Thermal baths as therapeutic remedy

Thermal baths as therapeutic remedy

The use of a thermal bath as therapeutic remedy dates back to ancient times, but only in the last century the medical hydrology has assumed a character and a dignity of science, which even with varying fortunes, seems to have still much to say today, in particular in the rehabilitation field.

The “richness” of a thermal complex arises from the exploitation of water: in many establishments the bromo-iodic salt water flows after a long path in depth, at temperatures between 65 ° and 87 °. Its use for curative purposes includes treatments such as mud therapy, balneotherapy, hydro-kinesitherapy and inhalation treatments.

What are the peculiarities that the rehabilitative intervention performed within the thermal structures can assume, taking into account that the most frequent pathologies concern the rheumatic diseases (or the chronic-degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system)?

The increase in the average life expectancy and the related functional changes represented an evolutionary thrust to the appearance of “wear disorders”; if it is true that osteoarthritis can not be considered directly related to aging, it is also true that it prefers the most advanced age groups, undermining the functional capacities of the affected subjects and their autonomy.

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The physical inactivity that polyarthtotrosis induces represents a risk factor for many other pathological conditions; the physical decline of sedentary elderly by lifestyle or pathology induces, in fact, a psychological situation of loss of well-being, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, which can lead to insufficient brain stimulation and its consequent precocious damage.

The rehabilitative process can not ignore these considerations and must necessarily, if directed to the elderly subject, provide in its program specific objectives for the improvement of the pathological joint disease, together with objectives directed to the motivational stimulus to the “movement”.

In recent years, thermal medicine has integrated traditional therapeutic methods with the intervention of physiokinesitherapy, in order to achieve a complete medical moment: preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative.

In this context is inserted hydrokinesitherapy, as a means of therapeutic exercise, in the treatment of patients affected by polyarthritis: if it is true that immobilization can cause irreversible damage, it is also true that an excessive and repeated load is a risk factor for cartilage integrity. In water you can create the best conditions for the programming of real “training” of motor skills even in subjects suffering from osteoarthritis.

Currently many professional run spas include real rehabilitation centers, in which hydrologists, physiatrists, dieticians, psychologists, physiotherapists, massage therapists and specialists in motor sciences work together.

In addition to the treatment of pathological conditions, the objectives of rehabilitation performed in the spa environment also include interventions that could be defined as “psychophysical and behavioral reactivation”.

In fact, the structures that host the baths are particularly suitable for a total involvement of the individual: they are not the illness or the functionality of a single apparatus to be treated, but the subject in its entirety and autonomy.

In conclusion

The environment of the spa stay are designed to stimulate motivational incentives in the patient to know and apply the basic conditions on the “management” of their health: proper lifestyle, healthy and complete nutrition, sufficient physical activity.

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    Always wanted to go the spa because but i always thought It was a was of money but this articles has convinced me that it is not. Thank you for that

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    I brought my mom over to the spa to have a volcanic mud bath there, it was expensive but after her experiencing a peaceful night’s sleep it was worth it

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    In rehabilitation to walk again and they said that thermal bath is one of the best treatments for me as it reduces the use of drugs

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    Baths are awesome, you don’t need to go to a spa these days, as close as your tub in your bathroom especially copper tubs they make great baths. Plus the use of Epsom salt is good to help relax muscles.

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