Can taking a nap lower your pressure?

need for a good nap

Among the usual impossible articles there are some that promise blood pressure control by just taking a good nap in the afternoon. Is that real?

Nap is a basic necessity of gaining energy and relaxing the tissues of our body that ultimately might reduce the high blood pressure conditions of the body. It is an enticement of our body to have a nap after a hectic schedule during anytime in the afternoon. In this way, we can actively take part in other activities for the rest of the day.

Napping is the key for the attainment of the instant rebooting function of the fitness level of our body both physically and mentally.

According to a recent research made in America by Dr. Kallistratos by taking a nap in the afternoon, this can meritoriously lower the blood pressure.

It was depicted in that research that by the reduction in the amount of an alcohol and salt in our body this can trig effectively the blood pressure levels by 3mmHg to 5mmHg. This reduction leads to reduction in the blood pressure level thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular attacks by 10%.

Our systolic blood pressure drop up-to the average of 3 units of mmHg for each hour nap. It is associated with the force our blood flow against the arteries during the heart-beat. It was also notice that napping has an immense role in our well-being.

This practice has been adopted by many work places of diverse cultural background.
As a result, a huge impact has been noticed after the establishment of the “napping rule” at midday in those workplaces.

In particular It was noticed that employees were deliberately working more efficiently and effortlessly with keen interest in their work as their minds were refreshed by the “blissful nap”.

In prior experiments, it was found that the napping method worked tremendously as a replacement for the hypersensitivity medicine requirement from the body due to high blood pressure issues. Indeed napping is the only cost-free solution for attaining a lower blood pressure and get rid from high blood pressure issues.

The impact of napping can be seen and visualized by its realistic improvement in our lifestyle.
Below are a few benefits of having a nap per day:

  • People are more attentive and act like present minded individuals.
  • People manipulate their creativity in an effective manner.
  • They might feel stress-free and feel relax after having a nap.
  • Improvisation in their perception yield a more focused and determined individual who worked in a positive manner for the society.
  • It helps in weight loss therapy too.
  • Your sex life would also improve with the nap routine.
  • There is a profound effect on your health and a reduced amount of risk associated with cardiovascular health.
  • It would eventually improve your memory.

The replenishing feelings could be attained easily after having a delightful and peaceful time for a nap. This nap would ultimately boost the energy levels and refresh our brain to perform even more tasks in a more “refreshed” mode.

11 thoughts on “Can taking a nap lower your pressure?

  1. Sydney Findlay says:

    If you are tired in the afternoon take a rest of no more than half an hour. Because if you go into deep sleep afterwards, it is not good and it is what you feel most tired and without strength!

  2. Zainab Mahoney says:

    I nap after lunch and is is good only if I stay within the right limits. If the nap time exceeds 30 minutes I could not sleep well at night, also I happen to suffer headaches and annoying dizziness.

  3. Mackenzie East says:

    Napping was a ritual and a lifestyle carved in the habits of the Egyptians and the Romans, who invited friends home to share the pleasure of a nap.

  4. Callam Robin says:

    it is preferable to avoid lying down for more than 30, 40 minutes, as this could lead to negative effects on sleep at night.

  5. Kiki Orr says:

    The nap after lunch has triggered many debates related to its real advantages and regenerative effects. Many scholars say that the afternoon nap is useful for one’s psychophysical state, while others discourage it, since it could cause disturbance to nocturnal sleep.

  6. Hal Finley says:

    They always say to me: “The more you sleep the more sleepy you” and it’s true because the same thing happens to me too! xD

  7. Lola-Mae Mccabe says:

    In modern China the nap, called xiu-xiu, is a right carved in the Constitution (article 49) although the working conditions in many factories are still shameful today.

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