A 4000 years old sound therapy

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Shamanism is the highest form of oldest spirituality in the world

It has no laws, no temples

It rests its foundations only on the direct encounter with spirits, with the journey into other reality, an ancestral wisdom in which medicine, magic and sound are inextricably intertwined.

For shamans disease and suffering are only paths in the forest where we happen to get lost but from which it is also possible to go back and the task of the shamans is to look for lost souls. Their methods are so primordial and absolute that they are quite similar in every part of the world in populations never come into contact with each other such as the Indians of the Amazon River, the Australian Aborigines, the Tibetan Monks, the Mongolian tribes, the Maori of the New Zealand, the Tuareg of Nigeria and the Aztecs of Mexico.

Deep relaxation with planetary gongs, Tibetan and crystal bells, immersion in holistic sound. The gong is an ancient tool that shamans already used 4000 years ago for its extraordinary transformative power. It is the most resonant instrument known.
The listener is embraced by a soft field rich in harmonics in which his whole being is invigorated and harmonized. The OM sound of the gong enters the body, massages each cell, regulates brain waves and guides you into a conscious dream state.

When it takes us into our dream body it frees us from the limits of the three-dimensional world, it allows us to live ourselves outside the limits of the physical body. We lose the sense of time and space and experience the sensation of ecstasy.

Well Cell - Body Toning

Our mind settles down in alpha theta and delta states and DNA repair processes accelerate. In the meditative state of lucid dreaming, the processes of regeneration and rejuvenation are accelerated. The personal ego reaches the neutral state. The state of perfect harmony is created between body, emotions, mind and spirit. This extraordinary force manifests itself because the tones emitted by the gong continuously resonate creating ever new notes.

When we listen to the sound of the gong we unconsciously remember the bliss and the security of those moments spent in the womb of the mother. The planetary gongs are tuned to the tones of the planets of the solar system, harmonize the whole body and each one acts in particular on certain energy centers and organs of the body. The time of development of the fetus in the womb of the mother is the time for a specific meditation, guided by the sound that fills the membranes of the uterus.

We can compare this special sound with the sound of the gong, both of which are deeply calming. Gongs are also used to help children with developmental problems and autistic children. The sound of the gong quickly and profoundly transforms any type of psychophysical block, brings us to the awareness of bodyless consciousness, opens us to the ecstasy of unity and the fullness of vital energy, strengthens intuition and frees us from the fear of death.

20 thoughts on “A 4000 years old sound therapy

  1. Kacy Vazquez says:

    The so-called sound massage, or also known as the gong bath and vibrations in general are good for our body

  2. Thalia Hudson says:

    Through the percussion of the gong in the recipients, alpha but also theta and delta waves are stimulated in the brain, halfway between sleep and wakefulness. In this state, intuitions emerge, you go deep inside, intuitions move.

  3. Shannon Rodriguez says:

    When the frequencies produce alpha waves, of 8 cycles / second, a calm and receptive mind is achieved, acute concentration and alert relaxation, up to theta waves, 4-7 cycles / second, which are the waves of deep meditation, lucid dreaming.

  4. Finnian Gibson says:

    It should be reflected on the fact that 8Hz is also the replication frequency of the DNA double helix. This frequency has effects on the viscera and internal organs, as well as on the bone and muscle structure.

  5. Ashlee Farmer says:

    The gong bath takes place in groups but in some cases there are operators who offer personalized and individual treatments.

  6. Charlton Barnett says:

    There are not rare cases in which the gongs act as a support and sound basis for other holistic and practical activities, group work and workshops of various kinds.

  7. Tiya Macleod says:

    I have had this experience more than once and I can say that in some cases the work with Tibetan bowls is combined with the gong or it also introduces harmonic singing, but it depends a lot on who organizes and carries out the experience.

  8. Lillie-May Roy says:

    The whole body vibrates and changes in frequency. Specific areas of the body are pressed and stimulated by the gong waves.

  9. Aamna Rogers says:

    Whatever the relationship between the parts of the body and the whole body is, it doesn’t matter, everything is transformed and harmonized after a Gong session. Word of one who has had a great experience.

  10. Safiya Head says:

    I was told that it allows immediate reduction of stress and anxiety, I am looking forward to experiencing this feeling of relief.

  11. Bernadette Holloway says:

    For me personally, the sound of the Gong and the Harmonic Bath in its extraordinary vibrations were an intense and enveloping experience, with surprising healing power.

  12. Elodie Camacho says:

    We should not be surprised, the gong, much more than a simple musical instrument, is also used to great effect in the practice of yoga and for therapeutic purposes.

  13. Faisal Delgado says:

    Sound is essentially a vibration: everything that vibrates emits a sound, whether it is perceptible to the human ear or not. Everything, whether they are objects or our own bodies, therefore has its own vibration and its own “sound”, as it is made up of infinitesimal particles in continuous vibration.

  14. Ayse Holding says:

    The Gong is a very ancient instrument, its origin is uncertain, but its presence is traced in numerous cultures.

  15. Dannielle Melton says:

    I had always seen the gong as a Chinese creation, but now that I have found out on the net I have read that it was also used by the Romans and the Greeks, so who invented it at the beginning is a real mystery.

  16. Clyde O'Doherty says:

    The sound of the great bells of Western churches is perhaps the only one comparable to the complexity of the tones of the Gong, capable of transporting the listener out of the material world and into a spiritual, transcendental dimension.

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