at work desk can cause brain hibernation. We need to engage in activity to keep our blood flowing and make us active. Below, we will be discussing the top tips for staying active at an office job.

Stairs are an added advantage

If you’re working in an office with stairs, then it’s good you use them instead of taking the lift at work. Up and down movement in stairs will help increase your heart rate and circulate blood together. This prevents you from getting tired easily, boost your thinking ability and decision making. Also, it prevents you from idleness in the office.

Take a walk when it’s lunchtime

Outdoor walking helps reduce cortisol level, which is the stress hormone that can add some inches to your waistline and expose you to the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. When you take a walk during lunch time, you will find out that instead of feeling sleepy because you ate much during lunch, you will feel rejuvenated and prepared to face the rest of the challenges of the day.

Set alarms for a reminder

Set a reminder on your desk that reminds you how often you need to get up and stretch your body. In addition, it also helps in keeping blood flow and will make you get an improved productivity throughout the day. It is important you stretch your body every one hour and 30 minutes.

Be comfortable

Seating all day in front of a computer can be hard on your body, mostly on your posture. So, create a space in your office where you can sometimes stand while working on your computer.

Always drink water

You might think this is just a simple point that everyone knows, but drinking water and keeping your body hydrated helps maintain an active brain and regenerates the skin. Try drinking 4 to 6 glasses of water each day and have a bottle of water on your desk that you can regularly drink from.

Take healthy snacks

Take along with you a small selection of healthy snacks to your office on a busy day when you do not have the opportunity to eat lunch. This will also reduce your chances of taking sugary substances.

Involve your colleagues

Organize a group walk at noon with your colleagues. You are not the only one in this situation, and you can be surrounded by people who are ready to put their walking shoes on and involve in regular exercise. Everyone can be encouraged to stay in shape and maintain health, and this can improve office friendship.

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7 thoughts on “Staying Active with an Office Job

  1. Ursula Theiss says:

    Nice article although I would have to verify your source for 4 to 6 glasses? I’ve read in some sources that it’s 8-10 glasses? I would assume that drinking more water wouldn’t have a bad effect anyhow! I am a big believer of water therapy, meaning you drink water instead of those carbonated drinks found in the office vending machine.

  2. Julien Asselin says:

    Proud to say that I’ve been on a road to improving my lifestyle, I work a 9-5 and even sometimes a 9 to 9 on really busy days so it’s a challenge to remind yourself to eat good food and do a bit of exercise here and there. I think though that if you will it, you’re gonna do so. I hope more people would be more informed on stuff like this.

  3. Mimir C. Eriksen says:

    I love that last bit you placed right there, it’s a good idea to go at it with others. And right on with the possibility of improving the office friendship. I know some organizations that include a “ice breaker” exercise of some sort where everyone dedicates 15 minutes to just stand up, move or dance! This is a great idea as it encourages everyone to get a bit of sweat on and be physical.

  4. Henrtst says:

    I keep a few bottles of water around me at work. I like to take a run with my coworker around the parks three days during the week. It’s good to involve your coworkers makes it more enjoyable

  5. Gemma Monaldo says:

    With the rising health problems due to physical inactivity or obesity, I think it’s great that you were able to put this article out. The tips are very practical and if followed would contribute to a better you. Looking forward to reading more posts on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle!

  6. Jeffkspears says:

    I usually take my lunch at my seat and right back to work, I will have to make time for an alarm afternoon

  7. DennG says:

    This is a wonderful and relevant article. A 9 to 5 is so restricting, it causes decrease in blood flow. A healthy snack is good to have along with water and exercises. Awesome advice.

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