Avoid gaining weight by working from home

Those who work from home know it, the benefits are enormous, but the pitfalls are just as big

Those who work from home know it, the benefits are enormous, but the pitfalls are just as big.

If a strict routine is imposed, however, the disadvantages can be almost completely eliminated, except for the absence of direct interpersonal relationships with colleagues and the risk of gaining weight.

For the first case, we can’t do anything about it, other than to suggest you carve out social spaces over the course of the week so as not to freak out because of the long isolation. In the second case, instead, there is some advice for you.

“Avoid getting weight by working from home can be done!”

Continuous raids in the kitchen, preparing all meals at home, having the entire pantry available instead of just the snack that you would keep in the office drawer or just the coffee at the machine are very dangerous traps for our line. For starters, avoid having lunch at the computer by popping what’s ready here and there.

Stand up and prepare a full meal, cooking it yourself. You can prepare it in advance as if you were going to the office, if you don’t want to waste time during the day, but make sure you consume that and not what happens to be found in the shelves of your fridge. You can also go out for a quick lunch or a snack break, but the risk is that you will consume more calories. Several studies prove it: when eating out we ingest more calories than eating at home.

Since your hours are presumably more flexible than those of an office worker, organize your sports routine by carving out a space for physical activity, to do at home or as a break to have fun going out of the house to do a run . If you want to go out you can also enroll in a course in the gym at a different time than usual, crowded and often less effective. So you can forget at least for an hour even the cookies that looks like are calling you from the cabinet in the kitchen.

Being able to organize yourself as you wish at home, design your work space based on your personal needs. It is true that having a space separate from the house and more like a classic office helps to concentrate on work, differentiating it physically from domestic tasks and from the temptation to relax too much on the sofa, but you have no limits, so use your imagination.

You can also choose to work on the deck chairs, as far as you’re concerned, right? Or on the exercise bike? So you can do some movement while doing some secondary tasks like the reading your emails etc.

11 thoughts on “Avoid gaining weight by working from home

  1. Yousuf Dodson says:

    From my personal experience, working at home has its pros and cons, however, I must say that some of the negative aspects can be read as excellent opportunities to train self-discipline.

  2. Ryder Christian says:

    I envy all of my co-workers working from home, (I don’t I am afraid). They are blessed from saving time on travel, saving the cost of transportation, public or private, saving the cost of meals out, while also gaining health, so you can prepare your lunch and consume it in your comfortable kitchen.

  3. Viktoria Pennington says:

    I work from home and I can say that the absence of workmates can make us tend to get lazy, perhaps even in our pajamas all day, and it implies that we do not have a direct confrontation with someone, to exchange opinions, suggestions, criticisms.

  4. Leila Mcclure says:

    I work from home most of my day and I can reply to Victoria Penning that it is up to us to impose a strict discipline on ourselves and, although we remain at home, decide not to sink into sloppiness, physical, mental and working.

  5. Dayna Fountain says:

    I speak for myself but I have reason to believe that I am not the only one on this. For the nature of my work we held several meetings almost everyday and I would not be able to attend if I was not in the office.

  6. Ariana Bauer says:

    From a sustainability point of view I see less cars on the streets, less smog, less crowded buses and trains. So I wonder why we are still going to the office today while many of us could just do it from home.

  7. Philippa Bloggs says:

    And for those who say that we “must be at the office” I can remind that there is a tool called video-conference that allows business to be handled all over the planet in real time.

  8. Colm Oconnell says:

    On the good side of things I can say that since I work from home I have more time to: take care of myself, children and home. Since I don’t have to rush to catch the bus or spend hours bottled up in traffic, I can start the day with some physical activity and a peaceful breakfast.

  9. Carolyn Peacock says:

    As for the comparison with the collaborators, if it is true that it is not enough to turn your head to talk with them, there are the tools to be connected, just use them. Meetings in chat or videoconferencing are available to everyone, and are an excellent school to learn to be concise and focused, putting an end to endless boring and not so useful meetings, where nothing really new or true is said.

  10. Steve Riddle says:

    A negative aspect of working from home is how this situation is perceived by those around me. Family, friends, neighbors, with no intention of being disrespectful, will easily tend to disturb me for the most varied reasons, with the irrefutable premise that “since you’re at home …”. Here too it is our task to make the situation clear: yes, I am at home, but I am working. And, if the message is not received, we need to move to more drastic measures, such as closed doors and disconnected telephones.

  11. Finbar Santos says:

    I agree completely, I have had the same situation and now even with my children when they are on school holidays they know that just because I am at home doesn’t mean that I am available for just anything so we have reached a deal and I am available for a few vreaks and lunch….then of course after 5pm.

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