The ideal sport companion

The ideal sport companion

A 2017 joint research from among the top independent fitness organizations in the USA has shown that training with a sports partner can improve performance and help you lose weight. A more recent study, from May 2018, confirmed that the motivation they are able to provide virtual partners is also remarkable. For once we can say an unconditional thanks to social networks. There are many sports-themed ones that grow daily. But those who prefer to have a friend with them to train with will have to take into account some important details in their choice.

Involving your best friend or colleague with whom you can share physical activity during your lunch break may not be the best choice, because you need to consider some factors. To begin with, the choice of the discipline to be followed may immediately exclude people who also seem to be suitable for sharing sporting hardships with you but who may have no interest in what you have decided to do in the gym or outdoors.

Maybe your friend likes to run as much as you do, but he prefers to do it with music in his ears, alone.

It is equally important to choose a partner who has more or less the same level of training, because it would not be profitable for either of them to have to force the rhythm or train below their real possibilities. Starting from a common base will be more useful because you will make progress together, you will stimulate each other and you will not have to stop waiting for your partner to come out of breath because you have left him behind him too much. Probably causing him to give up soon because he can’t keep up with you.

The situation is different with some sports that require learning a technique, such as tennis. In this case it may be useful to have a partner who is more experienced than us so that we can correct our mistakes. But make sure that he too feels stimulated and does not get bored to death in having to teach you the ABC. If you start from scratch what you need is an instructor, not a friend. It has been shown that a friend works better than an extraneous personal trainer, but if you have to learn the choice is obligatory.

Unless of course, your friend is also willing to instruct you.

6 thoughts on “The ideal sport companion

  1. Alyssa Huynh says:

    I don’t think that I would be able to train if I wasn’t alone. When I’m alone I can find my own dimension. Sport and keeping fit is all tied to your decisions. It is possible to create a psycho-physical balance within one’s dimension, without any external influence. The pace of training, schedules and all the details of the case are absolutely personal.

  2. Karolina Povey says:

    I do not agree on what said above. Constant commitment can be the main aspect that can fail for those who do sports alone. In fact, the group has the fundamental role of keeping everyone’s commitment alive. Playing sports becomes a fixed appointment to respect and maintain both for oneself and for the rest of the group. The motivation, therefore, is collective.

  3. David Denton says:

    Absolutely pushes the boundaries, the group favors competition. This aspect has no negative value if it is lived in a proactive way. Everyone is involved and testing their physical abilities. In this way each of us is driven to improve ourselves and to overcome our own limits. All this can be a source of great personal pride and will.

  4. Lamar Mcneil says:

    Not if you see your training sessions as if they were a test with yourself. From a physical point of view, even on your own you can get great results. The presence of other people is not necessary to have terms of comparison or a comparison. This must happen first of all with ourselves. We are the ones who have to put ourselves on the line and recognize our limits, our abilities and what our body needs.

  5. Sydney Waters says:

    Set aside problems and stay focused in your thoughts it is perhaps the most important aspect of wanting to play sports alone. Leaving aside the competitive aspect, sport does not only bring physical benefits. Keeping yourself in shape, in fact, represents a moment in which to mentally detach from everything that surrounds us. It is fundamental to carve out time for oneself, leaving out any kind of problem and focusing exclusively on one’s own thoughts. All this has a decisive influence on our daily life and can only bring benefits.

  6. Sufyan Bevan says:

    What about help each other? Being together also has a psycho-physical importance. In fact, each partner can represent a right shoulder to keep fit, have some advice and face fatigue together to reach a goal. At the same time, training in a group can be a moment of release for each of us, even on a mental and psychological level. The real sports group can become a second family.

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